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college au

  • the art of denial 15k. jihoon would like to think that he has his life together, but when a part of his past that he wants to forget shows up in front of him again, his impulsive decision sets him off on the biggest rollercoaster of his life.
  • cracks in his porcelain 62k. In which Woojin tries his hardest not to let Park Jihoon and the memories that his presence resurface lead him off of the path he worked hard to get back on, and Jihoon is made of broken parts but is convinced he's put most of himself back together again.
  • 'wtf' (and other solid ways of saying 'you're cute') 26k. Which important item did Park Woojin get stolen?
  • the sexy bandits 23k. Woojin is an underaged bartender that lowkey gets paid to set shit on fire, and Jihoon is a zoology major who lowkey gets paid to coo at snakes. The two introverts get caught up in each others’ orbits through harmless trickery, but it'll still take a fake ID and a wingdog in order to have a conversation louder than their blushes.
  • the updated 'park jihoon no-no list' 6k. Don't shit talk any animal, plant, or fungi. Don't bring up Kilitum, ever. Don’t underestimate his need to be alone. Don't interrupt book learning. Don’t tickle his feet. Don’t kill Lai Guanlin. Don't surprise judo flip him (leveled up!). Don't let him get away with his bs. Don't let him get away. Ever.
  • never knew you were the someone waiting for me 14k. Woojin loses a bet against Daehwi and he hates that he has to write his phone number on a bathroom wall. When he receives a message from a random stranger, he doesn't expect the feelings that are attached to it.
  • unforgettable, beautiful shock 7k. As much as Jihoon wants, he can't just ignore the shrieks and yells he hears through the wall. The person living behind them might be another problem.
  • it's not you, it's me 6k. When Jihoon is lying face to face with Park Woojin at three o'clock in the morning, laughing way too hard, feeling truly and genuinely happy for the first time in a long time, he knows that he’s screwed.
  • a first (among many firsts to come) 5k. Woojin invites Jihoon to a party. Jihoon accepts because he's enamored with Woojin, so to speak. He thought he would hate it (especially since it was a New Year's Party) but Woojin manages to convince him that maybe parties aren't so bad after all (but only with kisses and dancing).
  • the light of the sky resembles you (it’s so warm and it colors me) 5k. jihoon and woojin enter the cutest couple on campus contest. except they're not a couple.
  • Missing Midnights 5k. If someone asks Jihoon what his least favourite holiday is, he'll say New Year's Eve. (He doesn't think he can do it again. He can't pretend like he hasn't been waiting for this day, like he hasn't been working all year long for that kiss, only to stand there and watch Woojin kiss someone else when the ball drops.)
  • red means stop (no trespassing into my heart) 13k. in alternative kind of meet cute situation, woojin knocks out jihoon with a traffic sign.
  • sometimes i dream foolish things 20k. park jihoon never thought that a small lie would lead him to date his worst enemy.

high school au

  • Not In That Way 1k. Jihoon enjoys playing games, and Woojin's getting tired.
  • Caught In The Middle 1k. Jihoon wants to move forward, but Woojin seems to be contented with right here and right now.
  • i love you (a latte) 2k. Woojin stops caring about his biology exam tomorrow, because there are much more important concerns he has to deal with.
  • whether it's a mistake or intention (who cares) 7k. woojin needs to sort out his brain to mouth filter, for his own sake. jihoon's sake too, he guesses, judging by how visibly flustered he's becoming.
  • but you're priceless 2k. Everyone knows that Jihoon is pretty. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise when he’s assigned to the kissing booth, right?
  • sparks fly 5k. The Busan Sea Festival is this weekend and there’s only one person who Park Jihoon wants to go with.
  • your bruises, a universe 6k. Park Woojin is not the only one who notices the permanent bruises on Park Jihoon's knuckles, but he's the only one who decides to follow Jihoon out to the rooftop when the upperclassmen call him out. He's also the only one who helps Jihoon kick their asses, the only one who makes him laugh, and probably the only one in love. (Park Jihoon would disagree with that last one.)
  • it's only the start 4k. Woojin fails a test and decides to get a tutor (and ends up with a little something more).
  • sincerely yours 15k. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is . . .a brain. And an athlete. And a basket case. A princess. And a criminal. Does that answer your question?
  • if i could (i would kiss you) 3k. It's Christmas and everyone wants to kiss Jihoon — Woojin included.
  • i'd rather have 24k. if there's one thing jihoon prides himself on, it's his coy and confident demeanour. it only takes an equally as confident, and more than a little elitist, classmate to send his façade crumbling— and jihoon isn't quite sure what to do about it.
  • sipping your sunset 4k. Loving you is like sipping the sunset and realising it tastes like honey. (in which Jihoon is has a sweet tooth, and Woojin looks like he could be made of honey that he just wants to taste.)
  • like late night chocolate 5k. Jihoon likes two things: eating and Woojin.
  • My Favourite Chick Flicks Got Nothing on You 27k. Jihoon thought that stealing his step brother's boyfriend is going to be the biggest milestone and achievement in his all 18 years of existence, but somehow, along the way, he ends up learning to overcome his complexes and love his longsuffering best friend in what is totally not a chick-flick story.
  • when we don't know how to live our life 12k. In which Jihoon is the secret doodler and Woojin's his crush.
  • The feelings he failed to put into words 5k. Park Woojin is asked to take pictures for the yearbook and Park Jihoon just happens to look amazing when seen through a lens.
  • sun & moon 7k. woojin gets set up on a blind date with his childhood enemy.

