• 100 Adjectives Describing Myself
  • 100 Books I Want To Read
  • 100 Books I Want To Read Again
  • 100 Feelings I Have Been Having Lately
  • 100 Judgments I Make
  • 100 Memorable Things People Have Said To Me
  • 100 More Movies Watched Starting Now
  • 100 More Things That Make Me Happy
  • 100 Movies Watched Starting NOW!!!
  • 100 New Things To Try And Do
  • 100 Of My Favorite Lines From Movies
  • 100 Of My Favorite Lines From Shows
  • 100 Of My Favorite Movies Ever
  • 100 Of My Favorite Quotes
  • 100 Of My Favorite Quotes From Books
  • 100 Of MY Favorite Songs
  • 100 Of My Favorite TV Shows Ever
  • 100 People I’d Like To Meet
  • 100 Places I’d Like To Visit
  • 100 Questions I Would Like Answers To
feb 19 2010 ∞
aug 26 2022 +
  • My daughter
  • Me
  • My old/current pets
  • My extended family
  • My best friend Aaron
  • Fall/Autumn
  • Winter
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • The 80s
  • Fave shows
  • Fave movies
  • Fave books
  • Self love
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Depression/loneliness
  • Cute animals
  • Video games
aug 18 2022 ∞
aug 18 2022 +
  • Cat figurines
  • Chococat stuff
  • Cute erasers
  • Bookmarks
  • Keychains
  • Postcards
  • Crosses
  • Glass figurines
  • Ceramic figurines
  • Guitar picks
  • Blank journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks
  • Snowglobes
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Charms for a charm bracelet
  • Marbles
  • Painted rocks
  • Funko Pop figures
  • 80s toys
  • Different versions of a favorite book
  • Pens and pencils (novelty)
jul 20 2022 ∞
jul 20 2022 +
  • Maude Pie
  • Lil Cheese
aug 5 2022 ∞
aug 20 2022 +
  • "I hate careless flattery, the kind that exhausts you in your efforts to believe it." - Wilson Mizner
  • "Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure." - Oprah Winfrey
  • "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." - Abraham Lincoln
  • "Hitch your wagon to a star." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "It's not easy taking my problems one at a time when they refuse to get in line." - Ashleigh Brilliant
  • "Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself." - Richard Nixon
  • "Waste not fresh tears over old griefs." - Euripides
  • "Both tears and sweat are salty, but they...
jul 17 2022 ∞
jul 18 2022 +
  • I think I have really beautiful eyes.
  • I have perfectly plump, luscious lips.
  • I have a really cool racial mix: Puerto Rican, Irish, American, Spaniard, Cherokee Indian, and Taino Indian.
  • I am the kind of flirt that makes you feel great about yourself.
  • I have a really silly sense of humor.
  • I am passionate and fierce.
  • I love from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.
  • I still have that child-like wonder.
  • I always make sure my daughter knows just how special and loved she is.
  • I have nice BOOBS !!!
  • I'm a compulsive list maker.
  • I feel like such a big kid around Christmas and get so happy and excited.
  • I love to watch cartoons.
  • I like playing video games and app games.
dec 1 2011 ∞
jul 15 2022 +
  • When someone calls me LOVELY , BEAUTIFUL , or GORGEOUS .
  • When on a really cold day I find that one warm spot to stand in where the sun is beating down.
  • When my besties Nick or Aaron video call me.
  • When 80s music instantly lift my mood and transport me back to simpler, happier times.
  • When I take a cold dip in a pool after baking in the sun for awhile.
  • When I think I've gained weight and I've actually lost.
  • When I am thinking about someone and suddenly they call or text me (my mom used to do this).
  • Catching up with old friends.
  • Listening to songs on my iPod and drowning out the rest of the world.
  • Staring up at a clear night sky full of stars.
dec 24 2011 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • The 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show
  • Peanut M&Ms
  • Drinking water...soooo much water
  • Watching The Umbrella Academy
  • When my friend A.S. gets a haircut and sends me haircut pics and he looks soooo gorgeous...he's just a friend but wow, so hot
  • My hair thinning and falling out because of my weight loss
  • Playing Toca Life World on my computer
  • Updating old listography lists and making new ones
  • Watching tearjerker movies and shows
jun 30 2022 ∞
jul 10 2022 +
  • Burn or throw out your wedding dress.
  • Burn wedding photos.
  • Sell your wedding and engagement rings.
  • Have a divorce party with friends and family...celebrate your freedom.
  • Have a divorce movie night with movies that are about divorce or ending a toxic relationship (ex. The First Wives Club, The Other Woman)
  • Have a spa day with your sister.
  • Divorce Karaoke: Throw a karaoke party and make a playlist with songs about separation and divorce (ex. Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone, Beyonce - Single Ladies).
  • Have a divorce themed cake.
  • Create vision boards about how you want your life to go in the next year as a single woman.
  • Take a divorce selfie with your divorce decree and a big smile on your face.
jul 11 2022 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • I can't go shirtless when I'm hot like guys do.
  • Cramps, Periods, and PMS.
  • Too emotional.
  • Being stereotyped as not as strong or competent as men in certain areas.
  • Being pressured for sex.
  • Body insecurities.
  • Being expected to be a good cook and keep an immaculate house.
  • Being seen as inferior to men in the work place.
  • Menopause.
  • Wearing bras in the summer...boob sweat.
  • Being harassed by random men because I'm attractive.
  • Women are slut shamed if they have an active sex life.
  • Mothers are expected to do more than fathers.
  • Having any kind of strong opinion gets us...
jul 10 2022 ∞
jul 11 2022 +
  • Updating all my movies to 1080p resolution
  • Cataloging all my movies
  • Adding plot descriptions to all my movies in my catalog
  • Putting movies and shows onto hard drives
  • Updating all my listography lists
  • Updating all the lists I keep in my book
  • Clean back up my diet
  • Rerooting Skipper's hair
  • More entries in my art journal
  • Updating bullet journal with weight loss progress pics
  • Take progress pics and measurements for July
  • Get my daughter to finish her school's summer packet
  • Finish reading The Handmaid's Tale
  • Finish reading the Mercy Watson books to my daughter
jul 12 2022 ∞
jul 12 2022 +
  • My daughter's beautiful face
  • A black sky full of stars
  • Antique keys
  • Christmas lights
  • All the colors in the sky at sunset
  • Pics of one of my besties when he has a fresh haircut and just looks gorgeous
  • Fresh snow on the ground
  • A snowstorm
  • Snow on bare tree branches
  • Sleeping babies
  • Diamonds under bright lights
  • Old childhood pics
  • Autumn leaves
  • Perky boy butts
  • Fogged up windows after steamy car sex
  • Babies and puppies yawning
  • New, tiny baby clothes
  • Dimples...my kryptonite
  • Puppies and kittens that are super playful and fluffy
jul 12 2022 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • Saying yes to social invitations.
  • Saying YES in general, it's my knee jerk reaction to say no to things.
  • Not being such a procrastinator.
  • Smiling much more than I do.
  • Not letting fear keep me from trying new things.
  • What my next step is...will I go back to work or pursue my Masters?
  • Not rushing my child to do things.
  • Making the days count more...I need to get out with my child and make more memories.
  • Being more approachable.
  • Finishing things that I start.
  • Playing more than just two of the many Nintendo Switch games I have.
  • Seeing my grandmother, dad and stepmom, and sister more.
  • Letting people in more and being open to dating again.
jun 30 2022 ∞
jun 30 2022 +
  • Watching Jane the Virgin
  • Watching Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy
  • Reading (currently The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood)
  • Talking to my friend A.S. in Minnesota
  • Pecans
  • Premier Protein Cookies & Cream protein shakes
  • Losing weight / gaining weight
  • Making lists
  • Bullet journaling
  • Light mozzarella cheese sticks
  • Listening to music on my Powerbeats Pro
  • Video calls
  • Oxytize Magnesium Oxide pills
  • Skittles gummies (purple bag)
  • Having Covid-19
jun 21 2022 ∞
jun 27 2022 +
  • Name: Marisa
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Female
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Nationality: American, Puerto Rican, Irish, Spaniard, Cherokee Indian, Taino Indian
  • Live in: New York
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Eyes: Hazel Green
  • Skin Color: Tan
  • Hair: Dark Brown, long and wavy
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Children: A 6yr old daughter
  • Status: Separated
  • Pets: Betta fish named Twilight
  • Interests: Reading, List making, Watching movies and shows, Being artistic, Writing, Researching new topics
  • Favorite Food of all Time: Stuffed Rigato...
jun 24 2022 ∞
jun 24 2022 +
  • Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy)
  • Fred and Ethel (I Love Lucy)
  • Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)
  • Ross and Rachel (Friends)
  • Jane and Rafael (Jane the Virgin)
  • Xiomara and Rogelio (Jane the Virgin)
  • Zack and Kelly (Saved By the Bell)
  • Oliver and Connor (How to Get Away With Murder)
  • Ralph and Alice (The Honeymooners)
  • Santana and Britney (Glee)
  • Meredith and Derek (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Sloan and Lexi (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)
  • Monica and Chandler (Friends)
  • Karen and Keith (One Tree Hill)
jun 26 2022 ∞
jun 26 2022 +
  • When they purr it is the most amazing sound, capable of curing all sadness...truly therapeutic.
