• A makeup vanity
    • We just don't have the space in our master bedroom- plus I don't really wear makeup all that often except for weekends, so it's like what is the point?
  • A new jewelry box
    • My currently jewelry box is incredibly narrow. My mother bought it for me when she worked at Pier One (RIP to Pier One) and I loved it at the time. Then I realized how poorly designed it was, almost like it was supposed to be a d├ęcor item and not actually a functioning storage box.
  • A new duvet cover/ bed pillows
    • Our duvet is a weird denim color. In the pictures online it looked heather gray and then when it was delivered it was not. I was so disappointed, but we have a king-sized bed and the duvet cost me a kidney. I really want to replace it because it is ugly.
  • A new vacuum
    • I actually need a new vacuum because ours is old and gets stuck to linoleum while making angry noises so I think it's time to retire it. A new vacuum actually wouldn't be that expensive in the grand scheme of things but I don't want to go through the hassle of buying one. And so, we push through.
  • A dash cam
    • I already own one of these, but the date stamp is stuck permanently on January 1, 2016 and every time I try to change it, it reverts back. I don't think it will hold up in court if I try to use it and the date is incorrect, hence the desire for one.
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