• beasts of no nation (2015)
  • before i wake
  • the ritual
  • 1922
  • cabin fever
  • the shape of water
may 4 2018 ∞
may 4 2018 +

Dance Dance Dance

  • "I'm here. In my life. A feature of the world that is my existance. Not that I particularly recall ever having approved these matters, this condition, this state of affairs in which I feature."
  • "...malicious - no, make that indifferent - dusty morning light."
  • "Maybe I'll stretch, nice and slow. Enough for me to be sure I'm myself and not part of something else."
  • "Precipitate as weather,"
  • "I felt like crying. Sometimes one little thing will do the trick."
  • "So what do I have to do?" "Dance," said the Sheep Man.
  • "I'm not sticking to my guns," "It's more like just a dance. Something the body remembers. It's a habit. The music plays, the body moves. It almost doesn't matter what else is happening. If too many things...
nov 5 2015 ∞
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  • kafka on the shore
  • dance dance dance
  • wind / pinball
  • a wild sheep chase
  • colorless tsukuru tazakiand his years of pilgrimage
  • the wind up bird chronicle
  • 1q84
nov 27 2015 ∞
may 4 2018 +
  • semi precious weapons/lady gaga // monster ball tour // nashville, tennessee
  • boyfriend // first us showcase // chicago, ilinois
  • b.a.p // live on earth 2014 // merrillville, indiana
  • korn/slipknot // prepare for hell tour // nashville, tennessee
  • jordan bratton/kirko bangz/somo // falling up tour // nashville, tennessee
  • consio/bts // highlight tour // atlanta, georgia
  • one ok rock // 35xxxv tour // chicago, ilinois
  • one ok rock/neckdeep/sleeping with sirens/all time low // back to the future hearts tour // nashville, tennessee
  • one ok rock/neckdeep/sleeping with sirens/all time low // back to the future hearts tour // indianappolis, indiana
  • one ok rock/neckdeep/sleeping with sirens...
jun 7 2015 ∞
jun 11 2019 +
  • april 30th, 2018: woke up with basil sleeping on my neck and silvia in my kitchen / took frankie and silvia to sonic in my new car / went to the car dealership with ella to have my car cleaned and filled up with gas / went home and made pasta salad while ella painted her nails / smoked with my mom and jr / rolled a blunt / henry came over / ella left / made more food and went on a picnic at the end of my road / veggie burgers, pasta salad, southwest blend veggies, oatmeal cookies, and raspberry tea / smoked our blunt and talked / cuddled and watched the bats flying overhead / walked back / took basil to henry's / fell asleep until about 2:30 when henry took me home / stayed up / social media, vape, more pasta salad, the rest of that blunt / maybe i'll try and watch a movie
  • may 1st, 2018: woke up and got ready to g...
may 1 2018 ∞
may 14 2018 +
  • a month, i would be october. it's a beautiful month; there's just something in the october air. october is around the time i start getting ecstatic over the fact that i have to dig out all my sweaters. halloween and a handful of important birthdays. what more could i ask of a month.
  • a day of the week, i would be sunday. everything closes early and it's my one guaranteed day off from work.
  • a time of day, i would be 4:00 am. 4:00 am is such a calm hour. it calls to me and i always answer.
  • a planet, i would be pluto. pluto is cold.
  • a direction, i would be east. i don't know why i'd be east, i just would.
  • a piece of furniture, i would be a futon. a futon isn't usually the most comfortable item of furniture available, but your futon will surely be there for you when y...
may 23 2015 ∞
may 3 2018 +
  • dreamt that we lived in a dilapidated old house and my mom was getting married to someone. she sent me to a dress shop to get her wedding dress. i took some friends on the errand and they started stealing from the dress shop, so i didn't end up getting my mom her dress. when she found out, she sent me back to the dress shop to buy her a dress. she wanted a black one. this time, i had to venture through a huge city to find the dress shop. and that's all i remember.
  • dreamt that i was walking down my road with someone. we had a goal and i was carrying a lot of stuff, but i can't remember what it was. whoever i was with went back up the road towards my house for something. i decided to hide from her before she came back, so i went behind a tree with all my stuff. there was a huge spider in the tree. the girl came back and couldn't...
may 4 2018 ∞
may 6 2018 +


  • anastasia beverly hills
    • blush trio (berry adore) ($30)
    • amrezy highlighter ($28)
    • liquid glow (peach fizz) ($25)
  • artist couture
    • *artist couture x jackie aina diamond glow powder ($28)
  • becca
    • shimmering skin perfecter (dreamsicle, prismatic amethyst) ($38)
    • ocean jewels highlighter palette ($46)
  • butter london
    • glazen blush gelee (glimmer) ($26)
  • cover fx
    • gold bar highlighting palette ($39)
jul 31 2016 ∞
may 4 2018 +
  • japan
    • honshu
      • firefly forest
    • tokyo
      • shinjuku gyoen national garden
      • golden gai
    • hokkaido
      • hakodate
        • mount hakodate
      • sapporo
        • odori park
        • yurigahara park
        • maruyama zoo
    • kyoto
may 27 2015 ∞
may 3 2018 +
  • wolf children
  • nausicaa
  • new tokyo decadence - the slave
  • the necessary death of charlie countryman
  • pieta in the toilet
may 28 2015 ∞
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