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  • The Big Bang Theory: shitty show. That's that.
  • My glasses are missing
  • My major and how much I regret taking it
  • The fact that I cannot be bothered into learning how to drive that lonely and willing car in our garage
  • That I cannot like or be with some people because of the world even though I want to
  • What my father doesn't understand
  • Emoing online... or me slipping out emoness online
  • Being a downer to people
  • Hunger
  • The feeling I am missing out on a lot, making me wish I were born someplace else
  • Feeling like I'm wasting time
  • Anyone getting disappointed at what I do with my life
  • Being affected by what people think of me
  • Being followed/stalked
  • Guy friends who when you get close with just try to take it to another level, more so when I'm not interested
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jun 11 2012 +
user picture Candra: thank you! the big bang theory has to be one of the worse shows ever! feb 26 2012