  • They are very independent.
  • They have bold personalities, I love that they are not push-overs like dogs are.
  • They are so smart. My cats understand lots of words and phrases. I don't feel like an idiot having conversations with them.
  • They can be so very sweet.
  • Their meows don't hurt the ears like barks do.
  • Anything is a toy to them...a tiny piece of paper...a broken hair tie. The world is their playground.
  • The butt wiggle when they are about to pounce on something...need I say more?
  • The way they butt you with their heads when they love you and want you to pet them.
nov 23 2014 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
  • Medium Sized Gold Hoop Earrings
  • Gold Claddagh ring like the one I used to have
  • New Black Sneakers (6.5 youth)
  • New Timberland Field Boots (color to be determined)
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria Spring Temptation perfume (discontinued)
  • Carolina Herrera 212 Splash perfume (discontinued)
  • ALL Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel products
  • A New Tablet with a Lot of Memory
  • 10lb Dumbells
  • Tickets to see Aladdin on Broadway
  • Tickets to see Wicked on Broadway
  • Tickets to see Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway
  • Tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • Lots of Bullet Journals
dec 17 2021 ∞
jul 5 2022 +
  • Lucille Ball
  • Jackie Gleason
  • JK Rowling
  • Betty White
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Mother Teresa
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Walt Disney
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Michael J. Fox
  • Will Smith
nov 23 2014 ∞
jun 21 2022 +
  • Magic wands
  • Witches and wizards
  • House elves
  • Hogwarts
  • Portkeys
  • Wizard's chess
  • Apparating and disapparating
  • Hippogriffs
  • Flying on broomsticks
  • Quidditch
  • Pensieve
  • Time turners
  • Gillyweed
  • Howlers
  • Sending mail by owls
  • Polyjuice potion
  • The Triwizard tournament and cup
  • Diagon Alley
  • Spells
  • Transfiguration
  • Animagi
feb 5 2014 ∞
jun 21 2022 +
  • Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (from Once Upon A Time)
  • The Evil Queen/Regina (from Once Upon A Time)
  • Hook (from Once Upon A Time)
  • Peter Pan (from Once Upon A Time)
  • The Hitcher (from The Hitcher)
  • Sue Sylvester (from Glee)
  • Bellatrix Lestrange (from Harry Potter)
  • Dexter Morgan (from Dexter)
  • Voldemort (from Harry Potter)
  • Joker (from The Dark Knight)
  • Catwoman (from Batman Returns)
  • Magneto (from X-Men)
  • Mystique (from X-Men)
  • Gollum (from The Lord of the Rings)
  • Dolores Umbridge (from Harry Potter)
  • Candyman (from Candyman)
  • Annie Wilkes (from Misery)
  • T-Bag/Teddy (from Prison Break)
  • Gretchen (from Prison Break)
dec 11 2013 ∞
jan 30 2014 +
  • Photography (Black and White and Digital Photography)
  • Literature
  • Piano
  • Forensics
  • Italian
  • Culinary Arts
  • Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Computer Programming/Tech
  • Pottery/Ceramics
  • Glassblowing
  • Sculpting
  • Songwriting
  • The Science of Harry Potter (an actual class taught at Frostburg State University in Maryland)
  • Biological Engineering Design(closest thing to Genetic Engineering)
  • Cell & Tissue Engineering
  • Computer Science
dec 11 2013 ∞
dec 11 2013 +
  • New York State Of Mind by Billy Joel
  • Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato
  • When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
  • Take A Bow by Rihanna
oct 24 2013 ∞
oct 24 2013 +
  • Colin O'Donoghue (Hook from Once Upon A Time)
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Zac Efron
  • Emma Stone
  • Chris Pine
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Jacob Artist (Jake from Glee)
  • Stephen Amell (from Arrow)
  • Chace Crawford (from Gossip Girl)
  • Taylor Lautner
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Adriana Lima
feb 23 2013 ∞
dec 11 2013 +
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
  • A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
  • A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  • Alice in Wonderland by Jane Carruth
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
  • Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
dec 23 2013 ∞
jun 27 2022 +
  • Jellyfish and lobsters are considered biologically immortal. They don't age and will never die unless they are killed.
  • Due to extreme pressure and temperature, it literally rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.
  • When a pregnant woman suffers organ damage, the fetus sends stem cells to the damaged organ to help repair it.
jun 22 2022 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • Give my kids a sense of their own space...themed nurseries, playground or playhouse in the back yard, or a pay room in the family room.
  • Document their lives by video taping them, taking lots of pictures, and recording memorable moments in journals for them to read and see when they are older.
  • Have art time with them and save all their work no matter how insignificant to show them one day. Make art using anything: paint, crayons, pencils, collages, clay, etc.
  • Protect their innocence and childhood for as long as I can, they are only young once.
  • Encourage them to create their own style but don't give them so much liberty that they are walking around inappropriately.
  • Allow them to play and get dirty. Let kids be kids.
feb 17 2013 ∞
feb 17 2013 +

Things I've Lost...

  • That desire to always be a big city girl
  • The strong ties to my family and friends back home since I moved away
  • Free time to just sit and read a good book
  • My patience...time and time again
  • The passion for my job that I started out with

Things I've Found...

  • That the older I get, the better I prioritize the things in my life and what really matters
  • The most amazing man I have ever met and was lucky enought to marry
  • That I desperately want to be a home owner when I thought I would want to just rent
  • A nice reliable car that fits my family's needs
feb 16 2013 ∞
feb 16 2013 +
  • I wish there was a way to record your dreams on video so you can watch them over and over.
  • I wish I was just a little bit rich so life wasn't such a struggle.
  • I wish all the old cancelled shows I loved when I was younger were still on the air and still just as awesome as they were back then.
  • I wish that vanity wasn't held in such high regards and that the media didn't determine what beauty is and what's not.
  • I wish that more pictures were taken of me when I was little.
  • I wish that I had learned to play the piano when I was younger and had classical talent.
  • I wish that my family and I could live in the suburbs now instead of this dumpy gross city we live in.
  • I wish I had taken religious instruction ...
sep 30 2012 ∞
dec 11 2013 +
  • That you can work your butt off to make lots of money but as soon as you get paid most of it is going to go on bills...bye bye money.
  • That most of the people you called your friends as a child and teenager will be out of your life by the time you are a grown up.
  • That you can find love in the most unusual places and its best not to orchestrate it or over analyze it because it has its own rules. Love will come along and stick around when it feels like it.
  • That relationships and marriages aren't like fairytales. They are hard work that consists of both happy good times and hardship and struggle. If you go in it with realistic expectations and the willingness to compromise and talk things through then you have a good chance of making it last a long time.
jan 6 2012 ∞
jan 12 2012 +
  • Fast food.
  • Junk food (sweets, chips, snacking items)
  • My slight negativity
  • My skeptical, untrusting nature
  • The fact that I'm ok with being an underachiever at work
jan 6 2012 ∞
jan 6 2012 +
  • Berets
  • Parachute pants
  • Skinny jeans with the asses baggy
  • Fanny packs
  • Ponchos
  • Fez hats
  • Dreadlocks (actually i just think they are gross)
  • Facial tattoos
  • Pocket protectors
  • Socks with Sandals
  • Mullets
jan 5 2012 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • Nestle Alpine White...it was the best tasting white chocolate candy bar I have EVER eaten.
  • World Of Wonder Talking Julie Doll...Seriously this doll was light years ahead of her time. I still think she is way superior to any talking doll that was made to date.
dec 21 2011 ∞
dec 21 2011 +
  • A Christmas Story
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • The Santa Clause
  • The Santa Clause 2
  • Christmas With The Kranks
  • Jingle All The Way
  • Miracle On 34th Street
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • A Garfield Christmas
  • A Chipmunk Christmas
  • A Flintstone Christmas
  • The Flintstones Save Christmas
  • Home Alone
  • Home Alone 2
  • Its A Wonderful Life
  • The Polar Express
  • Prep & Landing
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Yogi's First Christmas
  • Look Who's Talking Now
dec 17 2011 ∞
jun 25 2015 +
  • Save as much money as you possibly can whenever you can because you never know what kind of hardships will come along where saved money can be a real life saver. (ex. being evicted, losing a job, etc.)
  • Never leave anything left unsaid, you never know when someone will be taken from you.
