• baby blue, i love you
    • Jeongguk isn't quite sure if he will ever adjust to his new life in suburban Daegu, until he finds home in the form of the boy from the swings.
  • beneath the milky twilight (kiss me)
    • All Jeongguk wants is to pull Taehyung into his arms, and kiss him until his own lungs give out. (Or, alternatively, Jeongguk is a giant nerd and doesn’t know how to kiss Taehyung during a slow dance.)
  • dating for dummies
    • In which twitter is evil, Jeon Jeongguk is a bit tsundere, Park Jimin is satan and Kim Taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.
  • detention
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  • #1 in my heart
    • "What the fuck is wrong with you? You were ogling the other team's goalie the whole game." "Was not!" He totally was.
  • a home run to your heart
    • He looks at Taehyung and with a serious tone, he says, "Wanna make a bet, hyung?" "What kind of bet, Kook?" He chuckles. Jungkook laughs nervously and his heart is pounding hard. "A home run. I can make that possible, hyung. And when I do, please be my boyfriend."
  • comeback kids
    • Taehyung is infuriating and Jungkook's always been easy to rile up. Which isn't the best combination, but also isn't the worst either.
  • feel it kicking in
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  • 3:17am
    • Jeongguk keeps waking up in the night. Luckily for him, Taehyung is awake too.
  • ambidextrous?
    • Jungkook finds out his best friend is ambidextrous and it does all sorts of things to him.
  • bon appétit
    • In which Taehyung's texts are never warning enough for the heart attacks he likes to give Jungkook.
  • bottoms up
    • It might not be his birthday, but that doesn't mean he can't have a piece of that cake.
  • breaking and entering
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  • 11:58:30
    • Reviewing the entirety of your rocket science course in twelve hours is not actually rocket science, but falling in love might just be.
  • and i want you (do you want me too?)
    • Taehyung really really really really really really likes Jeongguk.
  • be my livewire
    • “Kookie,” Taehyung said, dumbfounded as he watched his boyfriend move mechanically around their apartment until he was fucking lighting up incense, closed his eyes, and - was he praying? “What the fuck are you doing - are you - is that a shrine for my hair??”
  • catch my eye
    • 'Aren't you that tiny boy who followed me...
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  • 75% sugar, no ice
    • Apparently the new boba shop around the corner does delivery, and Taehyung thinks the guy who does the dropoffs is pretty cute.
  • all's fair in coffee and war
    • “Goddammit, Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk moaned, “I thought I’d get you with the soy.”
  • almond milk
    • Jeongguk just prefers almond milk over soy.
  • and suddenly you're all i need
    • Jeongguk gets stood up and a weird barista with a nametag that says "V" won't stop making him weird drinks with names like 'lean green fighting machine' and acting out complete monologues behind the counte...
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  • drop your weapon
    • Jungkook is a police officer and just really wants to go home. Taehyung doesn't know when to quit when he's ahead but he does know when someone has an eye on his sweet ass.
  • got you on my lips
    • Out of all of Taehyung's evil genius plots, Jungkook had not seen this one coming (pun fully intended).
  • premeditated
    • Jeongguk's not sure when the case became about getting back together with Taehyung instead of finding out who killed his fiancé.
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  • actions speak louder
    • Jungkook is hurt and upset after Tae showed him up at the program. Taehyung, who isn't good with words, tries to win back the maknae's affection with some tlc of the physical kind.
  • blessing
    • Taehyung is lost in the UNO game and Jungkook decides to help him a little.
  • calling out for somebody to hold tonight...
    • It is intoxicating; Jeongguk's lingering taste on his tongue, the weight of Jeongguk's hand on his ribcage, but it is also fulfilling, and for the first time in months, maybe years, Taehyung feels like he finally found the place where he belonged.
  • canvas
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  • breaking a soul bond
    • On the morning of his 18th birthday, the name of Taehyung’s soulmate appeared on his left ring finger. Imagine his surprise when he realized that his childhood best friend turned sworn enemy turned out to be his life line.
