• Can birds live in your ceiling? Is this a feasible thing? I've seen a group of pigeons congregating on the roof and I swear I can hear them at night. I hear the flapping of wings and the tap tap of beaks. Either that or I have a mouse problem. God help me.
  • Pigeons are flying rats. You can't change my mind.
  • Thursday is Friday's ugly stepsister. I am beyond ready for this week to end. Another week of quarantine and another week of sheer boredom.
  • Summer is almost here. I feel like we didn't have a spring both in terms of weather and COVID-19. I'm dreading this summer, honestly. Can't we just skip ahead to fall?
  • I didn't drink any coffee today. Is that why I'm feeling so morose all of the sudden?
  • I am going to eat chicken something or another for lunch. Chicken is just the ol' reliable go-to for me. I don't eat much red meat. I'm hoping this will lead to prolonged longevity but I assume in reality I'm just cheating myself out of deliciousness.
  • The restaurant says they can't serve salads due to COVID. I'm wondering why this is. Does it require too much hands-on activity, I'm guessing? Is there a shortage on produce or was there a price increase that led to the restaurant nixing all veggies? Dammit, I should've just asked.
  • I have an Amazon package coming today that contains new books. I'm very excited but a little nervous that it's not going to arrive on time considering I haven't gotten any updated tracking information. Yes, I'm the inconsiderate idiot who orders non-essential items from Amazon during a crisis. Not to mention all the worker's protests going on. Fuck me, right?
  • Did I mention driving is the worst? Because it absolutely is. I read in the news today that people are having more battery issues than normal as a result of not driving as often. Here's hoping mine stays running. (Knocks on wooden desk)
  • I'm possibly the only person in my entire neighborhood that doesn't own a dog. If there is a moment of silence without a dog barking, I grow suspicious. Dogs barking has become the white noise I need in the background in order to concentrate. It's been this way for years. The noise is preferable in comparison to lawn mowers and leaf blowers. That shit makes my eye twitch.
  • I'm wearing shorts today! I almost never wear shorts (or short sleeves for that matter), aside from going to the beach, but I figured the temperature increase was as good of a time as any. It's supposed to hit 80 degrees today.
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