hyunsung football au

mature. slight friends with benefits. football player jisung. sports journalist hyunjin. college au.

jisung is the rising star of his university’s football team. over the years, he’s acquired a crush on the ever popular sports journalist major hwang hyunjin. when he slips up and calls hyunjin “baby” during an interview, jisung thinks that’s the end of it. until hyunjin is assigned to do a report on jisung for a class, and the two suddenly find themselves spending all their time together.

tennis au

teen. flirting. hyunsung. minor injury.

jisung is a professional tennis player, and injures himself practicing at home. his doctor tells him he needs physical therapy, and he hires an in home one. enter the insanely young and attractive hwang hyunjin. jisung is so screwed.

soulmates & royalty

teen. royals. princes and princesses. class systems. soulmates. soulmate marks. forbidden love.

soulmates are real, and everyone has one. however, not everyone is allotted to have their soulmate. soulmates are for the powerful and rich only. prince hyunjin views soulmates through rose tinted glasses, and has been desperately searching for his. as the mark on his collarbone burns every day, a reminder of how rare his bond with his soulmate will be, hyunjin wonders just how long till the rumored soul sickness will get him.

hyunsung christmas au

teen. christmas. mistletoe. relationship reveal. weddings. friends to lovers. there’s only one bed.

where hyunsung are attending their friend’s chan and minho’s christmas wedding together. they’ve just entered a relationship, and spend the entire weekend trying to hide it. the story of their antics from trying to hide their relationship.

may 13 2017 ∞
dec 15 2020 +