• hurt/comfort
  • lowkey sickfic
  • injury fic
  • established relationships
  • things that involve sports technicalities from sports animanga, e.g. realistic figure skating, Actual Volleyball Matches etc.
  • abandoned/semi-abandoned spaces (both in a gritty reality and slightly fantastical sense)
  • theatres (as a setting/aesthetic)
  • fantasy AUs
  • ...characters called leo HAHAHA (srsly if a character is called leo there is a 150% higher chance of me liking them automatically)
  • adventure plots
  • magical realism
  • hogwarts/HP universe AUs
  • being in cars/driving (especially at night)
  • night time scenes
  • A F T E R C A R E (for smut fics) (or any other kind of fic tbh)
  • nsfw: bondage, lingerie, body worship, role reversal in positions


  • major debilitating injury
  • rape/noncon/dubcon
  • omegaverse
  • pregnancy fic/art
  • catboy AUs
  • major character death
  • terminal illness
  • break-ups: permanent, temporary, friendship dissolutions
  • Side pairings/background pairings, including allusions to these
  • using parental terminology to refer to people who are not parents (especially teenagers), even jokingly (e.g. I would not want to see daichi and suga referred to as “dad” and “mom” or any variation thereof)
  • major age difference
  • dystopia AUs (incl. hunger games, zombie/other apocalypse)
  • pacific rim AUs

(a note that i will read a LOT of stuff, and even if something is on my nope list I will still sometimes read it anyway especially if a friend writes it)

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