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Also, this is my last ditch effort to get organized. Of course, on this website I sound organized. I sound like I have goals. I can assure you, for every part of order in my life, there is an equal amount of chaos.

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  • quit smoking.
  • quit going out.
  • only go out for specials, sometimes.
  • start eating at home. (that means cooking!)
  • quit taking unnecessary drugs.
  • quit buying unnecessary drugs.
  • deposit all coins in necessary coin receptacles.
  • clip coupons.
  • make sure all lights/electrical/water things are fully off before leaving.
  • buy in bulk when it makes sense.
  • PIRATE. (yeah, I'm a bad person.)
  • make gifts/cards/etc.
  • drink waaaaay less.
  • do laundry at my parent's.
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