• You hit the snooze alarm. Once, twice, thrice, again and again and again. You dread going to work and would rather have a painful root canal than get your day started. No seriously, you rejoice on the day you get to skip work because of a dental procedure.
  • When you sit in on a daily meeting and everyone knows what's going on aside from you. So, you sit there uncomfortably staring at the clock, hoping no one will call on you for valid input or contribution because all you can think about is where you're going to be eating for lunch. You hide your notebook from the prying eyes of others because all that's written are doodles of dogs and random foods.
  • You have no desire to be social with your co-workers. You decline every event outside of work: fundraisers, blood drives, and team development days. You don't participate in ice cream day, company raffles, or birthdays. You'd like to be invisible if you could but you can't so you just make yourself as scarce as possible hoping that no one will take notice.
  • You don't bother learning anyone's name either. Aside from your immediate supervisors, you don't even try to remember the names of the sixty to seventy people you're introduced to.
  • You count down the hours at work until you can go home. Every hour feels like ten. There is no amount of work that can distract you from your living, breathing hell.
  • You take vacation time as soon as you've earned it. Nothing like a mental health day spent in an environment that doesn't bring you pain and misery.
  • You don't participate in webinar meetings. You hide your video and pretend like you don't have a mic so that you're not obligated to talk with others. You prefer to be a silent spectator in the background.
  • Your email signature isn't like the others. It isn't seven lines long, book-ended with impressive acronyms. It doesn't even list the company address. It's simply your name and your title. Simple, clean, and obviously someone who doesn't give a fuck.
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