• Easier time empathizing and relating with others
  • Others tend to open up to you
  • Help others with emotional needs
  • Great listener
  • High emotional IQ
  • Sensitivity to situations and surroundings
  • Always aware of what's going on
  • Intuitive and hard to surprise
  • Able to predict others' behaviors
  • Fun to pretend you're psychic
  • More in tune with your own thoughts and body


  • People will accuse you of being dramatic and/ or fake
  • Your good intentions may be misinterpreted
  • People will likely treat you insensitively
  • Take offense more often and more easily
  • Overthink things to the nth degree
  • Sights and sounds will overwhelm you
  • Have breakdowns more often than others
  • Will cry more often than others
  • Will feel misunderstood and mistreated
  • Exhausted and drained easily
  • More critical of yourself
  • Pain is worse
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