  • Love is worth risking it all, and those too afraid to take the risks aren't really ready for love.
dec 17 2011 ∞
dec 17 2011 +
  • "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear" (Elf)
  • Never stick your tongue to a pole in the winter time, it will get stuck (A Christmas Story)
  • The past affects your future (Back to the Future)
  • "A hero can be anyone" (The Dark Knight Rises)
  • "What we do in life echoes in eternity" (Gladiator)
  • "The future's not set, there's no fate but what we make for ourselves" (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)
  • "Do not give in to fear" (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)
  • "Time is a precious thing, never waste it" (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • "If you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem (Die Hard)
dec 16 2011 ∞
dec 15 2012 +
  • Fish
  • Bleach
  • Gasoline
  • Coffee
  • Baked Ham
  • Tar
  • Paint
  • Horse poop
  • All kinds of poop actually
  • Egg farts...eeek
  • Morning breath
  • Smelly underarms
  • Strong female perfume that makes them smell like a whore house
  • Cigarette smoke
  • When someone reeks of alcohol
  • Garbage
  • Kitty litter box
dec 14 2011 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • Pretzel rods and mayonnaise
  • Grilled cheese with spam
  • Scrambled eggs with grilled chicken
  • Scrambled eggs and mozzarella cheese
  • Whole wheat toast with mayonnaise
  • Grilled cheese with bacon
  • Crunchy cheese doodle dipped in vanilla ice cream (seriously I did this as a kid)
  • Buttered popcorn wrapped in american cheese
dec 14 2011 ∞
dec 14 2011 +
list icon
  • Even though I walk with incredible confidence everywhere I go, I am terribly insecure and doubt myself often.
  • I'm a bit of a hypocrite, I would NEVER cheat on anyone I was with but I tend to go after guys that are taken and tempt them to be with me. I don't know whether or not this is to self sabotage myself cuz I'm scared to get hurt in an actual relationship, so I go after people I know I can't have a relationship with. Just maybe.
  • When looking at a magazine or tabloid I like to start from the back and work my way to the front.
  • My favorite part of a magazine, newpaper, or tabloid is the Horoscopes and/or crossword puzzle.
  • When I was younger I used to eat pizza in a very weird OCD kinda way. I used to pull off the cheese and toppings (usually pepperoni), then pull off the crust and ea...
oct 23 2009 ∞
feb 2 2012 +
list icon
  • I believe that when a woman has kids that it is essential to stay at home with them for their formative years cuz it should be u teaching them their values and how to act, not some nanny. U shouldn't have other people raising ur kids.
  • I believe in 100% faithfulness in relationships. And I know I may seem like a hypocrite cuz I've been the other woman before but I personally have NEVER and will NEVER cheat on anyone that I am in a relationship with. I am ALWAYS faithful. I will let others worry about their own relationships.
  • I believe that u shouldn't do anything that u'd be ashamed to have ur kids find out about someday. U have to lead by example or else u can't preach to them when they've screwed up.
  • I believe that human life is precious and therefore do NOT believe in abortion. I ...
oct 16 2009 ∞
dec 27 2009 +
list icon
  • "If you don't fight for what you want, you'll never win" -?
  • "Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention." -Sharon Salzberg
  • "Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do." -Voltaire
  • "The smaller the mind the greater the conceit." -Aesop
  • "Any woman who thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is aiming about 10 inches too high." -Adrienne E. Gusoff
  • "By courage I repel adversity." (Adversa Virtute Repello) -Anonymous
  • "Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive... then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Howard Thurman
  • "It is not enough to aim; you must hit." -Italian Proverb
may 6 2009 ∞
nov 2 2009 +
list icon
  • When people blow their stupid cigarette smoke in my face.
  • Tourists that don't know how to properly walk a New York City street. We are fast paced and don't appreciate them taking their time and stopping in the middle of a busy sidewalk.
  • Spoiled, entitled kids.
  • When men in blue business suits wear brown shoes. It does NOT look good. In all honesty, brown shoes should not be worn with anything other than earth tone suits (cream, brown, beige...etc).
  • Telemarketers...nobody likes you, stop calling.
  • Little kids that curse. Its not cute, conveys the degeneration of our society, and shows that parents aren't taking the time to properly raise their kids.
  • When someone says that they will call or text and they take forever to do it. Come...
jan 8 2009 ∞
jul 17 2022 +
list icon
  • "Well you pulled me under so I had to give in. Such a beautiful mess that's breaking my skin. Well I hide all the bruises, I hide all the damage that's done. But I show how I'm feeling until all the feeling has gone." -The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore, James Morrison
  • "Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same" -All At Once, The Fray
  • "I sit and wait, Does an angel contemplate my fate? And do they know,The places where we go, When we're grey and old ? 'Cos I've been told, That salvation lets their wings unfold. So when I'm lying in my bed, Thoughts running through my head, And I feel that love is dead, I'm loving angels instead" - Angels, David Archuleta
  • "When I'm feeling weak, And my pain walks down a one way street. I look above, And I know I'll always be blessed with love....
jan 5 2009 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
list icon
  • When it rains after u get your hair done.
  • Chipping a nail or smudging your nail polish after getting a manicure.
  • Stubbing your toe.
  • When your taxi cab turns down a block that has a garbage truck blocking the street and u can't get around it so you're sitting there with the meter running.
  • MTA fare increases.
  • Waiting in ANY line, more specifically at the DMV.
  • Running into "The Ex", when you're looking like a bum.
  • Alcoholics.
  • Broken hearts
  • Just being "FRIENDS"/ Being stuck in the friend zone.
  • Rejection.
  • PMS.
  • A pimple on the morning of a date.
dec 30 2008 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
list icon
  • Hogwarts (from Harry Potter)
  • Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter)
  • Hogsmeade (from Harry Potter)
  • Whoville (from the Grinch)
  • Elsewhere (from the book Elsewhere)
  • Narnia (from The Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Pleasantville (from the movie Pleasantville)
  • Care-a-Lot (from Care Bears)
  • Bedrock (from the Flintstones)
  • Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Oz (from The Wizard of Oz)
  • The Emerald City (from The Wizard of Oz)
  • Neverland (from Peter Pan)
  • Wisteria Lane (from Desperate Housewives)
  • Tree Hill (from One Tree Hill)
  • Acme Acres (from Tiny Toon Adventures)
  • Santa's Workshop At The North Pole (Santa's domain)
dec 28 2008 ∞
dec 11 2013 +
list icon
  • I have a ridiculously large birthmark starting from my lower back, going all the way down to my upper left thigh.
  • I have a tattoo on my inner left wrist of a heart with angel wings and a halo.
  • I have a tattoo on my left foot that says, "Trust Nobody".
  • I have a really cute beauty mark on the left side of my nose.
  • I have a long scar going down my right shin from when I was running with an ice cream when I was 8 and tripped and skidded.
  • I have the brightest hazel green eyes anyone has ever seen.
  • I am never without my gold rosary hanging from around my neck.
  • Each of my ears are pierced twice.
  • I'm missing my right upper wisdom tooth, that i had pulled.
  • I have massively plump lips.
dec 27 2008 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
dec 12 2011 ∞
aug 18 2022 +

Started 8-22-22

  • Spiderman: No Way Home (2021)
  • Eternals (2021)
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)
  • Blade (1998)
  • The Heat (2013)
  • The Ugly Truth (2009)
  • Baby Mama (2008)
  • Bad Moms (2016)
  • DC League of Super-Pets (2022)
  • Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas (2018)
  • Elf Pets: Santa's Reindeer Rescue (2018)
  • Elf Pets: A Fox Cub's Tale (2019)
  • Spider-Man (2002)
  • Spider-Man 2 (2004)
  • Barbie Mermaid Power (2022)
  • Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)
  • Last Seen Alive (2022)
aug 22 2022 ∞
oct 2 2022 +

Started 6-26-22

  • Sing 2 (2021)
  • Uncharted (2022)
  • Village of the Damned (1995)
  • The Happening (2008)
  • Poseidon (2006)
  • The Man From Toronto (2022)
  • The Call (2013)
  • The Net (1995)
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021)
  • Robots (2005)
  • I See You (2019)
  • Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)
  • Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
  • For Love or Money (1993)
  • My Sister's Keeper (2009)
  • The Fault in Our Stars (2014)
  • Infinite (2021)
  • Max Payne (2008)
  • Changeling (2008)
  • You Should Have Left (2020)
jun 26 2022 ∞
aug 23 2022 +
  • Paint color cards (free at Home Depot)
  • Free catalogs/free magazine subscriptions
  • Old magazines from libraries
  • Print images from pinterest
  • Make your own stickers
  • Cards
  • Receipts
aug 13 2022 ∞
aug 13 2022 +
  • When she was 1.5-2 years (2017-18) she was obsessed with books and whenever I sat in my recliner in our old condo in MN, she would bring me like 10 books, climb in my lap, and ask me to read to her. She never got enough.
  • She has always been really great about sitting and playing by herself. Since she has no siblings her age, she would sit and pretend with all her toys, creating really elaborate scenarios. She has the biggest, most beautiful imagination.