hogwarts au

  • you bring me up and put me down 33k. Or an au where Woojin is a Slytherin and Jihoon is a Gryffindor. They are also competitors in Quidditch and in every other aspect – just that one day something in the nature of their relationship shifted.
  • can’t say i want you (but i want to) 4k. Jihoon’s a stubborn Slytherin who can’t admit he’s got a crush and Woojin is probably the most patient Gryffindor to ever exist. There aren’t enough spells in the world to make Jihoon sort out whatever he’s doing with his life.
  • now, we're gonna start our story ongoing. Moments between Park Woojin and Park Jihoon, who found company and comfort in themselves when they arrive at Hogwarts and end up being sorted into the same house.

fantasy/mystical/sci-fi au

  • A Spoonful of Villainy 4k. “It's okay. I’m not hurt.” Except he is. He could’ve been petting Hoon right now, rubbing his tummy, even teaching him tricks. Instead he’s stuck in this awkward conversation with a guy who almost caught him using his powers to abscond with a puppy.
  • the color of magic 3k. Pink strands of hair interwoven amongst dark, framing the painful uncertainty on his face: familiar, but never directed at Woojin. (Park Woojin’s five-step tumble into a new territory beyond friendship.)
  • skies of lilac hues 34k. Jihoon doesn't think things could get any worse when his dance crew loses to Woojin's at Nationals, but after an argument and a suspicious statue, they find themselves more entangled in each other's lives than they had ever wanted to be.
  • ghostless is the air 11k. Park Jihoon has been able to see ghosts his entire life, but he’s never had one follow him around like his ex-boyfriend slash enemy-for-life Park Woojin does.
  • find your way back home 9k. Maybe home wasn't the castle grounds or the small cabin in the woods they keep their secrets in. Maybe home was a person, and maybe Jihoon was Woojin's home just as he is his too.
  • you taught me the courage of the stars 10. in which Jihoon and Woojin are Rangers, copilots of the all-pink, all-awesome starship X2699 (better known as the Pink Sausage), and Woojin doesn’t know what to do with his feelings.
  • this love for you (is hard to contain) 5k. “We’re talking about, like, life and death here,” the demon says. “Either I kill someone for you, or I save someone’s life for you. Before then, I’m contractually bound to stay at your side and serve you.”
  • Freeze! (In the name of justice!) 5k. Jihoon never thought his power could be used for good, and he has no notions of becoming a hero either.
  • bleeding love for you 5k. It's always the pretty ones you don't expect. Alternatively, Park Jihoon is a ghoul and Park Woojin is one of the top Ghoul Investigators in the city.

established relationship au

  • I Could Be The One Who Could Ignite Your Night 3k. Woojin went to prop himself on the railing, his elbows the span of a hand away from where Jihoon was settled. “One of these days you’ll end up falling and I won’t be there to glue your reckless ass back together.”
  • cashmere 1k. Winter is cold, but Jihoon thinks, his heart is on fire.
  • these sweet mornings 870. Woojin wakes up to the feeling of dry lips pressing onto his forehead.
  • you make me (everything and more) 3k. Woojin is stupid and reckless. Jihoon is there to punch him and simultaneously cry in his arms from worry and slight exasperation.
  • who would have thought i'd get you 4k. Five times Woojin tries to propose to Jihoon and the one time he just—he just really fucking misses the chance entirely. Like. Seriously.
  • what I like most about winter is you 2k. the biting cold is a huge turn-off, but Jihoon supposes the warmth that comes with Park Woojin makes up for it

