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  • them who dumb themselves down to look funny
  • them who stare at you from head to toe
  • them who whisper to each other when youre in a group
  • them who copy because they lack their own personality
  • them who push themselves into your life because they need to be loved
  • them who think theyre so bright with the vocabulary they use
  • them who pronounce words uniquely because theyre from "the city"
  • them who baby talk to sound cute
  • them who dig up your skeletons because their own ego is bruised
  • them who shower you with adoration and then stab you afterwards
  • them who knock on your door when they feel like crashing over, you let them in and give them your comfort(er), yet they want to take over your place in the house
  • them who talk of god and righteousness but are so disgustingly rotten inside
  • them who have the face to be arrogant despite what hell they brought into your life
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