  • At 6 years old she wants to be an architect and design and build buildings and houses. I think she mostly wants to decorate and paint them but if she wants to be an architect, I will support any dream she has for herself (7/18/22).
  • When she has had to do performances for holiday shows at daycare or school she has always been a big ham. She always rememb...
jul 18 2022 ∞
aug 4 2022 +
  • "And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while..." - Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are
  • "Some day, when I'm awfully low, when the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you and the way you look tonight." - Frank Sinatra, The Way You Look Tonight
  • "And I'd give up forever to touch you, 'cause I know that you feel me somehow. You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be and I don't wanna go home right now." - Goo Goo Dolls, Iris
  • "I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears, and you can go swimming when you are here. I'll be the rainbow after the tears are gone, wrap you in my colors and keep you warm." - Otis Redding, That's How Strong My Love Is
  • "Hit me like a ray of sun burning through my darkest night. You're the only one th...
jul 14 2022 ∞
aug 19 2022 +
  • How to drive.
  • How to speak, read, and write Spanish fluently.
  • How to swim above water.
  • How to knit.
  • How to read braile.
  • How to do and understand sign language.
  • How to paint beautiful landscapes.
  • How to roast a whole chicken and turkey.
  • How to speak, read, and write French.
  • All about genetic engineering.
  • How to do advanced computer tech / coding.
  • How to pick a lock.
  • How to crochet.
  • All about the life of Lucille Ball.
  • How to change a tire and oil in a car.
  • Basic plumbing.
  • How to wire a house for new lights / electrical work.
  • How to play the piano.
jul 9 2022 ∞
jul 9 2022 +
  • In the movie Dirty Dancing when they finally do the lift at the end.
  • When Kelly Clarkson sung "I Surrender" on American Idol.
  • When someone kisses my neck.
  • When someone slowly slides a finger down the center of my back.
  • When I'm waiting for a train and I stand too close to the platform edge as the train is pulling in and people are behind me.
  • At the end of West Side Story, after Tony has been killed and Maria is screaming at the two gangs pointing the gun at them and says, "...cuz now I have hate!"
  • When I saw Paranormal Activity in theaters for the first time and Katie is dragged out of bed by an unseen force.
  • When I'm watching a movie where someone just gave birth and you think the baby died cuz it hasn't cried yet but then it fin...
jul 10 2022 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • Classical music...specifically violin and piano pieces
  • Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
  • Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
  • Cats purring
  • My daughter giggling
  • Aaron's sweet voice
  • Nick D's cute southern accent
  • 80s music
  • Thunderstorms and heavy rain falling on things
  • The crunching sound of walking on and through dry Autumn leaves
  • The hum of the A.C. and fan on a quiet night
  • The popping of popcorn
  • Water trickling through a brook or stream
  • Any song that makes me think of someone special
  • My daughter's voice when she was learning...
jun 30 2022 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • When I am in an elevator and see someone running towards it, I almost always press the Door Close button.
  • When people invite me to do something and I tell them, "I'll let you know", when I already know I won't go, nor do I let them know.
  • When I flirt with men I REALLY shouldn't be flirting with.
  • I would eat my kid's snacks when she wasn't around.
  • I have an attitude with people way worse than I intend to.
  • I don't always respect boundaries despite my best efforts.
jun 22 2022 ∞
jun 24 2022 +
  • Leaving the refrigerator door wide open for awhile when I'm in the kitchen cooking.
  • Starting projects and not always finishing them.
  • Losing my temper way too easily and for stupid reasons.
  • Always rushing Autumn for every single thing.
  • Excessive online shopping.
  • Forgetting people's names right after they tell me.
  • Having a cluttered room and hoarding too many things.
  • Letting my fears and worries keep me from doing things.
  • Not keeping in contact with people.
  • Being a recluse.
  • Being very lazy on the weekends.
  • Being a crappy cook.
  • Being on social media and online way too ...
dec 17 2021 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • Glade Sparkling Spruce Air Freshener
  • Nestle's Alpine White Chocolate Bar (They currently don't make this anymore but if I could turn back the hands of time...)
  • TV Shows & Movies (I am currently doing this now...you should see how much stuff I can fit on my external hard drives)
  • Pepperoni Tombstone pizza with Garlic crust
  • Coco Care Lip Balm
  • Funyuns
  • Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel products
  • Premier Protein Cookies & Cream protein shakes
aug 16 2015 ∞
jun 21 2022 +
  • Fiercely loyal
  • Independent
  • Head strong
  • Intelligent
  • Artistic
  • Determined
  • Funny
  • Dependable
  • Hopeful
  • Close to God
  • Skinnier but still curvy
  • Always youthful
  • Always learning
  • A great wife
  • More found than lost
  • Optimistic
  • Loving
  • Prioritizes properly
  • Willing to sacrifice in hopes of achieving better
  • A genuinely good person
nov 23 2014 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
  • Roseanne (from Roseanne)
  • Lois Griffin (from Family Guy)
  • Regina Mills/The Evil Queen (from Once Upon A Time)
  • Reba (from Reba)
  • Mrs. Weasley (from Harry Potter)
  • Mrs. Parker (from A Christmas Story)
  • Karen (from One Tree Hill)
  • Xiomara (from Jane the Virgin)
  • Petra (from Jane the Virgin)
dec 26 2013 ∞
jun 21 2022 +
  • ...Make a 6 figure salary.
  • ...Work from home.
  • ...Work in my pajamas.
  • ...Be my own boss.
  • ...Do something that I love that wouldn't normally make that much money.
  • ...Take as many breaks as I want.
  • ...Have great benefits for me and my family.
  • ...Have a ton of vacation and sick days.
  • ...Have no stress.
  • ...Do something creative.
  • ...Have an expense account.
  • ...Not deal with people.
  • ...Have a company paid top of the line computer.
dec 11 2013 ∞
dec 11 2013 +
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Vaughn Monroe)
  • Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee)
  • Deck The Rooftop (Glee mash-up)
  • Adestes Fideles/O Come All Ye Faithful (Bing Crosby)
  • Baby It's Cold Outside (Doris Day)
  • My Only Wish (Britney Spears)
  • When Christmas Comes To Town (The Polar Express)
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Nsync)
  • Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Bing Crosby)
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Bing Crosby)
  • The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)
oct 24 2013 ∞
jun 30 2022 +
  • Newport cigarettes
  • Pajamas for Christmas Eve presents
  • 24hrs of A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve
  • Complaints about how much her back hurts
  • A hacking smoker's cough
  • Reddish hair with grayish white roots
  • Croc shoes
  • Giorgi vodka
  • Homemade cheesecake
  • Jamaican meat patties
  • Stuffed rigatoni
  • White rice, red beans, and chicken cutlets
  • Her being the best damn cook
  • V.C. Andrews books
  • ABC Soap Operas
  • Very clean house
  • Her referring to me as, "My baby!"
  • Her saying "mother fuck" and leaving off the "er"
dec 11 2013 ∞
aug 20 2022 +
  • Crazy die hard Yankee fans.
  • Taking off your bra after a verrrry long day.
  • When a cat affectionately butts you with its head.
  • A purring cat.
  • Putting on a shirt fresh out the dryer in the middle of winter.
  • Fresh shaved legs and underarms.
  • The sounds and feelings you get during a massive thunderstorm.
  • When a newborn baby grabs your finger.
  • Taking off your shoes after being in heels all day.
  • At the movies when the lights dim to show the previews...those cinematic appetizers.
  • How spooning leads to forking ;)
  • Getting an unexpected handwritten letter in the mail.
  • How the milk turns chocolatey in a bowl o...
oct 23 2013 ∞
jul 13 2022 +
  • Waiting For A Star To Fall by Boy Meets Girl
  • Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
  • All My Life by KCI & JoJo
  • From This Moment by Shania Twain
  • Still The One by Shania Twain
  • Baby It's Yours by Mya
  • I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden
feb 17 2013 ∞
feb 23 2013 +
  • Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to.
  • Take time to revisit the places that made you who you are: the apartment you grew up in, your middle school, your hometown. These places may or may not be here forever; you definitely won’t be.
  • Make peace with your parents. Whether you finally recognize that they actually have your best interests in mind or you forgive them for being flawed human beings, you can’t happily enter adulthood with that familial brand of resentment.
apr 9 2013 ∞
apr 12 2013 +
  • Talk down to me and are condescending.
  • Talk way too loud for no good reason.
  • Are malicious in nature.
feb 14 2013 ∞
feb 14 2013 +
list icon
  • Child prodigies
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Alternate realities
  • Conjoined twins
  • Animals being able to sense natural disasters
  • The prospect of life in outer space
  • Cloning
  • Stigmata
  • The paranormal and supernatural
  • Clairvoyance / ESP
  • The vastness of space
  • That there are 7 billion people on Earth and counting
  • How random and powerful nature is
  • Natural disasters
  • The possibility of life after death
  • Unexplored deep areas of the ocean
sep 30 2012 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • People who have figured out what they want to do with their lives.
