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because i'm a forgetful cat who needs a second brain and is slightly an organizing junkie.
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pastelfrost follows:
haleyrenee films & series (2018)
dan yaoi/bl (recommendation)
airin about me (about)
nina sns
  • Dark Circles | fluff | humor | pg-13
    • Yugyeom can't sleep and Bambam can be mature when he wants to be.
  • Please Just Hold My Hand | fluff | pg
    • Kunpimook is almost taken by surprise when Yugyeom decides to hold his hand, his heart can't help but beat twice as fast in his chest, while a smile slowly begins to grace his face.
  • Staying Cool | school!au | romance | r
    • Yugyeom is always late and Bambam is impatient.
  • Strawberry Milk | fluff | school!au | romance | pg-13
    • Bambam accidentally dumps his strawberry milk all over the big new kid at school.
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