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‘the arrow still misses the target marked “human relations”’ · agust d, 140503 새벽에

  • first days
  • college deadlines, work deadlines (deadlines in general)
  • speaking in class (or it used to, at least)
  • leaving home and going out
  • loud and crowded places
  • small talk
  • eating in front of unknown people
  • lunch time at work
  • work (lol)
  • owing someone money
  • phone calls
  • family gatherings
  • meeting new people or talking to people i don't know
  • asking questions to people i'm not used to
  • when people don't like me for no justifiable reasons
  • when people say bad things or lies about me
  • meetings (external ones are death)
  • [the possibility of] losing or forgetting things
  • [the possibility of] being late (being late is death)
  • [the possibility of] being (seriously) sick
  • relationships that don't work
  • people leaving me
  • not being able to sleep
  • having no time for myself
  • when my cats are too stressed out
  • sweating
  • feeling ugly
  • pimples and blemishes
  • being catcalled
  • strangers staring at me
  • money issues (the lack of it)
  • family issues (and families in general)
  • thinking about the future (pursuing a career, leaving my parents house etc.)
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