• ended the school year with a 4.5 gpa (and only one b in citizenship lulz)
  • isabelle's birthday tomorrow (yay) and also graduation practice (ugh)
  • hands on a hardbody on saturday
  • steph's party on monday
  • scholarship dinner on tuesday
  • graduating high school on wednesday (!!!)
  • american idiot sometime next week and also addams family on the 2nd and also les mis in june and also marina and the diamonds in july
  • i'm 18 in just a little over a month oh god
  • still unsure if i actually wanna do west side story but i know i'm gonna regret it if i don't even though i will have to see the people that have made the past year hell every single day for a month
  • i still feel like lena dunham which is good i guess because she's a warrior goddess
  • i lost two people that i considered friends this past week and honestly i wish i cared (actually no i don't because both of them are assholes)
  • i hate to be one of "those girls" but seriously the only decent male friends i have in my life are gay
  • tiny furniture is a really good movie
  • why do people suddenly treat me like some dry-witted goddess and act like they admire me so much when most of them wouldn't have given me the time of day last year (senior year is weird)
  • i need to stop taking so many naps and start reading and writing more
  • i feel strangely invincible when i really really shouldn't
may 25 2012 ∞
may 25 2012 +