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jul 9 2019 +
  • Sizing Up - size queen!ji discovers his bandmate ksoo is hung. and he's obsessed. (not sure why the op kept calling him kai which is kinda my pet peeve especially when it's in non au)
  • Yogurt on the blame - based on Andante's yogurt scene :p daddy kink, bj, DD/LB undertones
  • Being Brave - 94k of non au whew, speckled with smut moments of them here and there, t!s in 34th chap., 36th chap
  • Fake News. - dating news inspo and they reassure each other that they'll stay together and won't abandon each other. emotional smut, rimming, slow sex
  • 0 x Kaisoo - being cute on stage. - based on 0 x festa event when kyungsoo did aegyo for nini. needy cute shy nini here uwu
  • stars for great wars like ours - soo is a singer n jong a dancer and they deal with the stress of idol life. they sleep together but don't have a label for it (hint of switchinh at the end)
dec 20 2016 ∞
apr 29 2019 +

with plot or where smut is a small part

  • Criminally Romantic - fanboy jongin got a massive crush on his fav novel-writer do kyungsoo. kyungsoo doesn't relent and immediately grabs the chance to ask him out. (confident, bold and sexy soo, soft fanboy nini, and the sexual tension is thereee) slowburn, dates, smut dayum
  • I Feel Awake (This Time) - soulmate au, alternative/parallel universe au. jongin gets a second chance to meet his soulmate and in this life it is detective!soo and hotel!manager jongin and jongin does his best to win soo's love. this is kinda crime au as well, they're in a hotel to solve murder n shady stuff that's going on there
  • Off To The Races + 2 + 3 - kyungsoo is a senior surgeon at ED and jongin is a wild spirit and the only uncertain thing in kyungsoo's life. brief scene w/ switching (t!s still more present tho).
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Every single dk fic I've read since 2012 till now is archived here! But do rec me stuff pls ;) I'm proud to say t!s is overall qualitee & I love them all very much ✌️ updated frequently, with the most recent fics being added on the top of every list

for deleted/unavailable fics:

  • i suggest using wayback machine - put the url of the og fic in the search and hope for the best (works 80% of the time)

to add:

  • altercation + default state have switching
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jun 9 2019 +

divided into 2 categories


  • Omega Nini - jongin has a bad coping mechanism and thinks he can just bully and therefore intimidate alphas (kyungsoo included)
  • Vanilla - kyungsoo has no understanding for people's ascination and obssession with hybrids but his friend chanyeol asks him to take care of hybrid jongin while he's away, and boi :)
  • BITE - twilight inspo (but in a good way only!), kyungsoo is a vampire and jongin werewolf omega and they're soulmates ejfjjsdf
  • how i'm imagining you - pretty much a pwp but omg if there's a sequel to this i stg....jongin wants soo to fck him and soo does but is still very soft and keeps asking jongin for consent everytime he wanted to try something; kfdfkbjgs i'm drooling on the carpet. breeding kink, nipple play, bare backing knot...
dec 20 2016 ∞
jun 9 2019 +

dom!soo, hinted or implied topsoo or just soo in charge ungf

  • kaisoo drabble - (scroll down to kaisoo part) with dom soo and sub nini, kyungsoo sets camera recording them both and jongin sucks him off ;;;u;;;
  • Unplanned - soo had a bad day but meeting jongin who just locked himself out of his own apartment makes ksoo pity him and invites him in for netflix and chill....and jongin takes it literally. ft. cockblock!baek. (bj, hj)
  • hip and hip and hips - jongin ogles at his cute neighbour kyungsoo for a while and when he meets him in the elevator in his hot gym attire n glistening arms from the workout, he's fucked :) (dry humping, handjob)
  • blood - dsm, dom soo, sensory deprivation, knifeplay tw for cutting n lil bit blood
  • gym instructor soo and thirsty nini drab... - hinted at older dom!soo yumm
  • Silk and Honey - bondage, wax play, toys, they use thei...
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