• the lost and the found jisung centric, 3k ⊰ Jisung is unfortunately affectionate and touch-starved for people that do not accept it. Or, they just don't accept it from him actually, and they don't give it either. It's really bad for him because he's also intensely in love with all them romantically. It starts to show and he'll make a very important decision for them all, to be or not to be together.)
  • confessions jisung centric, 5k ⊰ jisung gets drunk and accidentally comes clean about his bodily insecurities and mental health issues to the other members through a group chat, of all things.
  • touch me jisung centric, 3racha, smut, 3k ⊰ in which jisung is having an awful day, but chan and changbin are always there to take care of him.
  • good words, bad days jisung centric, 1k ⊰ Floaty was a good word. It meant happy, felicity, feeling so light on your feet you skipped everywhere you went. Jisung certainly did not feel like that. His feet were sodden with the weight of his thoughts, his eyelids drooping along with them. So why did Jisung call those bad days “floaty”? For a lack of something better, maybe.
  • from the corners of your lips... jisung centric, jilix, 2k ⊰ felix would give jisung his kidney if he had to.
  • a-z of han jisung jisung centric, unfinished, 2 chapters, 2k ⊰ An A-Z fic list of Stray Kids, centered around the wonderful, Han Jisung. Chapter 1: Anxiety (panic attack tw) Chapter 2: Bouncy.
  • the fritz jisung centric, 3k ⊰ Jisung isn't sure why he reacts the way he does. It's only an innocent, misguided kiss after all. It's stupid, really, to overreact so much, to scare the members with his tears and fast breathing, but try as he might he can't seem to calm back down. Basically an excuse for some anxiety and late night cuddles.
  • death is warm jisung centric, 1.9k ⊰ Jisung isn't good at letting his feeling out, preferring to bottle everything. In other words, Jisung doesn't have a safe place to cry at, so he bottles it for weeks on end. Not wanting to wake Jeongin up from sleeping and bother Hyunjin in the bathroom, where he usually cries at, he breaks at midnight on the couch. The following events are confusing as ever as he tried to piece everything back together, one piece at a time.
  • just stay with me jisung centric, binsung/minsung, 4.9k ⊰ Han has consistently heard praise from Changbin for his clean rap and admiration for being able to write an entire song in just a few hours, packed to the brim with deep meaning and a range of emotions, but is he really trying so hard for his fans that they openly talk about such things?
  • 여기 쉬어도 돼 여기 쉬어도 돼 jisung centric, minchansung, 1.2k ⊰ jisung hates the way his brain works. it's so loud and noisy and it never works when he wants it to. sometimes he can get past it, and sometimes not. the stress and anxiety builds up in him, but luckily minho and chan are there when he needs it.
  • exhausting routine jisung centric, 1.3k ⊰ Words aren’t tangible, don’t have a deadline. Jisung lets them trail from his hands, dangle from his fingers on days he’d do anything rather than work. Stick to his nails as he’s cleaning his room, watching more videos on his phone, anything to divert his attention from their presence. They never leave him alone, but are inches away from connecting. On days like these, they work, and Jisung gets a week’s worth of songwriting done in one night.
  • ive got you brother jisung centric, chansung, 1.8k ⊰ An open-hearted discussion between brothers. The wound is deeper than Chan thought.
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