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may 2 2011 ∞
may 2 2011 +

I value leisure and this would be my ideal lazy day :)

  • Get up no later than 7am - Yes, if I get up late, the day will be over and I don't want that. I want to enjoy my day to the max.
  • Stretch a little and enjoy the morning sun with a hot cup of tea - Relish the tea and savor the moment
  • Get all the necessary things done and out of the way
  • Have hot breakfast while reading the newspaper, cartoons or crosswords. Read all the gossip in the newspaper available. Or better yet, go out for a brunch.
  • Come back, take a mid-morning nap.
  • Sit out in the patio with bamboo shades and a few plants so that it is bright, yet cool and pleasing. Sip some yummy tropical fruit juice and read a book. Best way to enjoy the afternoon.
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may 2 2011 +

I'm a jack of all but master of none. So I'm fairly good at these things even though I'm not an expert at them:

  • General knowledge - My husband would probably laugh if he read this. But by general knowledge, I do not mean current affairs. I'm so poor at that :(.But I do know a little about a very wide variety of topics. All I mean to say is that my repertoire is big.
  • Singing - I can sing classical songs fairly well.
  • Crafts - I love knitting, crocheting, sketching, a bit of painting. I'm up for anything new.
  • Rangoli - I love putting huge rangolis in front of my house during festivals.
  • Writing - I am an ok writer when I put my mind to it. Seriously. Don't go by this :)
  • Aptitude - I consider this my biggest ass...
may 2 2011 ∞
may 2 2011 +
  • Pina colada - love the pineapple-coconut flavor. Plus the parasol umbrella that comes with it :)
  • Cosmopolitan - makes the chick totally chic!
  • Mexican martini - citrus taste and comes with an olive.
  • Neelganga - I love any cocktail with hpnotiq. Just love love the cool pale blue color of the drink.
  • Red headed loose woman - Was very intrigued by the name. Strong cranberry flavor. Can have it on a girls' night out.
  • Traditional mojito - The classic minty drink you can have on a hot day.
  • Long Island Ice Tea - Have some favorite memories with this one :)
  • Bloody Mary - The famous tomato drink. Virgin's so much better, at least here ;)
  • Sex on the beach - Another cranberry juice flavored drink.
may 2 2011 ∞
may 2 2011 +
  • Vegetable biryani - This has got to be my favorite dish. The rice and vegetables, cooked with spices... mmmm... love the flavors, the color, the aroma, the texture, love everything about it.
  • Vegetable pulao - A milder version of the biryani, I can say. I think I love any rice and vegetable combo.
  • Masala Dosa - Oh my, my mouth is watering already! Imagine the crispy crunch as you touch the dosa, pull a piece of it with the spicy masala and potatoes inside, dip it in delicious chutney and put it in your mouth.. Such an indulgence!
  • Masala Puri - Best chat of Bangalore ever! Appeases all your taste buds. Yet, not unhealthy.
  • Gobi Manchurian - This indo-chinese dish has got to be every Indian's favorite.
  • Poori sagu - When mom's making and serving them to you, you can easily eat three d...
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