• Geist - spy au, kyungsoo and jongin are partners in the field and soo recruited him when ji was 13. soo is 10 years older and he feels he shouldnt work with someone younger much less have feelings for them. but jongin can't be undermined easily
  • The Kronstadt Move - there's always time for spy!au hrheerwe
  • The Man with the Brogues - okay tbh there's no action but this is spy au that belings to a bigger ot12 fic which is very action-y and dramatic and the author is amazingly divinely talented no kidding). here, jongin is so smitten by Mr. Vanilla Sex on Legs, who also recruits him :>
  • Up, up and away - space cadet au. ksoo is so adorb here. also ot12 <3
  • (When the world feels safe only in your ... - ksoo is a policeman and nini is a fire-fighter
  • Amid Shadows -mafia!au. the plot makes me shudder in a good way and - wow dangit, suave and sl...
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  • The Last of The Wilds - earth spirit soo had lost his other half, flower spirit kai when a witch, cursed him and falling in love with human can break his curse of being locked in the forest. when a human who stumbles upon the small creek could see him, kyungsoo is shocked by how much this jongin looks like his deceased lover. soft jongin and tough/distrusting soo, SO GOOD THIS PINING AND SLOWBURN MAN I CRIED POOR JONGIN
  • insert an epigram for awkwardness here - a classic with one of the first soft fluff jongin fics. he is a god of awkwardness and he falls in love with possible the cutest but also most awkward human being...but together, they are just normal...it is true love T-T so soft funny and will kind of make you tear up too ;u;
  • Bloody Kisses - vampire!au. A series of loosely linked stories w/ various pairings. Here are kaisoo chaps (what i think it's in a chronological order) but I very much encourage ...
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also look to the next list since some fics fit in both categories. these aren't real angst but i guess i'm good with everything unless it's inc*st, CD, nd too much self loathing

  • All Roads, They Lead Me Here - Jongin dances in the streets and Kyungsoo is the reason he doesn't want to give up on his dreams. + amazing side!taohun and bff!sekai
  • Comes and goes - surfer!au (sekai but it's rlly tiny + baekyeol + taohun) a very nice summer romance and I can perfetly picture the summer atmosphere here
  • Over and Under - doctor au. I like the domestic feel even though it's supposed to be angsty
  • pills n potions - psychiatrist!kyungsoo helps jongin and months later it's jongin who is by kyungsoo's side when the elder struggles w/ anxiety
  • Come One, Come All - circus!au, jazz age - historical, doctor!soo runs to the circus and falls in lo...
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  • Heart on Your sleeve - trip au, bestfriends with pining jongin and quite obliviosu kyungsoo
  • Falling and First Kisses - soo is 16 and nini is 15. jongin hasn't had his first kiss yet when he sees sehun and kyungsoo telling about his experience. sweet as heck!
  • Well-Loved - just shy jongin who is getting an autograph from his fav author do kyungsoo :>
  • Goodbye Summer - childhood au, kid au. kaisoo growing up together. jongin buys a lemonade from soo who wants to save money to visit his bestfriend in korea. they grow up together an jongin falls in love w soo but still helps him save they money ;;;; pining and happy ending, still one of my favest ever.
  • Composed - they are forced to work together on a song/dance project and kyungsoo slacks off while jongin is very punctual fgjdfjg
  • (i bet you want to) wrap me all up - thicc soo in a wool sweater baking mak...
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