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  • Alone | romance | supernatural | au | r
    • Youngjae has lived for a very long time, and has had to leave everyone he's ever cared about behind. Immortality is not something Youngjae ever wanted, but he can't escape it. He's alone in the world and he's convinced himself he'll always be alone. That is until a tattooed boy named Daehyun finds him on a bridge.
  • Apartment 404 | humor | romance | fluff | slight!drama | au | nc-17 |
    • Living in a small apartment doesn't exactly give Youngjae the peace and quiet he needs. And when his newest, noisiest neighbor moves in, things begin to get a tad bit...out of hand.
  • Beautiful Soul | fluff | g
    • Wherein Youngjae's new muscles attract more attention than it should and Daehyun stares too much.
  • Call Me | fluff | humor | romance | au | pg
    • Whenever people ask him how he met Daehyun, Youngjae has to palm his face in shame and say, "he sent me a picture of his dick".
  • Chocolate Milk, Bread, and Innuendos | humor | au | pg-15
    • Youngjae meets a boy, singing on a bench, while getting a midnight snack.
  • Christmas Morning | fluff | romance | family!au | pg-13
    • Christmas morning in the Daejae household.
  • Close | crack | humor | fluff | pg-13
    • Daehyun holds Youngjae impossibly close.
  • Cupid's Cupid | fluff | romance | fantasy | mythology!au | pg
    • This is the adventure of Youngjae, a clumsy cupid who desparately tries to hook up the two earthlings Jongup and Junhong.
  • DaeJae: The Competitive Pair | humor | pg | drabble |
    • Youngjae and Daehyun are best friends as we all know.
  • Denial | fluff | romance | slight humor | pg-13
    • Because Youngjae always denied Daejae. Because Youngjae said Daejae wasn't real. Because Youngjae thought Daehyun was only his co-worker. Because Youngjae said Daehyun was not his best friend. And because Youngjae was on his limit.
  • Elevator | humor | slight!drama | romance | au | pg-15
    • The duo gets stuck in an elevator.
  • Exactly Like You. | fluff | humor | romance | au | g
    • Youngjae helps out in his Himchan umma's daycare center and there is just this one particular little boy who reminds him of someone he knows very much.
  • Falling | humor | drabble | g
    • n, pl -ties 1 : the quality or state of being stupid 2 : something (as an idea or act) that is stupid 3 : Jung Daehyun
  • Fraternizing with Peter | fluff | romance | school!au | g
    • Daehyun doesn't like reading and he ends up in a library.
  • Gamer ♥ | fluff | romance | au | pg
    • Yoo Youngjae and Jung Daehyun are online gaming friends but when Daehyun doesn't log on in weeks Youngjae finally gets the chance to meet the Busan gamer in person.
  • Go Away! | comedy | romance | slight drama | school!au | r
    • Youngjae wanted Daehyun out of his life but Daehyun just can't stop bothering him. Daehyun wanted to be Youngjae's friend again but the younger was making things difficult.
  • He Dropped The Soap | crack | humor | pg-15
    • YoungJae, was taking a shower one late night. And regretfully drops the soap...
  • Help Me Help Me | romance | fluff | pg-13
    • Youngjae sometimes think about Jung Daehyun.
  • How to Tell Your Best-Friend You Like Them | fluff | romance | humor | pg-13
    • The maknaes were definitely enjoying the extra attention that their Youngjae-hyung was giving them and Daehyun wished he was the maknae.
  • I Want Sushi | crack | au | pg-13
    • Youngjae likes sushi.
  • Keep It Simple, Happy Birthday, My Baby Cake! | fluff | romance | au | pg-13
    • Not all birthdays have to be all about birthday sex or going out or getting gifts or anything that involves getting extreme or getting complicated. Sometimes birthdays can be just...simple.
  • Lovey Dovey Daejae | fluff | drabble | pg
    • Daejae being Daejae.
  • Nice To Meet You | drama | romance | school!au | pg-13
    • Yoo Youngjae was the boy who wanted to be known, but no one bothered to know him. Jung Daehyun was the boy who everyone wanted to know, but he did not want to be known. Then somehow, they were starting to get to know each other.
  • Occupational Hazards | workplace!au | romance | drama | humor | r
    • Yoo Youngjae is a popular actor known for his sweet, cute boy image in front of the screen, but is a terrorizing diva behind it. What happens when Youngjae's company is desperate for a manager after all the others ran off and Daehyun is desperate for a job?
  • Of Fluff and Giggles | fluff | romance | pg-13
    • Daehyun couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend.
