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  • I'm a huge introvert
    • EDIT:
      • I'm an introvert to closed groups of people.
      • I can deal with strangers
      • I have a tendency of being disinterested in what the masses do, so I don't bother taking part
    • This gets me confused since I become an extrovert to a certain kind of crowd or closest pals
  • You will know I trust you a lot when I look you in the eyes while talking to you
  • I tend to try to lift other's spirits by comparing their situations to worse ones especially making myself an example
  • I do not have the interest to flirt with guys I don't dig
  • I have monolids that become double eyelids when I don't sleep enough or oversleep
  • It is easier to get closer to me by talking to me online if we get no chance at doing so in real life
  • I'm not too comfy at cussing in real life
  • I tend to notice asymmetries in people
    • And I like those little asymmetries
  • I do not let my dreams pass. I try to make them happen. I let them happen. And sometimes, I am immature like that...
  • I am apparently curiosity-driven
  • I'm quite selective with people, and things such as my likes or things I oughta be interested in
  • I am very idealistic on the subject of friendship
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user picture Miku: Can somehow relate to the "eyelids" thingy. (plus #1, #3, #4 and #6) xD may 28 2011