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  • Age of Youth season 1 - Jinki
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  • english - clandestine - secret/covert
  • korean - 토끼/tokki - bunny
  • german - schlafzimmer - bedroom
  • yiddish - קושן/kishn - to kiss (verb)
  • french - époustouflant - breathtaking
  • japanese - 毎日/mainichi - every day
feb 18 2020 ∞
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★ ━━ here's where you can find me *+♬•*

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nov 4 2018 ∞
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I think a lot about my precious favourite videos game, the one video game I would kick all other games into the sea in some kind of video game lord of the flies situation where I'm for some reason forced to kill video games, so I thought you know, yeah, okay, let's make a video about this game, even though I sort of already did with a beautiful top ten fave moments video that no one in the world cared about, but anyway let's talk about Final Fantasy VIII.

First I have to summarise Final Fantasy VIII. SO basically you're a student at a military academy and you wear a cool outfit which is sorta light goth, you probably wanna be a big goth, idk, and you have a cool sword that is also a gun. Your name is Squall. You fight with some guy who is the only other guy with a sword gun or whatever, so I guess his masculinity is threatened by the fact that you're the oth...

feb 13 2020 ∞
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"Is this my pale little elf? Is this my mustard-seed? This little sunny-faced girl, with the dimpled cheek and rosy lips; the satin-smooth hazel hair, and the radiant hazel eyes?" - Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre.

"I saw them smile, laugh - it was nothing; the light of the candles had as much soul in it as their smile; the tinkle of the bell as much significance as their laugh. I saw Mr. Rochester smile - his stern features softened; his eye grew both brilliant and gentle, its ray both searching and sweet." - Jane, Jane Eyre.

"I shall be as dirty as I please: and I like to be dirty, and I will be dirty." - Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights.

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