  • Women who have more than one baby...I would have liked to have one more.
  • Women with long, shiny, healthy straight hair.
  • Athletic but somewhat curvy looking women in shape.
  • People that don't have Diabetes like I do.
  • Cover Girl looking beautiful skin.
  • People who can dance...I definitely can not.
  • People who play the piano...I've always wanted to learn.
  • People who are multi-lingual...I wish I could speak a language other than just English.
  • People who have traveled the world.
  • People who know how to drive.
  • People that have their own big spacious h...
dec 2 2011 ∞
jun 30 2022 +
  • Pumpkin spice baked goods
  • Hoodies and sweaters
  • Brisk breezes
  • Colorful leaves on trees
  • Crunchy leaves on the ground
  • Hot chocolate
  • Jackets/coats
  • Gloves and thick socks
  • Not needing the AC anymore
  • Frost
  • Christmas shopping
  • Fall colors
  • Christmas colors
  • Putting up the Christmas tree
  • Watching A Christmas Story
  • All Christmas movies
  • Spending New Years Eve celebrating our anniversary followed by celebrating the new year at friends' house
  • Christmas songs
  • Wrapping presents
oct 21 2013 ∞
oct 24 2013 +
list icon
  • Celebrating in a nice big house that we own
  • A great big, real, full Christmas tree that didn't shed needles too much
  • Christmas stockings hung on the mantle over a fireplace with our names on them
  • A white Christmas with light snow fall on Christmas Eve night well into Christmas morning
  • Reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to my family on Christmas Eve night by the fire
  • Lots of Christmas presents for everyone with lots of different wrapping papers and colorful bows
  • Having my family and my in-laws all together on Christmas with no conflict from anyone
  • Decorating the tree with my husband and stepson
  • Having a new personalized Christmas tree ...
feb 16 2013 ∞
oct 21 2013 +
  • That actions speak louder than words
  • That good things come to those who wait
  • That a little faith goes a long way
sep 30 2012 ∞
oct 3 2012 +
  • The Italian Language...and learn how to speak it
  • Piano Playing...and learn how to read sheet music and play classical pieces
  • The Life of Arnold Schwarzanegger...my husband has his new book, it may be an interesting read
  • The I Love Lucy Show History...it was one of my most favorite shows and I would love to read "I Love Lucy: Celebrating 50 Years of Love and Laughter"
oct 3 2012 ∞
oct 3 2012 +
  • Father Of The Bride II
  • The Back Up Plan
  • Object Of My Affection
  • Baby Mama
  • Knocked Up
  • Juno
  • Nine Months
  • Where The Heart Is
  • Look Who's Talking
  • Fools Rush In
  • Village Of The Damned
  • Junior
  • The Seventh Sign
  • The Switch
dec 19 2011 ∞
dec 21 2011 +
  • The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams
  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner
  • Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell
  • Street Dreams by Faye Kellerman
  • Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman
  • Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs
  • Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Action by Carolyn Keene
  • Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson
  • Accident by Danielle Steel
  • Quicksand by Iris Johansen
  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
  • Alias: The Pursuit by Lizzie Skurnick
  • This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
  • The Archangel Project by C.S. Graham
  • Portrait in Death by J.D. Robb
  • Time of Death by J.D. Robb
  • Alias: Close Quarters by Emma Harrison
  • Alias: Infiltration by Breen Frazier
jan 30 2014 ∞
jan 30 2014 +
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Charlie Brown pie
  • Brownies topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Sugar cookies
  • Fresh Hot Cocoa with mini marshmallows in it
dec 16 2011 ∞
jun 30 2022 +
  • I never EVER let anyone borrow from my insanely large DVD collection.
  • I don't let anyone borrow my books cuz I don't want their germs on my pages when they return them.


dec 14 2011 ∞
dec 15 2011 +
  • Innocent in Death by JD Robb
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
  • The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger
  • Imitation in Death by JD Robb
  • Survivor in Death by JD Robb
  • Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
  • The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
  • All the Resident Evil books by SD Perry
  • The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner
  • The Christmas Pig by JK Rowling
  • Dawn by V.C. Andrews
dec 10 2011 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • Eve Dallas and Roarke (from JD Robb's in Death book)
  • Peabody and McNab (from JD Robb's in Death books)
  • Ross and Rachel (from Friends)
  • Haley and Nathan Scott (from One Tree Hill)
  • Van and Cheyenne (from Reba)
  • Frank and Marie Barone (from Everybody Loves Raymond)
  • Tommy Gavin and Sheila (from Rescue Me)
  • Ralph and Alice Kramden (from The Honeymooners)
  • Dan and Roseanne Connor (from Roseanne)
  • Jenna Rink and Matt (from 13 Going on 30)
  • Rose and Jack Dawson (from Titanic)
  • Sara and Tom (from Just Married)
  • Joy and Jack (from What Happens in Vegas)
  • John and Jane Smith (from Mr. and Mrs. Sm...
feb 2 2012 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
list icon
  • Don't be clingy.
  • Don't overwhelm him, guys spook easily.
  • Don't act jealous.
  • Don't make HIS life, YOUR life.
  • If he doesn't make it exclusive, DON'T stop dating other people.
  • Don't stop going out with your friends just cuz you wanna spend time with him.
  • Don't be TOO available.
  • Don't talk too much about other guys with him.
  • Be a little mysterious. Hold back detailed information and only elaborate when he asks you things specifically. Keep him guessing.
  • Pick and choose your battles.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff, learn to let go.
  • Don't discuss marriage and kids too soon, plot and fantasize quietly.
  • Don't discuss the topic of sex too soon, ...
jan 20 2010 ∞
jan 20 2010 +
list icon
  • Friendship bracelets.
  • Beaded Letter bracelets
  • A Dreamcatcher
  • Handmade books with the pages sewn in and a custom fabric book cover that I designed
  • Purses
  • Collages of pics of my friends (framed)
  • Collages of pics of my family (framed)
  • Collages of pics of me (framed)
  • Collages of pics of my favorite boys (friends & crushes) (framed)
  • Collages of pics of my dogs (framed)
  • Handmade quotebook of my favorite quotes
  • Handmade book of poems of all MY poems
  • New scrapbook
  • Ceramic letter initial pin painted by me at Little Shop Of Crafts
  • Painted ceramic piggy bank at Little Shop Of Crafts
  • Polymer clay Christmas tree ornaments
oct 26 2009 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
list icon
  • I HATE Sex In The City
  • I can't really walk in high heels well so I never buy any
  • I prefer sneakers to heels
  • I curse like a sailor
  • I burp like a trucker
  • I don't really like putting on makeup
  • I don't get manicures or pedicures
  • I don't like talking to, making friends with, or being in the company of any girls aside from my daughter and sister. All my other friends are guys
  • I don't like drama
  • I'm not a really good cook
  • I don't really care for talk shows
  • I don't like reality shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • I don't really like talking on the phone
  • I LOVE sports
  • I don't care about designer anything
  • I'm messy
oct 21 2009 ∞
jun 26 2022 +
list icon
  • I cringe/sneer when someone mentions the Boston Red Sox. I HATE the BoSUX. I bleed Yankee blue.
  • I have boundary issues and love to test my limits. I'm really fun when its not appropriate to be.
  • I'm like a guy in a woman's body. I love sports, hate drama, love dirty sexual humor, am highly sarcastic, and have sex on the brain 9 tenths of the day.
  • I have a ridiculously large birthmark starting from my lower back, going all the way down to my upper left thigh that I hate and am really self conscious about. Any pic that shows my lower exposed half is immediately Photoshopped to remove that birthmark. (yes, now u know).
  • I have a really big heart and when I love someone I love from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. But I've come to learn that when I get like this I become b...
feb 1 2009 ∞
feb 1 2009 +
list icon
  • I cringe/sneer when someone mentions the Boston Red Sox
  • I cringe/sneer when I hear about or read the movie title, Moonstruck (brings back memories of my worst breakup)
  • I'm always blowing air between the tight space between my two top front teeth, always convinced there is food stuck in there
  • I pick my teeth with my nails and therefore I can never wear nail polish cuz it will chip. But toothpicks always irritate my gums and make them bleed.
  • When someone mentions popcorn I grind my teeth and my gums literally start hurting cuz even though I love the taste of popcorn, those lil kernel pieces get stuck between my teeth and gums and it takes me forever to get them out and I always end up bleeding.
