• why do we exist?
  • do we exist?
  • what is the universe made of?
  • what is the so-called dark matter?
  • are aliens real?
  • what was there before the bigbang?
  • when is the universe going to end?
  • how did the egyptians build pyramids?
  • what are the secrets the government is keeping from us?
  • have we ever contacted aliens?
  • is time travel possible? if so, then light-speed travel is possible?
  • is it possible to travel faster than light?
  • are we ever going to visit other galaxies?
  • is anyone i know a psycopath?
  • is my neighboor a psycopath?
  • is my bestfriend a psycopath?
  • am i living in a real world?
  • am i in coma and everything is just part of my imagination?
jan 20 2017 ∞
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