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Things which bring me good vibes:

  • Having finally reached decisions. (A convincingly good one at the time)
  • Hyper days
  • Great food
  • Binging after starving myself
  • Wide open spaces with lotsa fresh air
  • And wide empty paved roads
  • Nightscapes
  • Seeing something I actually like to buy and buying it
  • Catching good music
  • My parents being supportive (which is, virtually, always)
  • Bullying people jokingly (effective destressant - is that a word? I guess not.)
  • Dreams which make me hope and believe
  • Comedies. Humor in general
  • (Happy) people
  • Altruistic deeds
  • Good-natured people
  • Trips to awesome places
  • Being in love
  • Learning neat stuff
  • Getting new interests
  • Easy transportation systems o.O
  • Great friends!
  • Being able to jot down my thoughts
  • These talents I take for granted being appreciated
  • People believing in me
  • Smiles
  • Getting a good night's sleep
  • Studying and actually enjoying
  • Running. And just pushing myself to my physical limit
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