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because i'm a forgetful cat who needs a second brain and is slightly an organizing junkie.
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  • 7 Long Nights ♡ ☁ | fluff | drama | nc-17
    • Himchan is home alone. He can't get over his fear of the dark. How will Yongguk be able to help him.
  • A _ Family | fluff | au | pg
    • Living a wonderful and happy family life. Kim---oops! Bang Himchan can’t be any happier than this. Happy…Yes, it’s a happy family…Yes, happy family…or actually more like a family full of nonsense and craziness. So, just a typical family life.
  • Again, Director Bang? | fluff | pg-13
    • Himchan is just plain irritated how Yongguk is paying more attention to composing rather than on other things that are much more important.
  • Baby Banghim | fluff | pg
    • Yongguk loves tigger. Himchan hates Tigger. Himchan is such a girl. Yongguk hates Himchan.
  • Baby Channie | fluff | au | g
    • Morning comes too fast and Youngguk stubbornly idles around on the bed, waiting for Himchan to wake him up as per norm. However, instead of the usual long, delicate fingers, he feels chubby,tiny ones slapping his face-and was that the sound of a child crying?
  • Behind Every Man | fluff | pg
    • Himchan gets himself injured. Unsurprisingly, he's not the only one who has a hard time handling it. Maybe surprisingly, Yongguk is also going out of his mind. (It's only around Himchan that Yongguk doesn't have to be that perfect idol, that good example, because they're just same-age friends.)
  • Best Friend | fluff | pg | au | drabble
    • Himchan finally realizes his one-sided love isn't as one-sided as he thought.
  • Bury Me Till I Confess | fluff | romance | g
    • It is Yongguk and Himchan's three year anniversary. But it's cold out and Yongguk is spent, so the importance of the day doesn't strike his mind when he has to simultaneously deal with a crying child and Himchan's incessant nagging that rings in his mind from the other end of Seoul. Or, the one in which Yongguk and Himchan's relationship is accidentally saved by a seven year old Junhong.
  • Coffee and Thunderstorms | fluff | romance | au | pg
    • The time the flashes of thunder and lightning was getting shorter and Yongguk's body was violently shaking in its place in the centre of the bed, shaky breathes escaping his lips. The silence between them stretched on for a long while before Yongguk quickly rolled over to face Himchan.
  • Got Me Driving 'Round Town | smut | nc-17
    • You see, ever since Hurricane M/V filming, Yongguk had realised three things: “1. Himchan under the street lights is sexy as hell”, “2. A nice ride on the road is undeniably hot” and “3. Himchan flooring it is the most orgasm-inducing image Yongguk have ever witnessed”.
  • Hey Baby Love Crash | humor | pg-15
    • Himchan has his own way of convincing Yongguk to do things.
  • i like you but daehyun shouldn't have told you that | romance | au | pg-13
    • Yongguk figures that he might be a little bit in love with his best friend.
  • Intertwined | angst | romance | drama | g
    • A web of lifetimes where Yongguk is Yongguk and Himchan is Himchan.
  • Just the Way You Are | romance | fluff | school!au | nc-17
    • Kim Himchan has the hots for his roommate.
  • Making A Deal With A Demon | supernatural | au | pg-13
    • Himchan made a deal with Yongguk, a crossroads demon, back when he was a child and ever since then Yongguk has barely left his side.
  • One Year Anniversary | fluff | au | pg
    • It's Yongguk and Himchan's first year anniversary. Will they be able to celebrate? Or will everything go downhill?
  • Only Look at Me | fluff | pg-13
    • Himchan isn’t jealous. But Junhong should still consider getting his hands off Yongguk.
  • P.S. Stay Safe | action | romance | drama | pg-13
    • WW3 has been raging for just a year when Himchan joins the Cheer Up a Soldier program. He needed something to distract him while Yongguk needed a constant. Together they try to pull each other through the long tiring years of the war.
  • Pretty | romance | fluff | minor humor | pg
    • They say he is handsome. That he doesn't need to be insecure about his looks. That he is perfect. But when he doesn't think like that, Himchan can't bring himself to believe all this.
  • Pretty Boy ♡ ☁ | slight drama | romance | pg-13
    • Himchan's pretty face causes him a lot more trouble than he's comfortable with. Yongguk just wants to know that he's getting him some safe. A few white lies here and a handful of "it's conventient for them to think we're dating"s there, what starts out as a few acts of human kindness winds them up in a number of situations Himchan isn't quite sure he's ready for.
  • Prom Night | fluff | romance | school!au | pg
    • Fluff. Pure BangHim fluff, 'nuff said
  • Rendering Him Sightless | angst | fluff | pg-13
    • Himchan had always wanted to make sure that all the members were healthy and safe. But when he finds out that they all think he is annoying, even his boyfriend complains about his constant nagging, Himchan begins to believe in what they say and decided that he should stop caring so much.
  • Serendipity | fluff | romance | supernatural | au | pg
    • Yongguk lived a dull life after his parents' death, working long hours, never having a social life. Then he found an unknown creature near the dumpster, which he took home in kindness.
  • Study Room | fluff | school!au | pg
    • Almost every day Himchan would come over to the back of the library and sit in front of Yongguk’s window.
  • Teddy Bear | romance | school!au | pg
    • In which Himchan likes teddy bears and the intimidating new guy at school turns out to be like a teddy bear.
  • The Murders in Busan | action | drama | pg-13 | au
    • Busan. The second largest metropolis after Seoul. Here comes tourist every year to get a glimpse of the beautiful cliffs, the beach and the river. But what the tourists doesn't know, is that ten years ago, something terrible happened by those cliffs...
  • There's Me, There's you...Then There's... | humor | romance | au | fluff
    • “Wait – you see not-having-sex as a bad thing?!” Himchan exclaimed widening his eyes even bigger. “Well duh! There’s you, there’s me, then… Hey wait. Is this all about sex?” he suddenly changed the topic, and at the moment, Himchans breath got stuck on his throat.
  • Wake Up Call | fluff | romance | g
    • Bang Yongguk gets his wake up call for taking Kim Himchan's presence in his life for granted.
  • You're the Closest to Heaven That I'll Ever Be | romance | supernatural | humor | au | pg-13
    • Himchan's been looking forward to his date for ages, but somehow everything goes wrong and he ends up stuck with a ghost living on his couch. If only it would stop talking back.
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