• jenz (you let me take pictures of myself, and then take pictures OF me, allow me to gush and be angry and always listen, be fatty w/me... awesomeness. plus you put up with boob-grabbing.)
  • kim (you are spastic and love to use me as a pillow. you get over my stupid shit, and i really appreciate it. youve been around for me forever and im really glad i got past hating you freshman year. plus youre hot AND you let me borrow all your clothes.)
  • steph (YOUR MOM. and you know, cunt punching. hillarity. fatness. laziness. yes.)
  • kyle (you squeal when we poke you, restrain us when we try to tickle you and get real angry when i try and touch your special places.)
  • fae (beetles are GOOD doctors! do i have to say more?)
  • jeremy piven
  • joaquin phoenix
  • sam (for drunken comments you make in the car and in restaurants to embarass me...)
  • kevin (high five)
  • chizzle (wifey..that is all)
feb 6 2007 ∞
feb 13 2007 +