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because i'm a forgetful cat who needs a second brain and is slightly an organizing junkie.
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  • An Unexpected Occurence | pwp/lemon | smut | au | nc-17
    • Tao tries his best to take care of his newly purchased puppy named Kris! But what happens when Tao comes home to see an extremely sexy naked man claiming to be his dog?
  • Baby, Goodnight | smut | au | nc-17
    • TaoRis have phone sex.
  • Basketball Dates | fluff | romance | au | g
    • Caught by the other's sheer beauty, Wu Kris, captain of the school's basketball team, couldn't help but feel a sudden inexplicable attraction towards the new found stranger at the same basketball court he always goes for practice. Would he be able to capture the heart of the lad?
  • Coffee and Vanilla Foam | slight angst | romance | r
    • Amidst coffee beans and vanilla foam, Kris realizes that Tao could be the ray of sunshine he needs to help illuminate his gloomy outlook on life.
  • Fanboy | fluff | romance | au | pg
    • Zitao fanboys over Kris.
  • Fever | fluff | au | pg
    • A short drabble in which Tao caught a cold and Kris being a helpless loving boyfriend.
  • In A Sexual Relationship With Your Worst Enemy | angst | drama | school!au | romance | nc-17
    • Is Tao getting bullied? Or is it something much more confusing?
  • Kris-hyung, This is the Last | angst | drama | romance | character | au | pg
    • When he said it was the last, he meant it.
  • My Body is Not a Wonderland | fluff | pg-13
    • Tao falls ill with the flu and Kris takes it upon himself to nurse his baby panda back to health!
  • Notice Me This Year | fluff | romance | school!au | humor | pg
    • Zitao has an unfortunate crush on the most desirable guy at school, Kris Wu. He also hangs out with these losers, Lu Han, Byun Baekhyun, and Oh Sehun. All-in-all, it is a practice in daily embarrassment and masochism.
  • Nude ♥ ☁ | romance | fluff | drama | humor | school!au | r
    • Being a university student is hard enough, how much more if you're a foreigner?
  • Prime Dedication | fluff | crack | au | pg-13
    • Zitao is an antisocial freak who coops himself up in his room, breathing in the essences of the Kris tag on Tumblr.
  • Red Blood Moon | romance | supernatural | vampire!au | pg-13
    • Tao is Kris' soulmate.
  • Santao Claus Is Coming To Town | fantasy | humor | au | romance | pg
    • Only one person can save Christmas, and, unfortunately for the North Pole, that person is Huang Zitao. At least he looks good in a red Santa suit.
  • Tao's Ghost | fluff | romance | humor | pg-13
    • Kris-ge will always be there when Tao is scared.
  • The Greatest Treasure of All | pirates!au | action | smut | bondage | nc-17
    • Wu Yifan, captain of the Dragon’s Storm, is one of the most notorious pirates in Asia whose bloodlust and reign of terror is well known throughout the lands. Mercy is a word that Yifan has never had any use for. Until coming across some stolen goods in the form of a young slave boy named Zitao.
  • Three-Point Shot | romance | school!au | r
    • Zitao’s mother encourages him to join the school basketball team. Zitao’s more interested in joining the team captain in the showers.
  • Welcome to the Family | smut | kitty!au | nc-17
    • "Settle down, Kris. I've brought you a friend! Be nice to him, and treat him like a big brother should."
  • What is Love to a Machine? | drama | action | fantasy | romance | au | pg-15
    • Kris, always in the center of abuse. His family, dead. His hope, lost. Until he stumbles upon a black haired beauty passed out, soaked from the rain.
  • The Baby Project | comedy | romance | au | r
    • Baby projects are supposed to teach people how to be responsible for their own children, right? The babies are mechanical, made out of plastic and are super annoying; they do everything a real, human baby would. They're not meant to do anything else but that, at least that's what Tao thought...
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