✰ i'm carmen!

✰ i'm from spain, 91, intj, scorpio, etc.

✰ i tweet in a mix of spanish and english!! sometimes translate (into spanish, or english if no one does it faster than me which is highly unlikely) but mostly i scream and i smash my keyboard with my hEAD

✰ i love reading when i should be sleeping and sleeping when i should be adult-ing.

✰ i write and translate but mostly i procrastinate and scream a lot.

✰ i drink a lot of coffee and i spend 75% of my life dying from terrible migraines.

i used to be a loyal one-fandom-stan but now...

"@kangbroyan: carmen, que no era multifandom y miradla ahora."

"@orejotaes: me fascina la intensidad de carmen para absolutamente todo pero en especial para encontrar nuevo bias"

i fall hard and fast. and i'm always INTENSE abt what i like. so this is what you can expect from my twitter if you follow!!

my ultimates are (this list keeps growing it's terrifying):

  • exo: i've loved suho with a BURNING PASSION that's lasted 4 years and is still going strong! i just really love all of these boys ;;;; but i don't know a baekhyun
  • topp dogg: the most underrated boygroup i've ever seen ¿¿? they are AMAZING and so close and warm to their fans and so FUNNY oh my god I LOVE MINSUNG [former hansol] WITH MY HEART AND SOUL, I LOVE THEM. but i don't know a shin jiho or an atom i dont know sciencNE (life keeps trying to take them away from me and there are like 5 of them left but my love is sempiternal.)
  • vixx: their music gives me LIFE and hakyeon is THE PUREST ANGEL WHOM I'LL WORSHIP FOREVER. i don't know a hyuk tho
  • teen top: what i dont know is why i dont rly tweet abt them because they are so important to me???? they are GREAT and rly funny too
  • monsta x: my bias is hyungwon! it might look like i love w*nh* but that's my evil clone that sometimes hacks my twitter acc OKAY ?¡¿ I DON'T KNOW A WON HO WHO'S ALWAYS NAk ED and haS MY NAME TATTOOED ON HIS RIGHT ASSCHEEK [ update: never mind i'm not able to hide my wonho loving ass anymore i love him and i'd date him and i cry seven times an hour because of HIM]
  • pentagon: i love them all but i will mostly tweet about my best boy edawn and my huisband, if u see me tweet bout a kino call 911 because i must have been hacked by the evil powers.

my current obsessions are:

  • jbj: my LOVES from produce101, they defeated mnet and are now serving ONE SONG OF THE YEAR AFTER ANOTHER. my bias is all of them?? i ADORE tiny taehyun but sanggyun continues to threaten me and the maknae on top donghan is the greatest of all evils.
  • ikon: i have been blind for so long. i can't believe i was sleeping on these boys. please support their latest album RETURN AND THE BOP OF THE CENTURY aka LOVE SCENARIO.

i know no concept of liking things in moderation so you'll see me tweet a lot abt basically all the things listed above. mostly death threats and (self-)cannibalism and invitations to my funeral and w*nh*'s, etc. i guess it's funny how i mostly tweet abt people i claim i don't knOW.

also i love memes. and somehow i always manage to fall in love with the irl memes, i.e suho sebstan hyungwon... all of them. all the memes.

✰ other interests of mine can be found in my crushes list, and in case you want to find me in any other platform, here's my flavors :)

jun 4 2016 ∞
jan 26 2018 +