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I do this list every year, if I can ♥ No need to break tradition!

  • Birthday wishes all around ♥
  • A new smokey quartz pyramid.
  • A bouquet of flowers (yellow roses, pink gerbera, lily of the valley...)
  • Getting “Lute Song” hair in Love Nikki Dress-Up Queen! And on a free pull!
  • Reading extensively about and being inspired by the physical and mental struggles of the brave and extraordinarily talented Emilia Clarke as she worked on Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen.
  • A lovely drawing my boyfriend made of us being Belle and The Beast.
    • He is hardly recognizable in it - he never makes such a scary face!
  • A cute, belated birthday card from a school friend.
  • My new bob haircut!
  • High Tea with my Mom and a friend on Mother's Day.
  • Purple roses with baby's breath next to my burning white taper candle at midnight on a full Flower Moon.
  • New bright red sheets.
  • The annual trilliums coming up in the woods!
  • My mothers wedding pearls, given to me.
  • Dreaming that my new cat, Nightshade's, fur against my back was a monarch butterfly.
  • A picture of a bright red rose.
  • "I love you"s from my nieces.
  • A long night talking to my niece over lemonade.
  • Nightshade purring loudly for two hours after coming home from her spaying and realizing that she was truly home and safe.
  • A doe allowing her young fawn to approach me and sniff my hand.
  • Making my signature tomato soup for my parents and how much they loved it.
  • Making bacon-wrapped jalapeno hot dogs and getting a jalapeno burn on my hands.
  • The taste of pink starburst on Samhain night.
  • Learning to layer my necklaces.
  • Listening to my music box to help me sleep.
  • New pearl earrings for Christmas,
  • Starting to use my Grandmother's antique wooden mirror.
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