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Also, this is my last ditch effort to get organized. Of course, on this website I sound organized. I sound like I have goals. I can assure you, for every part of order in my life, there is an equal amount of chaos.

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  • Boopy
    • One of my firsts, my parents used to sing me a song and call me "boopy the baby." I think it's my earliest memory.
  • Ballabalush
    • My younger brother's first attempt at my real name. It just stuck after that.
  • Lizzard
    • It doesn't help I love the little bastards. And my tongue is retarded long. The two z's was my personal doing. I know that's not how you spell lizard.
  • Liz
    • Started by the lazy folk at school who didn't feel like saying my whole name. Now it's still what most people call me. Rolls eyes.
  • Lizz
    • Yes, there is a difference. No one does this anymore though.
  • Lynn
    • Only by Samm.
  • Lizzypoo
    • Only by Isa, long ago.
  • Yellow.
    • When I was a drug-pedaling raver. This stuck waaay more than I could have thought.
  • Lizzieo
    • Ex-boyfriend pet name.
  • Wet-wet
    • Ex-boyfriemd pet name. Not as gross as it sounds.
  • Sodapop
    • Because The Outsiders is awesome book.
  • Elle
    • By my managers at work.
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