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  • going to the river down by my house in the philippines
  • hiking up to the sixth fall at mambukal resort with my family and guides in philippines
    • bathing and sitting in the river
  • canoeing/swimming at graham lake
  • lynn canyon park alone
  • kayaking at deep cove with my dad
  • going to the beach in winter
  • community gardens at strathcona park on a rainy day (2009)
  • walking around Gastown on a grey day and discovering McLeod's for the first time (2009)
  • camping in osoyoos (2009)
    • borrowing my dad's friend's kid's bike and riding into town while the rest of the party went horseback riding
  • camping at chilliwack lake (2009)
  • walking down the streets of downtown vancouver during the 2010 winter olympics
  • camping at chilliwack lake (2010)
  • discovering an empty lot of overgrown weeds, surrounded by trees in the middle of a rich west side vancouver neighbourhood
  • walking from alma street to wreck beach on a cold day in december (2010)
  • walking along the seawall from ambleside to dundarave (2011)
  • going beyond the boundaries and exploring the woods at camp (july 27, 2011)
  • orca watching from the beach in point roberts (july 2011)
  • stargazing at camp (july 28, 2011)
  • stargazing at alice lake (august 18, 2011)
  • waking up at 5:00am to take a shower on the last morning of camping at alice lake (august 19, 2011)
    • returning to the tent to find everybody still asleep
    • doing devos at the picnic table, shivering in my sweater
    • walking down to the lake with my camera. had there been no threat of a loose cougar roaming the area i would have stayed longer, but i chickened out and stood there long enough to take a couple of shots
    • returning to find everybody still asleep and so decided to get some more shut-eye with my hair still wet
    • i can't wait to do this again next summer
    • i felt like i was the only in the world
  • taking a walk around lynn canyon and getting soaked (august 22, 2011)

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