non au

  • wake me up like that again 3k. Jihoon was barely on the edge of consciousness when he felt someone lapping at his neck, leaving behind bite marks and kisses all over the vulnerable skin. If Jihoon didn't known any better, he’d have thought a stray cat had landed into their dorms and was currently waking Jihoon up with its affections. However, he did know better and this wasn’t completely an unpleasant way to wake up to either.
  • you're a mission and a half (but you're worth keeping) 3k. jihoon stays home with a sick woojin who's playing the sims except woojin keeps killing sim-jihoon and things are about to get messy
  • lose yourself in me 2k. Woojin is the textbook definition of a tease and it's making Jihoon all wobbly in the knees.
  • i miss you so much 5k. because sometimes all Jihoon needs is some reassurance
  • i am yours and you are mine 1k. jihoon did not expect that joining produce 101 would lead to this
  • warm me up, cool me down 1k. Jihoon hates how it’s so easy for Woojin to convince him. Alternatively, they flirt at the poolside.


  • I'll draw my love for you on the beach 6k. When Jihoon’s whisked off to Busan for a family vacation, he definitely didn’t expect himself to fall for the boy who worked by the beach. (summer romance au)
  • the summer they spent lost 17k. Park Jihoon and Park Woojin have always been those bickering best friends everyone loves and hates to have around. Then they share a drunken kiss at a party and they don’t know what they are anymore—they just know they liked it a lot. (friends to lovers ; angst)
  • all your cracks and spaces (and i'll fill them with my love) 16k. Woojin thinks, and he realises: he’s not sure if he has fallen for Park Jihoon, or the roles that he plays. (an Actor!Jihoon and Idol!Woojin fic).
  • coffee, tea or me? 1k. Park Woojin hates flying, but if Park Jihoon's going to be on his future flights, then it's okay. (meet cute)
  • Business as Usual 1k. Jihoon is just trying to get by the best he can at work, so it's no wonder some things go flying straight over his head. (office au)
  • today's a good day to meet you boy 4k. Jihoon knows that he has plenty of embarrassing moments in his life. But he thinks, one of the most embarrassing moments so far, is him calling Park Woojin “oppa” at a fansign. (Alternatively, Brand New Music debuts their new idol group, and Park Jihoon becomes a fanboy.)
  • the magic ingredient is love (or also known as, park jihoon) 6k. Step One: With a sprinkle of fate, pour 10g of Park Woojin and 10g of Park Jihoon into the mixing bowl.
  • cooking 4 luv 6k. Jihoon's on a mission to save the earth and his neighbor, Park Woojin.
  • and here you are 20k. Park Jihoon has the most terrible week ever, except he meets Park Woojin.
  • dandelions 7k. woojin had never been one for the dreamy romance appeal of a flower shop, but if this was what working in a florist’s meant, then he was all for it.
  • it will be good 10k. Woojin’s least favourite part about his job was Park Jihoon.
  • lines, and how we draw them 46k. Jihoon thinks that everything started to veer off its tracks the moment Park Woojin walked into the room, in the glory of expensive suits and luxury shoes. (Alternatively, Jihoon is an idol and Park Woojin is a chaebol, whose company is in charge of managing Wanna One.)
  • The Veto 8k. In which Jihoon and Woojin are best friends and disastrous human beings and also stupidly in love with each other. (friends to lovers)
  • to love without knowing how 19k. When Park Woojin accidentally hits ex-boyfriend Park Jihoon with his car and breaks his arm, he agrees to help him with anything he needs. He does not expect Jihoon to ask him to be his fake boyfriend so he can attend his step brother Seongwoo's wedding and escape Seongwoo's ridicule. (fake dating au)
  • stop! in the name of love 5k. So much for friendship building exercises. (police au)
  • Your face is a natural 20 8k. Park Woojin is horrible at Dungeons & Dragons, so he tries his luck on Park Jihoon instead.
  • bloom beautifully, dangerously 10k. Every time this year, Woojin’s mom tries to talk him into dating someone new. He decides to bring someone home instead—courtesy Daehwi who happens to know an escort that could play a believable boyfriend. Except it’s Jihoon, his childhood friend, who is definitely not an escort. (fake dating au)
  • it'll all workout in the end 20k. Jihoon doesn't appreciate people who like to blast their music out loud in the gym, but if it's a certain someone named Park Woojin, then maybe he can learn to tolerate it a little.
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