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I'm Amanda. I'm 19. I tend to like things. I especially like making lists about myself, other people and my viewpoints. I also like animals, feeling safe, remembering things and looking at / taking pictures. Some things I DON'T like include math, vomit, conflict and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Listography is probably my second-favourite website, after Livejournal. I reveal more of myself o...

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  • I think that garden salsa sun chips are delicious.
  • I used to sing “Silent Night” at my Mom’s church every year at Christmas (in front of everyone).
  • I kind of want to have a “special calendar”, just because Natasha Avalon did it in Cardcaptors.
  • There are some videos on my Youtube account that I have set to “private” because I feel embarrassed about them (or they involve bad memories).
  • I’ve always had trouble with depending on people or asking them for help (even teachers).
  • I like making combinations when I’m eating jelly belly’s gourmet jelly beans.
  • I’m never able to picture myself with my own physical body or personality in my daydreams. I’m always another person or character.
  • I love the look of sunlight shining on my made bed.
  • I am insecure. I’m insecure about being a girl, I’m insecure about liking “girly” things, I’m insecure about relationships, I’m insecure about friendships, and because of this I’ve never really been able to be myself. I even act the way that people expect me to act, just so I don’t disappoint them.
  • When I see (0,0) in Math class, I’m reminded of an owl.
  • I’m secretly fascinated by science, and have been for years, but I don’t understand a lot of it, save for biology.
  • It’s a rare thing for me to not forgive someone.
  • I have high standards for friendship, I guess – I will stop being your friend if you disrespect me, or if I can no longer trust you or talk to you about things.
  • I still haven’t finished “Jack London: Tales from the North.”
  • I think that people are bigger dicks if they haven’t had a lot of experience with talking to other people – I think it makes them screw up more and say things in a less tactful way.
  • I have a whole little basket of floppy disks with old stories that never got finished.
  • I have some trouble with expressing myself. I’m very reserved and often do the same things over and over out of insecurity.
  • Eating meat often bothers me – I kind of hate the idea of eating an animal.
  • I’m very private.
  • I can go without T.V. for ages, but not my Internet.
  • I like “For Better or for Worse”.
  • I kind of hate America for how much more consumer-ish it is than Canada, but I’m also kind of fascinated with that.
  • I like old-fashioned things. Behaviours, items, etc.
  • I’m in love, but he doesn’t love me back, and it destroys me every fucking day.
  • I love Liv Tyler. I think she is the most beautiful woman, inside and out, in the entire world.
  • I have a book that my mom spilled coffee on and now I write and doodle in it. I renamed it “Carlos” instead of “Inkspell” (it’s actual title).
  • I like dice as a fashion choice :P
  • I think caring guys are the sexiest.
  • I love Liz Phair’s music.
  • And Carole King’s.
  • And Michelle Branch’s.
  • I mostly like female singers, but most of my favourite songs are by guys!
  • I think that “Stardust” is a very romantic movie.
  • I feel ashamed of my sexuality and any relationship that I have with any man.
  • My Mom used to buy me a magazine every month. I forget what it was called :P
  • I always end up wanting to write down song lyrics on these lists!
  • I once played third in a track and field race – I got a ribbon ♥
  • I find it strangely interesting that Larissa loves mushrooms so much.
  • I used to believe that blowing on a loose eyelash would grant a wish.
  • I’ve always found Raffi to be very annoying. When I was a kid and he came on T.V., I would bawl my eyes out out of frustration. I still don’t understand why.
  • I’m happy that I’ve kept online journals and notebooks throughout my teenage years, because it helps me remember that there was a time when I was happier and less sick. Without these things, I wouldn’t be able to remember a time without him as an overtone.
  • I love vanilla soy milk.
  • I feel very unsatisfied with my life and my relationships – I want it all to be deeper.
  • I play virtual pet games because I love them, and also because they teach me how to be responsible.
  • My Dad bought me the live-action “101 Dalmatians” movie for me when I was sick with the flu.
