• all the times i asked you to stay, and the one time you did minsung, not rated, 9/9, 25.6k, angst & h/c, physical abuse, sexual harassment, panic attacks. ⊰ Minho stared at the boy, not realizing he'd spoken up until he heard his own voice softly whisper, "Stay." He cringed at the pleading lilt slipping into his tone. Jisung's expression fell, his gaze dropping to the floor to avoid looking at the disappointment on the other's face as he replied in a small voice, "I'm sorry..." OR The Coffee Shop AU that no one really asked for. Minho's working the night shift at a 24/7 coffee shop (bless Chan for his crazy ideas) and he's so ready to throw down the apron. Enter a mysterious boy and some late night Americanos that spice up Minho's life.
  • we can touch the spaces minsung, teen+, 4/4, 90k, college au, jisung centric, angst, existential crisis. ⊰ Minho says, “it's possible to find happiness even amidst all the chaos. It's not 'either-or.'” And so, in the middle of a cold, sleeting winter, Jisung finds answers, the stars and Minho. ... Or, Jisung learns a lot about himself and his world from the ages of nineteen to twenty-four, and in the space between two confessions. A story in four parts.
  • you’re my wave, crash your lips against mine seungsung, teen+, 3/3, 11k. ⊰ A choked whimper brought him out of his reverie. Seungmin turned around to find Jisung bright red, leaning into the wall, almost as if he wanted to sink into it. His cheeks are a beautiful shade of red- ironic, Seungmin thinks, considering that Jisung is definitely a blue. The red complements his tan skin, bringing out the red undertones the other has. The blush is fading, bit by bit, as Jisung seems to regain his bearings, no longer looking at Seungmin’s hands- which are still hovering by his hemline.
  • will we ever find our neverland jilix, teen+, 6/6, 53k, child abuse, eating disorders. ⊰ “Like you hate me.” Felix said in a bare whisper, words disappearing into the air as soon as he said them. “Hating you is better than the alternative.” Jisung, Hyunjin, Seungmin, and Felix have been best friends for years. Then they hit high school, and everything changes.(This is a story about growing up and growing apart, of falling love and then falling out, of tears and heartbreak, of losing what matters the most and then gaining something new)
  • the probability of not being yours minsung, mature, 2/2, 25k, soulmate au, angst with a happy ending. ⊰ In a world where 90% of its total population manage to meet their Fated before the ripe, young age of 30, Minho and Jisung come to learn that they are not soulmates. Nevertheless, this is a love story. ( AU )
  • gnossienne minsung, mature, 18/18, 36.9k, h/c, homophobia, orphan minho. ⊰ gnossienne - n. a moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life, and somewhere in the hallways of their personality is a door locked from the inside, a stairway leading to a wing of the house that you’ve never fully explored— Minho hadn’t been planning on opening the door to anyone. Somehow Jisung just made it happen.
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