• i havent logged into this account in over a year omg
  • i switched accounts because i actually heavily changed my views on stuff i used to heavily hate like “blkwashing”, xenogenders, and some other stuff i cant think of rn
  • its actually fucking painful to remember how racist and transphobic i was and how people actually just let that slide like nothing was ever wrong with it
  • the old me behind this account wouldve hated current me to the core
  • i aspire to unheal all of my internalized racism, transphobia, ableism , and my tendency to participate in cringe culture (currently doing well on it btw but im still not done yet)
sep 5 2023 ∞
sep 5 2023 +
  • over a year ago, i found a tiktok account called @eliasdebates who i heavily admired
  • elias is a sick racist who defends white people who say the n word, wear blk protective hairstyles, and commit other racist actions.
  • because im a white, streetsmartless, insecure, american, i had little to no concept of racism besides the basics and common knowledge. so i believed him.
  • looking up to elias lead me to going down an anti xenogender/nounself pronoun, white supremacist rabbit hole which i was stuck with for months.
  • i used to spend hours arguing online defending “mine” and elias’s beliefs, desperate to prove a point.
  • prior to early 2022/very late 2021, i actually supported the concept of xenogenders/nounself prns and blk edits. that comes...
sep 5 2023 ∞
sep 5 2023 +