Most was added in an alphabetical order, now it's in chrono (newest always added on the top).

  • Use me - jonginnie is bored of vanilla so he demands ksoo to rough him up during their lovemaking
  • Or could he?- oppa kink and slight feminisation, possible mpreg if there's a sequel uwu
  • victorian secret- jongin has a thing for corsets. ballroom and breahtplay
  • Desert Rose- royalty au, kaisoo taunting each other. use of toys, semi-public smut
  • Stunning outfit for a stunning model - - pwp with clothed s€x
  • 34+35 - jongin loves playing with make up and kyungsoo just indulges him. needy!jongin mwah
  • Candy Store - pwp based on movie Heathers. rough petting, bj, hate sx sasssy!jongin
  • don't mess up my tempo - well,...the motorcycle is featured there so yh :)
  • El Dorado - food play is such an unappreciated kin...
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jul 4 2022 +
  • slap - jongin likes when ksoo is being mean to him and keeps provoking him until KSOO snaps
  • baby, you should have come with a warnin... -
  • Maybe... Just a little. - 1st pov hfhdhf yes ..also confused/clumsy jongin and doesnt realise he likes ksoo but yes he does
  • Cute or Sexy Kai? - so many ancient fics pioneering t!s that is today :)) no smut, small drabble that jongin is actually a cute boy than just sexy on stage (which is true yess)
  • Cock Slut - dom/bossy soo and a little bit meanie (leaving him with blue balls jfjfd), bj and wow old but gold drabble
  • It'll Take Your Mind Off of The Pain - short fic. just an ole fic with some bold kyungsoo (he teases jongin n then bl0ws him) also yes 2k12 fic so jongin is 'kai'
  • Pretty When You Cry - jongin likes it rough and ksoo just finds out he likes seeing jongin cry during s€x (dacryphilia, ds)
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jul 5 2021 +

with plot or where smut is a small part

  • Perfect kid - i still update this list as long as there's new sookai out there HAHA. / tags for non-con? uhh yes trigger warnings so make sure to check ahead
  • Fucking Perfection- rivals/enemies, kyungsoo is a sculptor and jongin arrogant ceo who requests ksoo's work.
  • love lockdown - they're stuck in their apartment complex's elevator then together in the apartment due to a lockdown haha
  • colpo di fulmine - mafia au and enemies to lovers (first)
  • lay my love between the stars- reincarnation royalty (prince jongin), slight angst (smut small part)
  • Heavy is the Crown- switch kaisoo, ruler kyungsoo has set his eyes on his bodyguard jongin (a bit tsundere :)
  • two bros having a little bro - yep yep just two friends that casually slept together and then are expecting a kid. mpreg, friendship, humour, also liii...
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Every single dk fic I've read since 2012 till now is archived here! But do rec me stuff pls ;) I'm proud to say t!s is overall qualitee & I love them all very much ✌️ updated frequently, with the most recent fics being added on the top of every list or category within the list

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to add:

  • altercation + default state (have switching)
  • Aff fic
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jan 6 2022 +
  • Come Into Me - uh the song hellaur. kinda fwb au they are good buddies who hang out but also hook up. breeding kink :–)))
  • Yellow
  • Joys of fate - jongin doesnt have it easy taking over his father's company while being an omega. also his new secretary kyungsoo is an alpha
  • i want nothing on me but you - alpha!soo had to take heat suppressants whil in the military and after discharge the rut is the strongest and jongin is here to help him <3
  • In The Heat Of The Night - werewolf omega jongin finds a mate in human kyungsoo, pwp
  • Silent /I Love You/ -
  • when you stop being a meanie I'll come b... - kitty jongin is such a pampered baby boy and adores his owner but wouldn't say that loud, but ksoo is really the best. Heat, pwp, toys, needy spoiled nini :))
  • Alpha Couple - both are alphas with jongin being a successful model and carrying a child with...
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dec 28 2021 +

SUPERNATURAL (including werewolf) etc.

  • Moving on ... - a little supernatural / non-traditional wolf dynamic and intersex smut, mpreg
  • Moonlight Encounter - teenager!jongin is addicted to p0rn ft. vampire!kyungsoo
  • FEAST - fledgling jongin is thirsty and needy and his sire kyungsoo takes care of him well
  • Downy Kiss - holy sht this year's monsterfest is full of ts blessings :0 wizard jongin wants to surprise his bf vampire zoo in a pink lingerie uwu
  • takoyaki - boyfriends exploring kyungsoo's mighty tentacles and jongin is blissed :)))) tentacle smut ehem
  • Mafia Boss - kyungsoo is the mafia mob leader / vampire and has his secretary jongin by his side. he has to protect jongin since they got an unexpected news from him (mpreg)
  • The mermaid and the chef - kyungsoo is a chef hired by the kims living in a big mansion and has to cook fo...
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aug 13 2021 +

dom!soo, sub!nini, hinted or implied topsoo or just soo in charge ungf

  • catch my heart, feel your lips - they'e been attracted to each other intensely before getting together. shy jongin, virgin, first time, premature ej@culation, gentle kyungsoo <3
  • dripping in blood and honey- vampire au, kyungsoo brings a special mirror to jongin since he can' see his own reflection. mirror smut, hj, very sweet and hot
  • () - jongin just being a size queen while giving ksoo a hj. he's thicc like a Pringle can :')
  • If Walls Could Talk They would hate Oh Sehun - jongin is fed up with his noisy roommate sehun so he and soo come up w a plan to stop that by pretending they're fking in jongin's room and that makes jongin crush on ksoo again. drabble !!
  • Tinkerbell - a little bit of peter pan inspo. they’re basically dating in secret and kyungsoo thinks he doesn’t deserve jongin wh...
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