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apr 11 2021 ∞
apr 11 2023 +


  • Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis
  • Money by Martin Amis
  • The Information by Martin Amis
  • The Bottle Factory Outing by Beryl Bainbridge
  • According to Queeney by Beryl Bainbridge
  • Flaubert's Parrot by Julian Barnes
  • A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters by Julian Barnes
  • Augustus Carp, Esq. by Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man by Henry Howarth Bashford
  • Molloy by Samuel Beckett
  • Zuleika Dobson by Max Beerbohm
  • The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow
  • The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
  • Queen Lucia by EF Benson
  • The Ascent of Rum Doodle by WE Bowman
  • A Good Man in Africa by William Boyd
aug 22 2013 ∞
jan 15 2024 +
  • morocco, to see all the beautiful tiles, shady courtyards with fountains in, and to drink mint tea all day long
  • japan (on a 'weebs on tour' trip, as my partner and i have been calling it)
  • some kind of generic scandinavian interrailing trip (for maximum enjoying of cool scandinavian cities but also as much moomin-esque scenery and saunas as possible)
  • new york, or even better, a classic cross-country american road trip
  • barcelona
  • lisbon
    • one of the most beautiful cities i've ever seen, also the best waves i've ever swum in at the coast nearby
  • purely food holiday in naples
  • berlin, but much less of a flying visit
  • back to devon and cornwall, to look for secret rock pools and swim without being a...
jan 19 2018 ∞
apr 11 2023 +

bold = seen live

  • belle & sebastian
  • los campesinos!
  • bombay bicycle club
  • big thief
  • everything everything
  • porridge radio
  • sufjan stevens
  • mitski
  • the national
  • alt-j
  • st. vincent
  • regina spektor
  • emmy the great
  • vampire weekend
  • frankie cosmos
  • japanese breakfast
  • the magnetic fields
  • yo la tengo
  • camera obscura
  • 'allo darlin
apr 11 2021 ∞
apr 11 2023 +
  • my actual IRL standard fancy meal: saag paneer; chaat (via meera sodha's made in india); rice; poppadoms and mango chutney; quality street or daim bars for pudding
  • cheese soufflé; puy lentils; steamed runner beans with butter, lemon and tarragon; white wine; crepes with caramel apples and vanilla ice cream, or just the ice cream on its own
  • a mezze idea: beetroot hummus (a cafe i like used to do it with sliced radishes and pomegranate seeds on top which was nice); grilled dressed aubergine; stir-fried grated courgette and mustard seeds mixed with yoghurt and sprinkled with smoked paprika; warm pitta bread or simit; shop-bought stuffed vine leaves; olives
  • vegetarian mapo tofu; sichuan aubergines; stir-fried pak choi; rice
  • too-hot-to-cook meal: summer rolls; big bowl of peanut-tamarind sauce for dipping; korean cucumber salad on the side; cold cold beer
  • dream brunch: scrambled tofu with indian flavours and cherry tomatoes; thickly but...
mar 13 2022 ∞
jan 8 2024 +

in order of book acquisition. under this roof we simp for meera sodha okay

real fast food, nigel slater (this was the first cookbook i ever obtained aged 18 and i more or less taught myself to cook with it which is HILARIOUS because it is objectively not a student cookbook. nevertheless, i am still very fond of it, and it still conjures up images of a glamorous, slightly old-fashioned world of tiny fancy cheeses, ripe apricots from the greengrocer and stylish solo dinners. in fairness it does also have some very useful and cheap storecupboard meals.)


  • parsee scrambled eggs, p33
  • baked cod with butter sauce, p55
  • mussels with cream and bacon, p76 (not to be dramatic but this would be my final meal)
  • anchovy mayonnaise, p95 (i make this with...
apr 11 2021 ∞
sep 13 2022 +
  • Fingersmith - Sarah Waters
  • The Long-Winded Lady - Maeve Brennan
  • The Idiot - Elif Batuman
  • On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous - Ocean Vuong
  • In the Dream House - Carmen Maria Machado
  • Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Dept. of Speculation - Jenny Offill
  • Outline - Rachel Cusk
  • Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders
  • Milkman - Anna Burns
  • The Wrong End of the Telescope - Rabih Alameddine
  • Homegoing - Yaa Gyasi
  • Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead - Olga Tokarczuk
  • Big Swiss - Jen Beagin
  • Gingerbread - Helen Oyeyemi
sep 3 2020 ∞
jan 23 2024 +

or: how i learned to stop worrying and not ENTIRELY, ALWAYS hate living in london. a vague semblance of a life in places since moving down here. (my full, but less rambly London places list is on foursquare here)

  • the OG nice part of london is hampstead heath, which provided the first opportunities to breathe when i first moved here, and which is pretty damn romantic and beautiful whichever way you look at it. i mostly mean the ponds, of course. go and get mugged in broad daylight by getting your picnic from highgate first, if you like.
  • thank god for pizza union, cheap and cheerful and always good. the calabrese is the best.
  • speaking of good, cheap, cheerful food, roti king is the classic. i have never heard evidence of anyone getting through the huge queue and getting a table, so best to go in the summer when you can get takeaway and...
feb 24 2020 ∞
apr 11 2023 +

for when someone asks you what you'd like for a present and you freeze and you're like 'I'VE NEVER HAD A LIKE OR DISLIKE IN MY LIFE'

  • & other stories hand cream, especially the swedish rhubarb one
  • magazines: the gentlewoman, loud & quiet, weird walk etc
  • fancy cheese and biscuits! like from neal's yard dairy!
  • a bookshop gift card
    • i think books are my version of receiving socks as a present. grab whatever frontlist paperback is hanging around in the fiction section of the bookshop, can't go wrong. so this is a useful one to remember
apr 11 2021 ∞
jan 8 2024 +

kind of an archive since i have obtained so many cookbooks i don't really need to cook from online recipes anymore (see my much more unhinged cookbooks list), but these all still look GOOD

soups stews n curries

oct 24 2016 ∞
jan 8 2024 +
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In general:

  • Focus on working in brighter colours and toning down muddy colours
  • The palette I'm working to is this painting by Vivan Sundaram
    • Which I do understand is a political painting that asks for more thought than 'ooh pretty colours, convert into wardrobe inspiration', but, you know, here we also are
  • Silhouette: tighter on the top, baggier on the bottom, chunky shoes
    • Boxy looks with hip-length jackets

Trends and details I love:

  • Utility: I love the external trouser pockets that have been everywhere lately, and I still really love boiler suits and worker's jackets
  • Kitschy ruffles and puff sleeves and 70s ...
oct 4 2023 ∞
oct 31 2023 +
  • sandwiches made from shop-bought guacamole and cold cooked salmon, with lime squeezed over
  • stir 1 tsp of mint sauce into some natural/greek yoghurt. dip mini poppadoms into it. they are also good with sweet chilli sauce
  • not really a treat-yourself snack, but in a similar vein: crunchy lettuce dipped in sweet chilli sauce
  • put plastic pre-grated mozzarella cheese between two pieces of bread. spread mayo on the outside. fry until melty.
  • the ultimate treat-yourself snack: mozzarella in carrozza. cut up balls of mozzarella. put slices between terrible white plastic bread. squish edges together. dip in milk, then flour, then beaten egg. fry in olive oil. eat it and weep.
  • spread tomato puree on tortilla wraps. put lots and lots of grated cheese on top. ...
may 8 2017 ∞
jun 14 2017 +