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An absolute bafook. Words are my own. Please be kind.

Taylor follows:
  • If I had a nickel every time NVIDIA GeForce had an update on my computer, I would count the nickels and put them away in my savings like the responsible human being that I am.
  • I peered out of my bedroom window because there was commotion outside and saw the carpet guys installing new carpet across the street. It's 8 pm on a weeknight! Are you insane!? Stop that banging! I have to sleep soon!
  • If you gather the hair from behind your ears and tuck it in front of your ears you've instantly given yourself an elven makeover.
  • I am personally ashamed at how many tie dye shirts I own as a woman in her late 20s. I should be investing in business wear not hitting up the local thrift mall to see if Tammy has restocked her tie dye inventory in my size. To be fair, the woman has great taste in color combinations.
  • I have the most embarrassing habit. When someone in a meeting calls on me unexpectedly, my mind goes completely blank and my mouth just spews out information without even processing it. Sometimes the words I put together don't even make any sense. Like it's garbled nonsense.
  • Another cringe habit at meetings is when I speak I use overly formal language. Instead of saying, "I'm having technology problems" I say, "I'm having some sort of technological issues on my behalf." Ugh.
  • I really should own that movie Melancholia. I really like it and they were talking about it the other day on the Wisecrack podcast which reminded me of it. Lars Von Trier is sort of an odd duck but you can't say the man doesn't make interesting movies.
  • It's quite possible to be lonely even when you're surrounded by others.
  • I swear I always inexplicably have an ink stain of some sort on my hand. Even on the days I don't write anything down.
  • Why don't I like Jerry Seinfeld? I should by all means like him. But I don't. After listening to him on WTF with Marc Maron, I still find him wholly unlikable.
  • I saw a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and it made me drool.
  • This morning I was wearing my headphones as I entered the gym. The woman running the desk looked at me. Instead of saying good morning at an unusually high volume (due to the headphones) I just mouthed it. She frowned at me. I felt like a fool.
  • I would pay money for a foot massage. A pedicure is sort of close but not really.
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