  • I eye f*ck every cute guy I see. I had al...
jan 23 2009 ∞
nov 2 2009 +
list icon
  • Rustic leather journals (with belt or clasp fastener)
  • Band/artist memorabilia (tshirts)
  • Key chains
  • Bumper stickers
  • Posters
  • Autographs (I have John Travolta, Dakota Fanning, Vin Diesel, Josh Holloway, Robin Williams, etc)
  • Postcards
  • Themed license plates
  • Funny saying tshirts
  • Horoscopes
  • Pocket watches
  • Patron saint pendants
  • Buttons (to pin on)
  • Patches
  • Purses
  • Soda can tabs (that u use to open them)
  • Quotes
  • Apothecary bottles
jan 14 2009 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
list icon
  • God
  • Jesus
  • Heaven and Hell
  • That there are signs from God everywhere if we just take the time to look
  • That our dearly departed send us small signs that they are still with us
  • Souls
  • Santa Claus
  • The magic of Christmas
  • Ghosts
  • Soul Mates that aren't necessarily romantic (best friends)
  • Angels / Guardian angels
  • Aliens & life on other planets
  • Dopplegangers
  • That if u wished upon a star it would really come true
  • That all good people go to heaven regardless of religion, race, or sexual preference
jan 7 2009 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
list icon
  • Passionate kisses on the mouth.
  • Lusty kisses on the neck.
  • Hugs.
  • Gentle kisses on the hand.
  • Sending and receiving handwritten letters.
  • Learning things I'm not supposed to know.
  • Working out at the best gym...Crunch!!!
  • Secret rendezvous with someone unexpected.
  • Collecting autographs.
  • Cartoons from the 80's and 90's.
  • Old notes and letters from my youth.
  • Books and lots of them.
  • Australian accents.
  • Charm bracelets.
  • Doing surveys on myspace.
  • Seeing old crushes again.
  • Strange and useless facts and trivia.
  • Being tanned skinned with green eyes.
dec 31 2008 ∞
jun 25 2022 +
oct 23 2013 ∞
aug 3 2022 +
  • Photo collages
  • Sticker collage
  • Book of letters to yourself and others
  • Personal diary / journal
  • Creative writing
  • Story starter ideas
  • Book of quotes
  • Book of compliments
  • Art Journal
  • Memorable conversations with people
  • Fitness journal
  • Book of daily To Do lists
  • Dream journal
  • Junk journal
  • Book Reviews
  • Movie Journal (With appreciation pages for each movie with pics, movie quotes, and rating, plot summaries)
  • Daily brain dumps
  • One line a day
  • Book with prompts on each page and sectio...
jul 21 2022 ∞
aug 26 2022 +
  • The Christmas Pig - J.K. Rowling
  • Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin
  • The Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger
  • Go Ask Alice - Beatrice Sparks
  • The Breakable Vow - Kathryn Ann Clarke
  • Say Cheese and Die - R.L. Stine
  • Superfudge - Judy Blume
  • Dawn - V.C. Andrews
  • When the Wind Blows - James Patterson
  • The Secret Bedroom - R.L. Stine
  • Speak - Laura Halse Anderson
jul 23 2022 ∞
jul 24 2022 +
  • "Dada" (1/9/17)(Almost 9 months old, her first word)
  • "Nama" = Banana (6/23/18) (2yrs & 2 months old)
  • "I farted" (May 2008)(2yrs & 1 month old)
  • "Hulu!" (June 2018)(2yrs & 2 months old)
  • "Ok, Google" (6/24/18)(2yrs & 2 months old)
  • "Nummy" = Yummy (6/24/18)(2yrs & 2 months old)
  • "No thanks" (When I told her to eat her food)(6/30/18)(2 yrs & 2 months old)
  • "What is that?" (First time inquiring about something) (6/30/18)
  • "Nuggle" = Snuggle (7/2/18)(2yrs & 2 months old)
  • Beeboo" = Beaver (7/6/18)(2yrs & 2 months)
  • "Micorn" = Unicorn (7/23/18) (2yrs & 3 months old)
jul 18 2022 ∞
jul 18 2022 +
  • "Caring, compassionate and understanding. A great friend, a great mom, and a great person." - Nick D.
  • "Loyal, caring, patient, impatient, dependable, stubborn, smart, witty, fiesty, protective, guarded, talkative, quiet, content, strong, resilient, passionate, thoughtful, and everything Nick said." - Aaron S.
jul 14 2022 ∞
jul 16 2022 +
  • My divorce being finalized.
  • Getting approved for Section 8 and renting a place close to my kid's school.
  • Going lots of places with my kid this summer.
  • Going to the family day event with my stepmom's job in July.
  • Getting down to 150lbs, about 27lbs to go.
  • Maybe taking some online classes to get my Masters...but not sure in what subject yet.
jun 23 2022 ∞
jul 13 2022 +
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Chris Pratt
  • Zac Efron
  • Gerard Butler
  • Taylor Kinney
  • Matt Bomer
  • Jamie Dornan
  • Luke Evans
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Justin Baldoni
  • James Marsden
  • James Lafferty
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Peter Krause
jul 12 2022 ∞
jul 13 2022 +
  • Brunette men
  • Bright, beautiful eyes
  • DIMPLES!!!
  • Tall men...5'10-6'3"
  • A sexy voice
  • An accent...Australian, Irish, Scottish, sweet Southern
  • Athletic bod or softer, dad bod
  • Perky boy butts
  • Lusty kisses that leave me yearning for more
jul 14 2022 ∞
jul 14 2022 +
  • Massages
  • Getting under a warm heated blanket on a cold night
  • Laying on clean bed sheets
  • When someone gently plays with and brushes my hair
  • Flipping through crisp new book and journal pages
  • The feel of a cool breeze on my body on a warm night
  • A tight loving hug when I'm having a bad day
  • My clean, straightened hair
  • Freshly shaved legs
  • Walking barefoot in the grass
  • When someone gives me butterflies in my tummy
  • A gentle first kiss with someone new
  • Playing with slime, Gak, or sensory compound
  • The temperature change when Summer collap...
jun 30 2022 ∞
jul 12 2022 +
  • When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my brothers used to take me to Woolworth and have me steal baseball card packs for them and used to pay me with the sticks of bubblegum that were in the packs.
  • When I was 6 years old and on a family vacation to Orlando, FL, it was raining and my family was getting ready to go to dinner. I found a Penny Frog and picked it up and did not want to put it down. My dad said if I did not put the frog down I would have to eat it. I think I cried.
  • When I was young and at my dad's house, he served mashed potatoes with dinner, which I hate. I did not want to eat it but he made me sit at that table all night long...ALL NIGHT LONG...with tears streaming down my face, until I ate them, and they were all cold. Til this day I have never eaten mashed potatoes again.
jun 17 2022 ∞
jun 21 2022 +
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  • Brian Littrell (BSB)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Ryan Phillippe
  • Jordan Knight (NKOTB)
  • Elijah Wood
  • JC Chasez
  • Luke Perry
  • Jason Priestley
  • Joey Lawrence
  • Rider Strong
  • John Stamos
  • Mark Paul Gosselaar
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Andrew Keegan
  • Freddie Prinze Jr.
  • Jonathan Brandis
  • Devon Sawa
  • Nick Lachey
  • Drew Lachey
  • Joshua Jackson
jul 9 2022 ∞
jul 9 2022 +
  • Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips
  • Cheesecake...Mmm
  • Mom's empanadas
  • Peppermint bark
  • Peanut M&Ms
  • Mint brownie malt from Red Robin
  • Midnight Truffle blizzard from Dairy Queen
  • Mom's white rice and beans and chicken cutlets
  • McDonald's onions from their burgers
  • Garlic crust Tombstone pepperoni pizza
  • Wild Berry Skittles
  • Wild Berry Skittles Gummies
  • White chocolate ANYTHING
  • Chicken and avocado sandwiches
  • Homemade stuffed rigatoni and lasagna
  • Strawberry Cheesequake blizzard at Dairy Queen
  • Ranch Quaker rice snacks
  • Nacho cheese Combos
jul 12 2022 ∞
jul 12 2022 +
  • Watch 24hrs of A Christmas Story EVERY Christmas Eve with my daughter. Or at least as many times as we can.
  • Read a bedtime story to my daughter every night before bed.
  • Take an annual family picture with my daughter.
  • Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to my daughter every year on Christmas Eve before she goes to sleep.
  • Have my daughter read all the books I read when I was younger that I saved for her (Fudge series, Goosebumps, Fear Street, The Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, Popcorn, etc.).
  • Have my daughter watch all the old cartoons, shows, and movies I grew up watching as a kid because they were so much better back then (A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Garfield, Tiny Toons, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Goonies, A Christmas Story, etc.)
jul 12 2022 ∞
jul 12 2022 +
  • Secret passageways
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools with water slides
  • A staircase with a bookcase built in underneath
  • A large library
  • A gym
  • A bowling alley
  • A private personal movie theater
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Sauna
  • Computer Lab
  • Spa
  • Hot tub
  • Large grill/bar area outside
  • Gazebo
  • Large courtyard
  • Golf course
  • Tanning bed
  • Game room/arcade
  • Enormous stainless steel and granite kitc...
dec 26 2013 ∞
dec 26 2013 +
  • After I found out I would never have children I thought that my life literally would end and that I would have no reason to go on. But I found a way to come to terms with that void in my heart and continue to find joy in my life. I found a strength from somewhere that I never knew I had.
