most of these things are highly unlikely, cept for the skinnier.. or if not skinny ill get healthier.. whatever, read on.

  • cartilidge...wanted it for ages. just havent done it. also kind of afraid to get it because i always sleep on my side, ow.
  • tattoo... gorgeous "B" in the middle of my back, i want it. if youve been in my room youve seen what im thinking about
  • nipple i dont know, about 3 people mentioned it to me on thursday, evidently i have cute nipples for such things... i would have to get 1 to see if i could commit to 2.. i know, lopsidedness.
  • getting skinnier! im working out at the gym ~5 days a week. well see if it a)lasts and b) does anything
  • i reaaally like rachels new piercing... its the bendy inside part of her ear... like in LOVE with it
feb 10 2007 ∞
feb 26 2007 +