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  • lie down in the snow and watch the flakes fall and land on my face
  • sit in a tide pool while it's heavily raining
  • star gaze in the back country with a friend and witness five shooting stars; name all apparently visible constellations and their alpha stars
  • plunge head first into a glacial lake
  • dive off a cliff
  • go cruising with giant tortoises
  • climb up high into a tree
  • watch the sun rise from the top of a mountain
  • watch the sun set from a boat in the middle of the Pacific
  • float and drift in the middle of the Pacific on a clear and sunny day
  • walk through a forest and divert from the beaten pathway
  • stand at the edge of a sea vessel at 1 o'clock in the morning while cruising across the ocean
  • go out for a walk in the morning one rainy day and come back covered in mud
  • walk/jump/dive through a waterfall
  • visit Cenote Ik Kil
  • stargaze in the desert
  • climb to the peak of a mountain with an elevation higher than 14000 feet
  • swim across a lake and back
  • witness a vibrant double rainbow, recite Wordsworth's "My heart leaps up" aloud and have a breakdown
  • catch a butterfly in between my palms, whisper unintelligible words to it, then set it free
  • catch a dragonfly by its wings and name aloud all the colours it adorns
  • roadtrip through the countryside or go on any kind of journey listening to only explosions in the sky, document the trip with a high-def camera and afterward score it with only explosions in the sky
  • watch the harvest moonrise somewhere in europe
  • surf the currents of BC's freshwater rivers
  • visit Portugal's Peneda-Geres National Park

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