  • I thought I would always want to live in the city in a chic apartment and be a city girl but my biggest dream now is to settle down and buy a house with my husband in the suburbs. I am not the girl I was 5 years ago.
nov 23 2014 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
  • We have delicate features.
  • Long pretty hair.
  • Getting special treatment and allowed certain places for being a pretty girl.
  • BOOBS!!!
  • Multiple orgasms.
  • Long eyelashes.
  • Shiny lip gloss.
  • Big pouty lips.
  • Cheeky boy shorts underwear.
  • Giggling.
  • Being able to grow and carry a baby in our bodies for 9 months.
  • Walking all sexy.
oct 24 2013 ∞
oct 24 2013 +
  • Go for a walk and draw things you find on the ground.
  • Write a letter to yourself in the future.
  • Buy something inexpensive as a symbol for your need to create (new pen, a mug, journal). Use it everyday.
  • Draw your meal.
  • Find a piece of poetry that resonates with you and recreate it in your own style.
  • Glue an envelope into your journal and stick random things you come across in a week, into it.
  • Look up a piece of work by an artist and describe how it makes you feel.
  • Spend a day drawing only red things.
  • Make a list of everything you buy in the next week.
  • Go to a paint store and collect paint chips. Create something with them.
  • Play some instrumental music and free wri...
jun 22 2022 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • "Wtf? my mom was my wingman tonight and introduced me to this cute ass saxophone player whom i gave my number to and who facebooked my other account...how the hell did i get to the point where my mom is finding men for me?...haha not complaining though he was really cute, sweet, and talented." - November 22, 2009
  • "Encourage ur enemies arrogance, it will defeat them on the battlefield"...I'm in a Yankee state of mind...GOOO YANKEES!!!!" - October 28, 2009
  • Our Yankees, who Art in the Bronx, Hollow be thy name. Thy championship come, thy will be done, in New Yankee Stadium, as it was in Old Yankee Stadium. Give us this day our daily win, and forgive us our haters, as we defeat those who hate against us. And lead us not into errors, but deliver us to Victory. Amen" - October 26, 2009
dec 13 2013 ∞
dec 13 2013 +
  • 13 Going On 30
  • Made of Honor
  • 27 Dresses
  • The Wedding Planner
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Just Married
  • Legally Blonde
  • John Tucker Must Die
  • Little Black Book
  • Monster in Law
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Bride Wars
  • Picture Perfect
  • Object of My Affection
  • Bring It On
  • Titanic
  • The Proposal
  • The Notebook
dec 11 2013 ∞
jul 11 2022 +
  • Abusive parents
  • Pedophiles
  • Rapists
  • Being called a bitch
  • Cheaters
  • Animal cruelty
  • Never being able to get ahead without being hit with another string of bad luck
  • Drunk and reckless drivers
  • People that use drugs
  • Hippie liberals
  • Socialists
  • The snow and ice clean up in St. Paul every winter being non existent
dec 11 2013 ∞
jul 11 2022 +
  • Live a life worth remembering.
  • Always be true to yourself.
  • Don't take yourself or life too seriously.
  • Never expect life to be fair.
  • Say it like you mean it or don't say it at all.
  • Let go of the parts of your past that are holding you back.
  • Don't try and fix what ISN'T broken.
  • Live in and for the moment...seize the day!
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Fight for the important things, never give up on what/who you love.
  • Love whole-heartedly, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  • Live without regrets.
  • If God leads you to it he will lead you through it.
  • Always have faith.
oct 23 2013 ∞
oct 24 2013 +
list icon
  • Having a younger, fresher complexion.
  • Being thinner.
  • Spending lots of time out with my friends at parties and clubs.
  • Wearing dresses, high heel shoes, and makeup.
  • Being in tons of pics with people.
  • Living in NYC.
  • Coming home at all hours of the night or next morning.
  • Making my own decisions without having to consider anyone else.
  • Not having as much bills.
  • My mom cooking dinner for me every day.
  • Loving going to the gym.
  • Losing 80lbs and feeling amazing.
  • Embracing my bad girl side for that short period of time.
  • Being more attractive and feeling like I was.
  • Having my dogs.
oct 21 2013 ∞
oct 21 2013 +
  • Ticket Stubs
  • Favorite Quotes
  • Photes of me and my hubby very much in love
  • Holiday themed pages
  • What makes me happy/things i like
  • Magazine clippings
  • My Five Year Plan
  • Recipes to try
  • My Favorites (Yearly)
  • 25 Things about me
  • Small enevelopes to stick things in
feb 23 2013 ∞
feb 23 2013 +
list icon
  • Flying cars
  • Talking animals
  • Teleportation devices
  • Psychics...real ones
  • Magic wands and spells
  • Invisibility
  • Conveyor belt showers and dressing rooms like in the Jetsons
  • Hologram computer screens that you can touch to activate
  • Telekinesis
feb 16 2013 ∞
oct 21 2013 +
list icon
  • Socks with sandals
  • Super baggy skinny jeans on boys down below their butts
  • Plumbers cracks
  • Food in someone's teeth
  • Poodles and Lhaso Apsos
  • Dogs or cats scooching their butts on the carpet
feb 16 2013 ∞
feb 17 2013 +
  • A Christmas Story
  • 13 Going on 30
  • Back to the Future
  • Elf
  • Brave
  • Harry Potter and the Sorecerer's Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • The Game Plan
  • The Santa Clause
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Die Hard With a Vengeance
  • Live Free or Die Hard
  • Taken
  • The Hitcher
  • Made of Honor
  • The Goonies
  • Home Alone
dec 15 2012 ∞
jul 5 2022 +
  • "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" - ?
  • "I do not fear death, in view of the fact that I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it." — Mark Twain
  • "Everything interests me, but nothing holds me" - Fernando Pessoa
oct 3 2012 ∞
dec 11 2013 +
  • My husband and stepson
  • My cats Salem and Remy
  • My laptop
  • My cell phone
  • My external hard drives
  • My digital camera
  • My marriage license, birth certificate, and social security card
  • My HUGE extensive DVD collection
  • My diabetes supplies (Glucose moniter and Insulin)
  • My Ipod touch
  • My photos, especially my baby pics
oct 3 2012 ∞
nov 23 2014 +
  • Start eating healthier earlier, it will make the transition to becoming diabetic at 16 years old MUCH easier.
  • Don't treat your friends more importantly than your family because most of them leave your life by the time you grow up.
  • Don't make JAS your "first", it will be the worst decision you ever make in your life, one that will always haunt you as your biggest mistake.
  • Tell your stepdad that you considered him your dad. He dies way too soon and you will always regret never telling him and will sympathize with the hurt that comes along with only being considered a step parent when you yourself are finally a step parent.
  • Don't be so quick to rush into relationships just because you don't want to be alone, you end up spending way too long in crappy relationships and when you least ex...
jan 18 2012 ∞
jul 6 2015 +
  • Inca (dog, Pomeranian)
  • Tovar (dog, Husky)
  • Pappione (cat, grey and white)
  • Max (dog, mixed breed)
  • Sultan (dog, Pitbull)
  • Jingle Bells (cat, black)
  • Snowball (cat, white)
  • Sweetie/Beep (cat, black)
  • Tom-Tom (cat, calico)
  • Aries (cat, black)
  • Phoenix (cat, black and white)
  • Chubby (cat, tabby)
  • Lee (bunny)
  • Whipple (guinea pig)
  • Theepy (guinea pig)
  • Lefty (lizard, chameleon)
  • Nosy (lizard, chameleon)
  • Dribbles (garter snake)
  • Tweety (bird)
  • Fred (mini turtle)
  • Barney (mini turtle)
jan 6 2012 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • Take a photography class
  • Take a cooking class
  • Get fertility tests done
  • Go see an Endocrinologist
  • Go see a Gynocologist
  • Catch up on all the shows I'm behind in
  • Spend hours just reading
  • Clean my house from top to bottom
  • Catalog all the DVDs I haven't yet and update the movie lists in the corresponding books they are in
  • SLEEP!!!
  • Do some workout videos
  • Update the firmware on my iPod Touch, add new pics, songs, and videos to it, install the new jailbreak, and put all my jailbroken apps back in
  • Delete unnecessary files and programs from my laptop. Back up all my pics and home videos to discs and my external hard drive, and organize all my folders and bookm...
jan 6 2012 ∞
oct 18 2013 +
  • 80's Movies
  • 90's Movies
  • Musicals
  • Dance Movies
  • Animated Movies
  • Christmas Movies
  • Made For TV Holiday Movies
  • Horror Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Chick Flicks
  • Supernatural Movies
  • Action Movies
  • Adventure Movies
  • Teen Movies
  • Magical Movies
  • Drama Movies
  • Thriller Movies
  • Superhero Movies
  • Sci-Fi Movies
  • Kid Movies
dec 17 2011 ∞
dec 21 2011 +
  • My mom
  • My stepdad Gregory Krasnodebski
  • Lucille Ball (funniest woman to ever live)
  • Jackie Gleason (comedic genius)
  • Art Carney (Silliest man ever)
  • Brittany Murphy (she was an actress that was so easy to love)
  • Walt Disney (Disney movies haven't been the same without him)
  • Jesus (I don't really need to explain this one)
dec 17 2011 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • The stores, streets, and everywhere is crowded at one time with a million people.