  • (coconut milk macchiato what a way to fa...
    • Growing up, Taehyung constantly heard the story of how his parents met, and it was so cute. All he wanted was his own cute meeting with his soulmate, okay?
  • deadroses
    • "love is vivid, no we're not in love" The one where they aren't soulmates but wish they were.
  • falling into your eyes
    • Jungkook has to draw a portrait of someon...
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  • abaddon's waltz
    • Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.
      • trigger warning
  • (all we see is blue give me something ne...
    • It was an annual tradition for Taehyung's family to spend their summers at their summer house. Taehyung looked forward to it, he really did. But then he found out that Jungkook would be joining them this year. And while Taehyung wouldn't accuse Jungkook of ruining his summer, he definitely puts a damper on the mood.
  • and, home (will feel like home again)
    • Between the oily residue of night market tables and the rickety steps of the Hakone mountains, there is a little bus station in the fog.
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  • blue hawaii
    • Taehyung travels to Hawaii by himself for his honeymoon, his husband having left him mere days before their wedding, and in the middle of his mourning, meets Jeongguk. They pretend to be on their honeymoon to get free stuff, but end up getting much more than free meals in the end.
  • cliff drop gradient
    • In which Jungkook and Taehyung get married to qualify for more financial aid.
  • (cuz in a sky full of stars i think i sa...
    • Taehyung always has bad ideas. And Jeongguk thinks this might be the best.
  • kiss me hard before you go
    • Dramatization. Do not try at home.
  • maybe we're all just fools
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  • all mine
    • As a photographer, Jungkook has learned a secret: humans crave the limelight much more than they are willing to admit. They enjoy being exposed under the flash of his camera, ridding themselves of shame and inhibitions... at least for the night.
  • and for you, i'd paint the stars gold
    • Taehyung lived in a world of vibrancy. Everything was bright and cheerful, optimistic to the end. He’d never known any different. And Taehyung was golden, inside and out.
  • body ache
    • If you listen closely, there are two boys connected so deeply their hearts beat as one.
  • but all your flaws and scars are mine
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  • feeling like i wanna rock with your body...
    • Jeongguk is Taehyung's spinning instructor and suddenly Taehyung doesn't hate to exercise that much anymore)
  • let my body do the work
    • Seriously, this is agonizing. He didn’t ask for this. His goal isn’t this and yet he finds himself moving his arms to Jeongguk’s prompting and misery really loves Taehyung’s company. Gym is frustrating.
  • if i could, baby i'd give you my world
    • Jeongguk is the sole reason Taehyung ever sets foot in a gym.
  • motivation
    • a short and sweet drabble based on this prompt "Imagine your Smol and Tol otp where Tol ...
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  • a-z creatures with taehyung scamander
    • A collection of drabbles in alphabetical order about Taehyung's love for magical creatures...and Jeon Jungkook.
  • baby, we're lit
    • Taehyung plans to surprise his boyfriend by lighting up candles in the cafeteria. Fifty of them. All at the same time. No sweat.
  • bad moon rise
    • Taehyung has always wanted to be a superhero. Jeongguk has always been a supernatural.
  • cinnamon crisp
    • Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook's clothes. They don't care that alphas and ome...
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  • 91 dias de outono
    • Como uma árvore perde suas folhas, Taehyung perdia suas inseguranças à medida que o outono se passava. Elas caíam ao chão como folhas secas, as quais ele pisava enquanto caminhava em direção ao inverno aconchegante que era Jeon Jeongguk.
  • adverse
    • Taehyung tentava lidar com a depressão e buscava consolo ao sorver goles e mais goles de álcool. Entretanto, ao se arriscar em viver como alguém normal, deparou-se com Jeongguk, um garoto que almejava atenção e que costumava camuflar-se por trás de uma barreira.
  • ainda virgem?
    • Taehyung é um universitário virgem de recém completos vinte e dois anos. Entret...
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