• "My heart is really pounding," I said. "That's how you know you're having fun," Margo said. But it didn't feel like fun; it felt like a heart attack.
  • And so we just sat there, she with her nail polish balanced on the dash, and me with my shaky finger on the pulse of myself.
  • To stay calm, I wondered to myself, Does he have regular handcuffs, or does he have special SeaWorld handcuffs? Like, are they shaped like two dolphins coming together?
  • The smell leaves me seized by desperate panic — panic not like my lungs are out of air, but like the atmosphere itself is out of air
  • A long line of cars trailer behind me, and I felt anxious about holding them up; I marveled at how I could still have room to worry about such petty, ridiculous crap as wether the guy in the SUV behind me thought I was an excessively cautious driver.
  • I sat down against the tree and let my breath come back. I hated doing this alone. I hated it.
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