  • Things are sold out in stores.
  • Shopping!!! I'm not one of those girls who loves to shop.
  • All the atheists, and non God believing religious people want to talk shit about our holiday and how we celebrate it. If You don't believe in God and Jesus, go the hell to work on Christmas day, don't take our holidays off.
  • The stress of not having enough money while still trying to buy all your loved ones nice gifts.
  • Trying to hunt down that one special gift your hubby or kid wants and not find it anywhere so you have to go all over town to find it or pay a butt load to special order it.
dec 16 2011 ∞
jan 23 2012 +
  • Slap bracelets
  • Light up sneakers (LA Gears)
  • Tye Dye
  • Leggings With the stirrups
  • Neon colored clothing
  • Denim overalls over a white tshirt with one strap hanging loose
  • Fake Oakley sunglasses on top of my head, never on my eyes
  • Feline eye reading glasses
  • A side pony tail
  • Plaid pants
  • Hard plastic pacifier necklaces
  • Choker necklaces
  • Different nail polish color on every other finger
  • Mismatched socks
  • Those hats Blossom used to wear on that show with the front turned up (I'll have to find the official name)
  • Big flannel GAP shirts like I was a femal...
dec 16 2011 ∞
jun 22 2022 +
  • I had a dream that my husband Drew was running a marathon and he actually finished first which was a shock cuz he hates running and never does it. I remember that the number he had on his tank top was an 8, not sure what it means but when I find out, I'll do an update. (dec. 2011)
  • I had a dream that I was an actress audtioning for a role as Eve Dallas in a movie created from one of J.D. Robb's "In Death" books. I was auditioning opposite a man that was playing a very believable Roarke. I have no acting talent but that would freaking be awesome. I love that book series and have been waiting for them to turn the books into film. (dec. 2011)
  • I always have dreams that I'm pregnant with a significant sized baby bump, its always spring or summer cuz I'm always in a nice, flowy sundress. I never actually given birth in any of these dreams, I'm jus...
dec 14 2011 ∞
dec 17 2011 +
  • I get random gray hairs on my head
  • My back aches me a lot
  • I pee a lot and frequently
  • My knees crack when i bend
  • I get tired pretty early
  • I complain a lot about bills and money
  • I don't dress name brand anymore, I'm happy just picking up a shirt from Walmart, Target, or Old Navy
  • I pass out right after sex. I used to have a ton of energy afterwards
  • I worry about menopause
  • I don't want to go out and do things with people anymore, I am content staying home with my daughter watching a movie
  • I have crows feet around my eyes
  • My eye sight got so bad I needed to get lasik eye surgery...at only 31 yrs old
  • At 40 yrs old, my vision is a little blurry if I am looking at something close to my face
dec 14 2011 ∞
jul 10 2022 +
list icon
  • Playing kickball in the yard of my elementary school and everyone thinking they were an allstar.
  • When my friends in elementary school formed a cheerleading group for when everyone played kickball but I was so chubby I didn't join but instead taught them the soung from Saved By The Bell when the girls formed that singing group Hot Sundae..."put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat. Rock and roll, you ain't seen nothin' yet..."
  • Being a peer mediator with Eddie Lewis (who I had a crush on) in elementary school.
  • Being a part of Safety Patrol in 5th grade and having a lot of rank over all the other kids. Plus we had pizza meetings on weekends.
  • Having my entire elementary school in a spanish commercial for Take A Bite Out Of ...
dec 27 2009 ∞
dec 28 2009 +
list icon
  • Pornacopia : An over abundance of porn.
  • Bragadocious : An adjective describing something or someone that is bragging too much.
  • Backseat Surfer : Anyone who stands over your shoulder as you use the internet, directing your internet navigation.
  • Cuddlingus : The act of cuddling, spooning, or snuggling.
  • Facebook Limbo : The space between accepting and rejecting a facebook friendship.
  • Hobosexual : The opposite of a metrosexual; one who cares little for one's own appearance.
  • Pornfolio : A mass of porn that one has stored on their computer, generally in a separate folder.
  • Blue Walls : Female equivalent of blue balls.
  • Cinematard : One who is completely lacking in movie knowledge.
  • Nonpology : An insincere apology of expression of regret, often blaming the aggravated party for being offended.
nov 3 2009 ∞
dec 13 2013 +
list icon
  • I'm really sensitive
  • When really hurt or offended emotionally, I cry
  • I wanted to have babies sooo bad, more than anything else in this world
  • I can lay on the guilt trips pretty thick...a skill I picked up from all the women in my family
  • I love kisses and PDA's (holding hands, hugging, cuddling, stolen kisses, etc)
  • I change my clothes at least 3 times before going out on a date or social gathering
  • I am a HUGE flirt
  • I'm boy crazy
  • I want a guy who is really good to me and faithful and honest
  • I cry watching sad movies and reading sad books
  • I spend a lot of time fixing my hair
  • I walk down the street like I'm on the ru...
oct 22 2009 ∞
jul 10 2022 +
list icon
  • U can't be shorter than me, if u aren't at least 5'6" this isn't gonna work out. I generally like my guys at LEAST 5'9", but I will bend in either direction on this.
  • U must be into sports and be somewhat athletic either in practice or appearance. Be willing to teach me something about sports, I love all aspects of it.
  • U have to love dogs, I have 4, they come first. Deal with it and show a lil puppy love.
  • U have to have a great smile. I spend most of my time trying to make people laugh, if u don't have a pretty smile and straight white teeth I can't be with u.
  • Don't be conceited. Its ok if I think the world of u, but its not cute if U act like the world revolves around u. Its ok to be humble, modest, and practice a lil humility.
feb 12 2009 ∞
may 4 2016 +
list icon
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Caroline Herrera's 212 Splash perfume
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion from Bath & Body Works
  • Summer rain in the park
  • That smell in the air when rain is on it's way
  • Warm fresh baked brownies
  • Fresh baked bread
  • Pineapple
  • Pine trees
  • Puppy breath
  • Newborn baby heads (powdery)
  • Marinara sauce with garlic
  • Garlic bread
  • McDonald's french fries
  • Emporio Armani men's cologne
  • Acqua di Gio by Armani men's cologne
  • Michael Jordan's cologne for men (serious throwback)
  • Roses
jan 21 2009 ∞
jul 12 2022 +
list icon
  • Photographer (for sports and fashion)
  • Magazine editor
  • Advice columnist
  • Children's book writer
  • Poet
  • Fashion Designer
  • Forensic scientist
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Web page developer
  • Computer tech
  • Animal rescuer and rehabilitator
  • Pianist
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Men's Fitness Magazine photographer
  • Massage therapist
  • Actress
  • Cruise ship director of activities
  • Travel agent
  • Voice over for a cartoon
  • Sonogram technician
  • Interior designer
jan 18 2009 ∞
nov 2 2009 +
list icon
  • Albeit
  • Ambiance
  • Apothecary
  • Armageddon
  • Auspicious
  • Blasphemy
  • Calamity
  • Calliope
  • Cantankerous
  • Cataclysmic
  • Chartreuse
  • Colossal
  • Concierge
  • Copacetic
  • Croissant
  • Debauchery
  • Decadent
  • Delectable
  • Delectable
  • Delicatessen
  • Delinquent
jan 4 2009 ∞
jun 16 2022 +
list icon
  • Kickball
  • Tag
  • The Game of Life
  • Candyland
  • UNO
  • hop scotch
  • Mother May I?
  • Sorry
  • Operation
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Super Mario Bros. (For SNES)
  • Trouble
  • Mancala
  • I Declare War
  • Hostage
  • Manhunt
  • Guess Who
  • Mastermind
  • Go Fish
dec 29 2008 ∞
dec 30 2008 +
list icon
  • My body first and foremost, I hate being a thick chick. But I'm going to the gym now so that one is a work in progress.
  • My patience, I have NONE.
  • My temper. My fuse is super short and I'm real nasty when I'm pissed.
  • Not being so emotionally dependent in relationships. Yeah I tend to make them my world and put every last drop of myself into the relationship. It hasn't worked for me before so that has to go.
  • Not being able to trust. Yeah I don't do trust, I even have a tattoo on my foot that says "Trust Nobody". But in order to have a really healthy relationship I need to be able to trust someone.
  • Being too eager. I have to pace myself cuz when I'm expecting something (like a call or a date), it drives me crazy if it doesn't happen exactly how or when I planned.
dec 28 2008 ∞
jun 30 2022 +