  • I don’t trust men who are polite or cordial.
  • I think that fashion can be a good way to express yourself.
  • The same with cooking!
  • I believe in happiness.
  • I always have a hairtie on hand. (On wrist)
  • I have a popcorn bin in my bedroom; this bin filled with popcorn kernels. It’s in honour of my friend Dav.
  • I always look around my room for ideas when I’m writing a list.
  • I have a few fillings.
  • I tried to do embroidery for a while, and regret giving it up.
  • I prefer to wear dresses, but I don’t like that I can’t comfortably (or appropriately) cross my legs while wearing them.
  • My life has been stagnant for the past few years, so I’m a little underdeveloped.
  • Once I’m done with you, I’m done with you.
  • I have a list of classic literature that I NEED to get cracking at!
  • My first love made me love angels.
  • I feel awkward spending time with people in my room – I feel like I need to play “show and tell”, so I just point to things and say “This is ___”
  • I’m over-affectionate with my friends, particularly the girls.
  • I’m a Pisces.
  • Every year, I wait to see the leaves unfurl outside my window. And every year, I miss it.
  • I’m an impulsive shopper.
  • I need a stress ball to help me sleep at night.
  • I like my smiley faces to have a nose :o)
  • I think aliens are hysterical. Except for the ugly ones.
  • It’s tradition for me to watch “Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas” every Christmas.
  • I secretly like “Get Smart” (the TV show), but don’t tell my Dad!
  • My favourite state of being is when I’m inspired or creative.
  • I always feel drawn to mature, reserved, aloof female characters in stories. Unfortunately, these girls are also usually tall, which I could never, EVER be :P
  • My first crush lasted for 7 years.
  • One of my nicknames is “Palmtop”.
  • I had a grey-and-black speckled furby growing up, and I loved him (until I realized just how freaky those things really are!)
  • Cherry tarts are delicious!
  • I’ve read the story “Emma” multiple times, each time trying to like the main character… and each time, failing. (I can’t stand her. Then again, that WAS the entire purpose of Jane Austen writing that book…)
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Mermaid.
  • I own an old-fashioned (stylistically) alarm clock. It’s super loud, and I’m always scared it will wake up EVERYONE…
  • I’m very paranoid about flushing the toilet at night, lest I wake everyone.
  • I have another alarm clock that really just serves as a clock, which is shaped like an egg :o)
  • I think that the name “Edda” is perfect for an old lady Witch in a story. Edda the Thistle Witch :o)
  • My bedroom is a perfect reflection of who I was when I was in 7th grade, but since I have changed I really want to redo it.
  • My favourite poem is “The World” by Henry Vaughn, followed by Emily Dickinson’s “A word is dead / When it is said / Some say. / I say it just / Begins to live / That day.”
  • I love, love, LOVE to give moral support :o)
  • Yeah, I still have my two favourite Barbie dolls in my bedroom… and yeah, one of them has one of those Shirley Temple swords in its hands.
  • I’m a cat person.
  • I’m a bit of an anime freak.
  • I feel guilty when I eat sweet foods, but not because of my weight or anything.
  • I don’t like Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed.
  • I need to wear my black boots more often…
  • God, I hate how everyone calls them “Hooker boots”.
  • I like to leave my window open during the day – fresh air is beautiful!
  • When I’m nervous or scared, my speech patterns, thought process and actions go on repeat.
  • My Dad has an old Vinyl record with Woody Woodpecker stories on it, and I really had fun listening to it growing up.
  • I’m impulsive.
  • I kind of like to internet stalk celebrities (which means that I like to hoard information about them by reading / watching interviews, etc. I’m not a TOTAL creep XD)
  • The sound of the wind is something that I find very soothing.
  • I DO still kind of like Britney Spears’s music. (Sorry guys XD)
  • I wish I could give everyone in the world at least one big, genuine smile.
  • I always use peppermint chapstick.
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