weird memories

  • blessed storm just before leaving Jersey; seeing a guy fall off his motorcycle.
  • "bon iver, please! there's a peach pie in the oven!"
  • Rafa's little dance outside the St Malo's ferry station; "bring the beat in!"
  • the creepy road in Rennes; "i've seen horror movies that start exactly like this"
  • "what color is the giraffe?" still in Jersey, taunting Pedro for being colorblind; the picture of a giraffe in the hotel in Rennes.
  • breakfast; drinking strong black coffee, watching Rafa lick all the chocolate and Pedro quietly reading some french paper. ♥
  • playing stupid games; "carro amarelo!", "who am I?"
  • smoking after dinner (bichet!!!!) in Burial, sitting on the swing set and sharing stories about infant bruises; my swing breaking right after I got up.
  • watching some movie dubbed in spanish, the three of us in the tiniest of beds.
  • Laura, our gps. ♥
  • Making fun of Bernardo Sassetti's death; "fodaç, acabou-me o rolo!"
  • Eating sandwiches on a bench, huge trees covering us from the boiling sun.
  • Pedro knowing, somehow, whenever I was feeling a bit too anxious; his fingers around my wrist.
  • Miguel Guilherme at the portuguese frontier, waiting for me with my favorite smile. ♥ ♥

music moments

  • Line By Line; the darkest of roads.
  • Girls' Lust For Life; the only song I remember Pedro singing along with us.
  • Passenger Seat. ♥
  • Rafa yelling Los Campesinos in the backseat, my elbow digging into Pedro's shoulder; the feeling of being a mother who has to put up with her teen kid's music and it only makes her love him more.
  • "Show me a word that rhymes with Pavement and I won't kill your family", Rafa and I appalled, Pedro giggling.
  • Forever In Armitron; knowing smiles.
  • For The Rabbits; nosso corinho. ♥
  • Via Chicago; sighs.
  • Do You Realize?; I think we did, I think we do.
aug 4 2012 ∞
sep 4 2012 +