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“ This song makes me question what I am really suppose to do in life. What if this is all a dream, and when I open my eyes I find out that nothing ever existed. What if my fate is already written in pen, and no matter how hard I try to erase it, it doesn’t even smudge. I don’t know, this song just feels like it is longing for something, and it makes me feel like nothing is real. My memories, my future, even the present feels surreal. there I go again making the mood dark, but this song also feels like there is hope entwined within the melody. Like instead of erasing your future, you cross out the words, and write your own path. Maybe that’s why Jin walked to the light in the short film, he wasn’t dead, and, no, the members were not him either. He was choosing his own path, and not being influenced by what happened in his youth. He chose to be himself first, that’s why he walked away from the others signifying he was his own person. However, later he realizes they are what made him who he is, and that without them he would have never made it this far. That’s why there were so many references to the others. Just my two cents, probably doesn’t make any sense. XD ”

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