• Don't try and hide it. This will come back to bite you in the ass if you do. You should let someone know immediately if you even have an inkling that you fucked up. You don't want to be accused of trying to cover it up or shirk responsibility. Don't be tempted to dive out of an open window either.
  • Apologize profusely. Nothing bad ever comes from an apology, especially if it seems heartfelt and sincere. Even if you technically have nothing to apologize for, an apology can go a long way in showing that you care (even when you could give a flying fuck).
  • Feign ignorance. "Ohhh, I thought you meant Thursday not Wednesday! I just can't keep track of the days anymore, silly old me." Feigning ignorance can work sometimes, especially if it's something little or possibly irrelevant.
  • Or just play stupid. "One plus one is two after all! How stupid of me." I hate this tactic but sometimes it is one of the more effective ones, especially if you're new at a job. Again, put the blame all on you and joke about what a fool you are. If you truly are new then no one can stay angry at you. Plus, they might even offer to teach you something again which is just a free lesson to reaffirm what you may already know.
  • Take the hits. Someone might be pissed at you for your fuck up. Take it in stride. Accept that this person isn't really mad at you but at the situation. Stay calm no matter how the other person reacts. You're a regular ol' Cool Hand Luke
  • Don't argue. Arguing will make a bad situation even worse. Explain yourself when asked, justify your decision-making process if need be, but don't argue. Pick your battles. This isn't one of them. Save your strength for the Pokemon variety.
  • Offer up your help. "I know I messed up. How can I help fix it?" This is the *best* thing you can do. Acknowledge and take responsibility for the mistake but also offer your help to rectify it. The problem isn't going to solve itself. Unless it's sentient. Which it probably isn't.
  • Suggest an alternative. Offer up valid solutions on how to help, even if it's just a matter of re-doing something you've already done. Stay late if need be to fix the issue. Provide help in whatever way you are able to.
  • Say you've learned. Tell your boss/co-worker/supervisor that you've learned from your mistake. "Next time I'll be sure to do A, B, and C to prevent this from happening again." This will make whoever you're dealing with feel more at ease and help you gain back some trust. You should truly learn from it and store the experience away for the future next to your nephew's birthday and that one scarring experience with the Chow Chow from first grade.
  • Small compliment. "I think it's awesome how on the ball you are that you noticed my mistake." This is a distraction technique. The person will likely be so flattered that you noticed their work ethic that they may even forget you fucked up. Key word here being "may". They *may* also tell you that you're full of shit.
  • Apologize again. An apology sandwich is helpful. And by sandwich I mean apology, solution, apology and not a ham sandwich you give to your boss out of guilt.
  • Move on. Don't get emotional about it, even if the temptation is there. It's just some work and it's just a job. No matter how badly you fuck something up there is always a way to fix it. Don't beat yourself up over it and don't let anyone else beat you up over it either. If your co-workers decide throw you in the garbage bin outside, you should probably take it up with HR.
  • Bonus: Joke about it later. If you can add levity to an uncomfortable situation then you win regardless. Being able to laugh at yourself is crucial. Come in one day with a rubber chicken, an arrow through the head headband, and some whoopee cushions. Reenact an old Carrot Top routine if you need to. In all seriousness though, be the bigger person and stay positive.
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