Most was added in an alphabetical order, now it's in chrono (newest always added on the top).

  • It All Started With The No. 21 - mutual pining. both liked each other but never confesses in hs. they meet again while clubbing, jongin invites ksoo over and bakes him cakes uwu (foodplay)
  • Summerboy(friend) - neighbours au, summer au. jongin is ogling at the hot neighbour in swimming trunks
  • How to save your pride - 2nd chap with t!s, kyungsoo wants to switch things up with his gorgeous bf jongin. Dressing up, safeword punishment etc. :))
  • Dress-up - Gucci gloves and stockings left us shook to the core. Ft.crossdressing in public, oppa kink :'''))
  • twitter drabbles - a small kd drabble in the middle ft. Oil and swings
  • I like hyung a lot - overseas kyungsoo series. He's an exchange student living with his host family ...
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  • Maybe... Just a little. - 1st pov hfhdhf yes ..also confused/clumsy jongin and doesnt realise he likes ksoo but yes he does
  • Cute or Sexy Kai? - so many ancient fics pioneering t!s that is today :)) no smut, small drabble that jongin is actually a cute boy than just sexy on stage (which is true yess)
  • Cock Slut - dom/bossy soo and a little bit meanie (leaving him with blue balls jfjfd), bj and wow old but gold drabble
  • It'll Take Your Mind Off of The Pain - short fic. just an ole fic with some bold kyungsoo (he teases jongin n then bl0ws him) also yes 2k12 fic so jongin is 'kai'
  • Pretty When You Cry - jongin likes it rough and ksoo just finds out he likes seeing jongin cry during s€x (dacryphilia, ds)
  • Cuddlebug - no smut, spooning, cuddling, making out and Jongin being an ultimate needy baby boy :'))
  • Sizing Up - size queen!ji discovers his bandmate k...
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with plot or where smut is a small part

  • In the End (You Are All I Want) - royalty au and kyungsoo who soon becomes a crowned prince, has to marry prince jongin and pressured to produce an heir
  • Wanna Be Loved - ongoing rn, coffee shop au, jongin just can't stop looking at this mysetrious but handsome man who also visits the shop often
  • Make It Count - Kyungsoo's back in Korea to be with his boyfriend Jongin, who has just gotten his first big break in his career as a dancer. Work threatens to pull both of them apart, but they'll always find a way back to each other. Continuation to "I like hyung a lot"
  • Liability - office au and jongin can't help but being so inticed by his boss (ksoo who now just uses him)
  • Baby it's worth the risk - teacher jongin inspired by best uncle in the world kaichun :') as a teacher his rule is never date his student's parents...
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Every single dk fic I've read since 2012 till now is archived here! But do rec me stuff pls ;) I'm proud to say t!s is overall qualitee & I love them all very much ✌️ updated frequently, with the most recent fics being added on the top of every list or category within the list

can't read the fic?:

  • i suggest using wayback machine - put the url of the og fic in the search and hope for the best (works 80% of the time)
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  • for help etc. just leave a comment down below or message me

to add:

  • altercation + default state (have switching)
  • Aff fic
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divided into 2 categories: ABO/hybrid and supernatural (scroll down)


  • when you stop being a meanie I'll come b... - kitty jongin is such a pampered baby boy and adores his owner but wouldn't say that loud, but ksoo is really the best. Heat, pwp, toys, needy spoiled nini :))
  • Alpha Couple - both are alphas with jongin being a successful model and carrying a child with kyungsoo a doctor/obstetrician studying alpha pregnancy at his clinic. jongin also wants another baby despite a difficult pregnancy. (switching)
  • We Find Love - continuation of Lust For Life, kd are married and enjoying honeymoon. nini also wants to have a baby :))) (mpreg)
  • if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be... - enemies to lovers au wheeee reading it rn
  • Peeping Chanyeol - this is actually a juicy wolf au pwp ft. Pcy as an accidental voyeur :))))
  • Something in the Mist
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dom!soo, sub!nini, hinted or implied topsoo or just soo in charge ungf

  • If Walls Could Talk They would hate Oh Sehun - jongin is fed up with his noisy roommate sehun so he and soo come up w a plan to stop that by pretending they're fking in jongin's room and that makes jongin crush on ksoo again. drabble !!
  • Tinkerbell - a little bit of peter pan inspo. they’re basically dating in secret and kyungsoo thinks he doesn’t deserve jongin while jongin can never introduce kyungsoo to his family. brief smut scene
  • Late Night Snack - kind of crack i think but maannnnn i feel bad for jongin fjgjf. he's noisy, ksoo scolds him and then ji blows him and left with blue balls rip
  • You Belong to Me - non au, nini hears his little solider is coming back from the military and is excited to see him. (sl*t shaming, bj, dirty talk, daddy kink wooh)
  • Show Me - jongin is a hot model and gets a visit...
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