  • Otome | humor | g
    • Daehyun's curiousity leads him to discover something he can't get his hands off of.
  • Patient 062893 | angst | romance | au | pg-13
    • But one special case was patient number 062893. No matter how many times the specialists tried to free his troubled mind of the horrible memories that caused him to break into convulsions, it was clear that he was beyond help. He was, until Yoo Youngjae came along.
  • Red String of Fate | angst | fluff | au | pg-15
    • "If you're doing this just to prevent me killing myself and then run away afterward, I swear I'll haunt you for the rest of your life."
  • Scrapbooking | fluff | romance | slight angst | smut | jaedae | r
    • Daehyun doesn't get why Youngjae is always carrying around a camera until one night, after yet another fight and a bag was thrown, pictures rain down. The subjects? Them.
  • Sem-ender, Start-ender | drama | slight humor | school!au | pg
    • “Punyeta lang kung di ko pa ma-uno mga subject na yun.” (written in filipino language.)
    • Drabbles
  • Sports Unlimited ♥ ☁ | fluff | romance | school!au | pg-13
    • Youngjae, a sophomore at TS High who has a passion in journalism, joins their school’s school paper club, the official club who quarterly published TS High’s most famous magazine “The Razzle-Dazzle”. His first task? He was just asked to interview Jung Daehyun, a junior who is a very well-known varsity of TS High, for being the captain of both basketball and soccer team.
  • The Convenience Store | fluff | romance | slight drama | pg
    • Trying to have a fresh new start, Youngjae starts to work at a convenience store. There he meets an arrogant co-worker named Daehyun. The two of them just can’t seem to get along, however after seeing a different side of him Youngjae’s impression starts to change. But as everything seems to be getting better for Youngjae… his past suddenly comes back to haunt him.
  • Wisdom Teeth | fluff | humor | pg
    • Daehyun picks up his boyfriend, Youngjae from the dentist after getting his wisdom teeth removed. The side effects from the anesthetic drugs causes a little problem.
  • Snowed In | fluff | au | drabble | pg
    • It's starting to snow heavily and it's getting late. Daehyun is not home and Youngjae is lonely and worried.
  • In Which Youngjae Is A Homophobic | fluff | humor | slight drama | romance | au | pg-13
    • They were best friends. They knew each other. Daehyun was all with his bluntness and Youngjae was so against anything gay-ish, he always said he was allergic to homosexuality and Daehyun always tried to mess with him about that.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin & BAP | action | slight angst | crossover!au | pg-13
  • Ramyun | fluff | romance | pg-13
    • DaeJae are home alone.
  • Cookies | fluff | pg-13
    • "That's your punishment. Looks like I'll be stealing cookies more often."
  • Kiss | fluff | romance | pg-13
    • Youngjae keeps kissing Zelo. That got Daehyun a little mad.
  • Sweet Smile | fluff | au | g
    • 5-year-old Daehyun is sad because no one wants to play soccer with him.
  • Kiss Cam | fluff | romance | slight drama | pg-13
    • What happens when our two vocalists get mistaken for a couple and appear on the infamous kiss cam?
  • Arrows | fluff | au | pg-13
    • Jung Daehyun misses his boyfriend. A lot.
  • Class Couple | fluff | romance | school!au | pg
    • Everyone knew Daehyun and Youngjae would win class couple. Too bad they weren't a couple...
  • Papa and Daddy: Thunder and Storm | fluff | family!au | g
    • Papa Youngjae is just trying to save the damn laundry from the rain while Daddy Daehyun is taking care of a very lively Baby Junhong and his big brother Jongup.
  • Unexpected Meeting | fluff | romance | au | pg-13
    • JDH is a guy who you can't meet often. Everyone out there is dying to meet him. As for YYJ he probably doesn't even know who Daehyun is. But suddenly on a rainy day they meet and Daehyun falls for Youngjae.
  • Were You Really Sleeping? | r
    • So remember Bap Attack? The London/Paris one. Remember how Jongup said the DaeJae couple were sleeping. I wonder .... were they really sleeping?
  • Are You Afraid? | fluff | pg-13
    • Jung Daehyun is definitely NOT a fan of heights.
  • Getting ready with the Jung Family~ | fluff | family!au | pg
    • A peaceful saturday morning with Jae umma having to chase after Jonguppie and Dae Appa filming the entire process down.
  • What would you do without me? | fluff | romance | slight drama | pg
    • Jung Daehyun is a hungry, childish and frivolous teenage boy. He never stops eating, and Youngjae's been stuck with him for as long as he can remember.
  • Untitled | fluff | pg-13
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