• These three women came in together and went over to the bikes. I had been on one for about ten minutes when I usually ride for an hour. There are only three bikes available (for social distancing purposes) and one of the women scoffed at me. Then she said, "Well, I guess I'll have to go on the treadmill." The other women glared at me with their snotty, upturned faces. I just kept biking. There isn't assigned seating at the gym. As far as I know it's first come first serve.
  • This older dude got on the bike next to me and kept looking over at me for some reason. Then he kept getting faster and faster while continuing to glance at me, matching my pace. It felt like he was trying to race me when all I was doing was going my normal speed while watching America's Next Top Model on my phone.
  • I went in one morning and saw an employee at the front desk. Usually I say good morning to whoever is working, so I said good morning to her. She didn't respond and pulled out her phone to text someone. I scanned myself in and walked off.
  • I get to the gym and two people are already on the bikes. I get on the third bike and it has this terrible, loud clicking noise whenever I pedal. People are looking over at me so I just get off and go on the treadmill until someone leaves.
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