• “the difference between an angel and a demon is merely the name we give it.”

blue period

  • “people never try to compare themselves against god.”

old fashioned cupcake

  • “i'm also in love with you to the point of death.”
  • “in time, we will forget.” “i won't forget, and i won't let you either. i couldn't figure it out and that frightened me, so i ran away. i'm sorry. but a tomorrow where you're not by my side is even more frightening. for better or worse, i'm prepared to be one portion of your life. a new kind of happiness that you've yet to discover - i want to witness it with you.” “forget being one portion and pl...
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jun 6 2021 +
  • blue period
  • delicious in dungeon
  • different country diary/journal with witch
  • frieren: beyond journey's end
  • march comes in like a lion
  • skip & loafer
  • witch hat atelier
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(note: not in particular order)

  • team medical dragon - ambitious female doctor tries to overthrow the regime of a power-hungry old man in the hospital system with the help of a seemingly airheaded but actually really skilled surgeon. got me, someone who never wanted to get into the medical field, thinking to get into said field.
  • mahou tsukai no yome - abandoned young girl became the assistant of a monster-headed magus. it's better than my summary i swear. also, it's got magic.
  • amaama to inazuma - single father tries his best to learn cooking for his toddler daughter with the help of his student. super cute, super fluffy, super sweet.
  • natsume yuujinchou - people swear by its anime. i haven't finished the anime bc i'm not much of an anime person, but i imagine it's not much different. it's so pleasant and satisfying. the artstyle may not be everyone's cup...
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  • frieren: beyond journey's end (42)
  • oshi no ko (37)
  • chi: chikyū no undō ni tsuite (01)
  • spy × family (43)
  • mizu wa umi ni mukatte nagareru
  • bl metamorphosis (30)
  • kaiju no. 8 (24)
  • kowloon generic romance
  • onna no sono no hoshi
  • karaoke iko! (not eng ver)


  • blue period (33.5)
  • ashita shinu ni wa
  • ikoku nikki (36)
  • skip and loafer (22)
  • chainsaw man
  • wave, listen to me! (26)
  • boku no kokoro no yabai yatsu
  • maku musubi
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  • the strangeness of grief
    • my sorrow lasted for two years. for two years i mentally dated everything, even the purchase of a book, by its distance from shiva’s death.
  • the wound of multilingualism
    • the more i felt at home in english, the less arabic felt like one. so much so that learning a new language was to acquire a new wound. multilingualism meant multi-wounding.
  • what college can't do
    • in “the waste land”—a poem that is about, among other things, modern busyness—people seem superficial, hollow, disengaged, and exhausted. but the problem isn’t their individual choices; it’s the age, which shouts, at every opportunity...
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