「NamGi」 → Namjoon/Yoongi ♡

    • six to nine (we'll play the game) namjoon expected a lot of things when he called a sexline one night as a dare. yoongi was not one of them.
    • Philosophy of Namjoon Everyone has that one person in their intro to philosphy class who thinks they're deep by bringing chai tea and rambling everytime there is a class discussion. For Yoongi, that person is Namjoon, and Yoongi would appreciate it if Namjoon would keep his mouth shut for one class period, he would also appreciate it if he wasn't developing feelings for the idiot.
    • when the lights go out (run away with me) Yoongi’s soft when he’s tipsy, softer when he’s cold, and softest when Namjoon says “I love you.”
    • never settle (chasing down the devil) it's rock bottom where yoongi meets namjoon, and he's not even at his worst.
    • yeah, i’m the trend (yeah, we’re the culprits) when the money for their mixtape runs dry, yoongi and namjoon do the only thing they can do. no, not selling organs. the other thing. it goes catastrophically, as expected.
    • shoulders Yoongi's having a hard time seeing and Namjoon decides to help out.
    • secretly, greatly In which Namjoon is Dimple guy, and Yoongi is spiteful.
    • say it, just say it In which Yoongi is shit with feelings, Namjoon gets unnecessarily hurt and the other members try to make things better. (They don't. Well, in Yoongi's opinion, anyway.)
    • i wanted the world (but then you came along) Namjoon is selfish. (He supposes in love would be a better term though.)
    • i'm the king (and i'm down on my knees) It starts with Namjoon laughing at Yoongi's rap for Cypher Pt. 3. It doesn't end with him still laughing.
    • I want you to stay If Yoongi doesn't get jealous when Namjoon flirts with other people, then maybe it's not worth being in a relationship. At least then Namjoon would really know how Yoongi feels.
    • come closer, tell a secret boy They must be testing Namjoon, with the new concept of tiny shorts, because never has he so badly wanted to devour Yoongi's plush thighs.
    • kiss me underneath the mistletoe If there was one thing Kim Namjoon was good at, it was reading -- too bad this particular skill set didn't extend to people.
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