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very sexy of u to be reading this


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It was purely a coincidence. It was nothing more than a whim that led me to set foot into one of his "gardens".

  • PAULApau / pao — 19
    • nb / any pronouns / he-him preferred
    • philippines / south-east asian
    • tweets in english or filipino . learning japanese
    • art. roleplays . writing. rambling . & other stuff..
    • please note that i tend to post a LOT at times and i livetweet games and other stuff... if you don't like that, i advise not to follow ,,

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  • kinlist (heart for mains.)
    • 707 , mystic messenger ♡︎
    • tsumuri , poison bugs ♡︎
    • idate , okegom (however, based on a friend's interpretation of him)
    • randal ivory , ranfren
    • jade harley , homestuck
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oct 3 2021 +
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Just as there were countless other gardens out there, this was similarly inconsequential. I truly believed that, at the time.

      • PLEASE always assume i am critical of my interests and do not condone nor excuse any problematic elements. pro-shippers in the communities i am in are not welcome. i will say this only once.
      • i can't say i have a main interest right now, but i'll mark current faves rn with a heart so you know what to expect on my acc !!

(in no particular order; also i'd probably forget lots of things here bc i'm tired)

  • ace attorney
  • animal crossing
  • bandori
  • bee and puppycat
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oct 3 2021 +
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At least until I found myself captivated by a certain single "radiance", that is ..

  • ON DMS
    • please be patient when messaging me. i am a very busy person; and i need lots of time alone, since i can get overwhelmed very easily . i can forget to reply, or my mind just goes blank thinking of what to say.. my apologies. feel free to say hi to me on the timeline, though! i welcome all interactions!
    • i might also be on other accounts. i have a list of said accounts under my pinned tweet, if you want to see them.
    • speaking of activity, i am a university student. i tend to disappear at long intervals, especially to focus on my education...
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