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  • 8/2/11: an opportunity of the specific sort (opportunity given 8/4/11)
  • 8/4/11: if it's not His will, then shut the door asap; i'd much rather face a shallow disappointment now, than to suffer heartache down the road (8/7/11)
  • 2009/2010: wikus to get her heart back where it needs to be (camp 2011)
  • 9/4/11: possible call to the mission field
  • 9/25/11: need a cheaper place to live; the one on kingsway might be the one (the day we were supposed to receive a call for confirmation of application acceptance, we didn't get the call, so lola and i could only assume we weren't accepted. rows and spilling of tears ensued. when i came home from school the day after, my grandma told me she got a call and it turns out we've been accepted :D)
  • 10/2/11: faithway or west coast? (answered sometime in late november or early december. west coast it'll be)
  • october 2011: please please please God don't let it be him (fate doesn't exist. only the will of God. coincidences are just that: coincidences. for example, i bumped into Jacky so many times at the skytrain, but when we finally decided to hang out i didn't click with him at all. obviously i've been reading too much thomas hardy..)
  • 12/30/11: in desperate need of a job like I AM DESPERATE (2/13/12)
  • 1/4/12: shower drain (1/7/12)
  • 1/4/12: face rash and neck lumps
  • 2/13/12: money to buy work clothes for new job. i have 2 weeks to scrounge for cash.
  • 2/18/12: bread
  • 2/28/12: milk, bread
  • 2/28/12: cellphone situation
  • 2/28/12: march buspass

Ongoing prayers

  • forever: lola's salvation
  • 2010/2011: maia's return

Blessings (or unasked-for prayers answered)

  • opportunity to prove myself by living alone for 3 months
  • mrs smart
  • ms j
  • sponsored for the youth conference so i don't have to pay a penny that i don't have
  • G's message about moses and israel
  • smartphone
  • supplementary funding from mom and dad
    • february bus pass
  • ms j's snail mail letter about camp decisions
  • yvonne
  • the fact that i live on the west coast and can watch the sunset whenever the sky is clear
  • individual soul liberty - not having the same convictions as others in certain aspects of life - and being O.K. with that
  • my dad - sure he goes clubbing every weekend and only sees me once or twice a month, and doesn't even tell me once he gets a new girlfriend or breaks up with the latest one, but he always makes sure i'm not wanting for anything (food, clothing). always helps out financially when i'm in a crunch even though he works as a lowly janitor, consistently sends money back to his mom in the philippines as well as paying for all the expensive costs that comes with sponsoring her to come to canada, and sacrifices $175 a month for my educational fund, etc. and i can talk freely with him about things that i can't with anybody else, really. even on listography. i used to envy others - especially at church - who were close with their dads, but the more i think about it, i'd have no other dad than the one God's given to me.

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