the alchemical androgyne (anima et animus)
angels in the archbasilica of st. john lateran
george harrison and john lennon on the set of the beatles' second movie, movie HELP! in the bahamas (1965)
photo that i took of the 'great buddha of kamakura' while i was in japan. built in around 1252, the kamakura daibutsu is a depiction of the amida buddha and it stands (or rather sits) at a whopping 44 feet tall. the statue is located in the kōtoku-in temple of kamakura. i felt an immense sense of calm and serenity while i was there, maybe it was because i had finally unleashed the pee in my bladder or maybe it was the temple working its magic but i had a great time. i tried grape, yam and sesame ice cream as i was leaving the temple which was a not so great time (there's a reason they aren't popular flavours).
party of life invitation by keith haring (1985)
grace jones photographed by jean-paul goude, new york (1978)
hands from the creation of adam fresco in the sistine chapel by michaelangelo (1512)
a spirograph i made a while ago that i personally really like

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