sigh. when my buttons are pushed, my emotions go into a rollercoaster. angry spins to calm stops in one ride.

  • I hate when you keep asking me to your movies when i don't even spend for movies i wanna watch
  • when you talk to me and i'm available, i reply quickly, but then you don't answer back. fuck when no proper convos are made.
  • we never talk about smart things.
  • when you don't ever try to be smart.
  • when you ditch me for boys
  • when you don't think of my situation and keep feeling sorry for yourself
  • when you think you know me too well. let's not get ahead of ourselves ok?
  • when you talk to me in textspeak and talk to others in complete words. i dont remember ever being like that.
  • when ANYONE doesn't bother to take me seriously. i know i don't take myself seriously but i mind when others do that.

now i know why people would rather being alone.

emoness- it slipped. i don't hate mankind. just sometimes.

nov 29 2013 ∞
nov 29 2013 +